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Little America Hotel & Resort in Cheyenne

5 Top Resorts in Wyoming (2023)

Even though Wyoming is one of the least populated states in the United States, it is one of the most iconic states in the country. Wyoming is a beautiful frontier state known for its diverse landscape and abundance of open spaces. From the majestic Yellowstone National Park to the Grand Teton National Park and the Rocky Mountains, there are many beautiful things to see and do in Wyoming.

Wyoming is also home to the country’s first national monument, the incredible monolith of Devil’s Tower. Even though the state is landlocked, it still has over 30 river and lake islands. Wyoming is a perfect destination for those who want to enjoy. With so many incredible attractions to visit, it is best to spend a few days in this beautiful Western state to truly get to enjoy the beauty and Western hospitality.

5 Top Resorts in Wyoming

Here are some of the top resorts in Wyoming where you can book your holiday right away.

1. Little America Hotel & Resort in Cheyenne

Nestled in the heart of the capital of Wyoming, Cheyenne, Little American Hotel and Resort is all about Western elegance with its cozy accommodations and grand ballrooms. The resort sits on over 80 acres of beautifully groomed grounds and is also home to a nine-hole golf course. There are many luxury rooms in the hotel that can easily accommodate all the demands of even the pickiest of guests.

Completing this magnificent golf course is an outdoor heated pool, a children’s playground, and a fitness center. You also get access to a number of dining places, including a casual cafe where you can quickly pop in for a cup of coffee and some pastry. There’s the Hathaway Restaurant that offers high-level find dining at all hours of the day. The sumptuous luxury at this resort is difficult to come across anywhere else, and with its on-site convention center, the Little America Hotel and Resort is also the perfect holiday destination for either a family gathering or a corporate retreat.

2. Amangani Hotel and Resort in Jackson Hole

As you begin your approach to the Amangani Hotel in Jackson Hole, you will remember these moments forever as you take in the absolutely breathtaking scenery. The Amangani Resort is a magnificent building that is located at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, which provides even more power to the overall architecture of the building. Even though the experience of simply standing on the road that leads up to the hotel and looking out over the countryside will be well worth the trip you make to this place, there are many more experiences that await you inside the hotel as well. The hotel is home to a huge range of suits that escalate in their layers of luxury. All the suites are beautifully done up in style and are positioned in such a way that will give the maximum views of the surrounding mountains. The resort includes a wellness center several restaurants that cater to all tastes, and in the winters, you get access to the skiing fields as well. The grounds also include some magnificent walking trails.

The spectacular view makes a stay at this hotel truly worth it.

3. Spring Creek Ranch

Spring Creek Ranch is another top resort in Wyoming that is known for its awe-inspiring location and views. The resort has all types of accommodation, including rooms that are perfectly styled in the image of an inn to free-standing townhouses and villas that dot the property line.

The Spring Creek Ranch is home to the award-winning Granary restaurant that offers Gourmet American Cuisine and Gourmet American Scenery for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This hotel is known for its full-service day spa function center, and you also get to indulge in a range of wildlife safaris that leave from the property on a regular basis. On top of all these, there is also a massive list of activities that guests of the resort can participate in, ranging from balloon rides, horseback riding, hiking, fishing, rock climbing, white water rafting, and these are just the activities that are offered in the summer months.

4. Brooks Lake Lodge and Spa

Hidden in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, very near to the Yellowstone National Park, the Brooks Lake Lodge and Spa has been beautifully constructed around a century-old lodge building. This lodge provides you with a luxurious and all-inclusive holiday experience in the heart of the magnificent mountains. Contemporary timber-lined cabins greet you as they perfectly complement the classic Western atmosphere of Wyoming and the lodge building. The accommodation has been specifically set up to magnify the incredible Wyoming experience.

The lodge is famous for its restaurant, and in the Lodge’s Great Hall, you get to experience a wide variety of delicious meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner – all with a side of rustic identity and character. The hotel has a full-service day spa and wellness center, which also includes a dry sauna, fitness center, hot tub, and numerous massage treatments that are administered by highly trained technicians. The Brooks Lake Lodge and Spa is a beautiful destination where you can enjoy a weekend away with your loved ones.

5. Brush Creek Ranch

Located in Saratoga, the Brush Creek Ranch has won many awards over the years for the superior quality of accommodations and the beautiful experience that guests are given during their stay here. The rooms in the lodge are available in a variety of options, including standalone cabins. The tagline of the resort is ‘Authentically Western: Exclusively Yours.’ The Brush Creek Ranch offers guests with a huge range of experiences that can only be made possible in Wyoming. The purpose of the report is to offer guests an experience of the luxury prairie life.

The range also has a variety of dining options, each of them having been carefully styled to reflect the cultural and culinary heritage of the region. You can visit the Trailhead Spa that offers day spa treatments, and there is also a fully-equipped fitness center for guests to use. Additionally, the ranch has an enormous range of activities for guests, including horseback riding, fly fishing, trail walks, and shooting sports. The Brush Creek Ranch is the perfect place for those who want to experience the Wyoming prairie experience in the best possible way.

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