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5 Best Hot Springs to Visit in Wyoming (2024)

Since Wyoming is one of the most geologically unique states in the United States, it’s no wonder that there are several hot springs in the state. And just like so many of the other famous attractions in Wyoming, even the hot springs here have a long history of their own. It is believed that a number of Native American tribes used to visit these hot springs regularly, believing they had healing powers. Many settlers would also come to these hot springs to soak their weary feet before traveling onwards.

Today, these hot springs are a popular attraction for locals and visitors alike. People throng to these geological wonders to relax and rejuvenate and to enjoy the beautiful natural scenery that surrounds the springs.

Most of the hot springs in Wyoming remain open all year round, and the best time to visit them is typically in the chilly winter season.

5 Best Hot Springs to Visit in Wyoming

Here are some of the best hot springs to check out in Wyoming.

1. Granite Hot Springs in Jackson

Perhaps the most famous hot spring in Wyoming is the Granite Hot Springs, located just outside the city of Jackson. The granite hot Springs are nestled away just above the granite Creek Falls, and the area is also home to an artificial swimming pool and the famous 104-degree, waterfall-fed soaking pool. These pools are typically closed off to the public at the end of October, and they open again in December to allow some much-needed winter soaking.

Granite Hot Springs in Jackson

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During the winters, though, you can only reach the Granite Hot Springs by skis, snowmobile, or snowshoes. Some people choose to arrive here by dog sled, and for visitors, this proves to be quite an exhilarating option. There are options available to book a half-day or full-day dog sled tour with Iditarod Sled Dog Tours.

2. Saratoga Resort and Spa in Saratoga

The Saratoga Resort and Spa in the town of Saratoga is home to a 70-foot outdoor hot-spring fed pool, along with five teepee-covered smaller pools. All these pools offer a rejuvenating time for visitors, especially if you have spent the day snowboarding and skiing on the Snowy Range of the trails of the Sierra Madre Mountains.

The mineral-rich water of these hot springs is believed to have healing properties and has been used by weary travelers for centuries. While here, you can grab a delicious meal at the on-site restaurant of the full-service Saratoga Resort, which serves freshly-made food all day long.

For those who want to explore the resort, there is also a spa, a pub, a fitness center, a golf course, a microbrewery, a pro shop, and many other event facilities. You can even book a room here to make a mini-vacation out of visiting the hot springs.

3. Hot Springs State Park in Thermopolis

Nestled in the heart of the town of Thermopolis, the Hot Springs State Park is home to both indoor and outdoor soaking pools that anybody can use free of charge. There are several clothing-optional private tubs available here as well.

One of the features of the Hot Springs State Park that has made it very popular with families that visit here is the Star Plunge, which has many water slides and two huge mineral pools. Some of the other attractions that you can check out nearby include the famous teepee Fountain, which has been shaped by mineral-rich groundwater flowing for thousands of years. The swinging bridge that crosses over the beautiful Bighorn River and plenty of roaming bison can be spotted as you explore the state park.

4. Boiling River Hot Springs at the Yellowstone National Park

How can the Yellowstone National Park be left behind when we are discussing hot springs in Wyoming? Located in the mammoth hot Springs part of the park, the Boiling River Hot Springs is one of the lesser-known locations for swimming inside the park. It is located near the North Entrance of the Yellowstone Park.

If you want to visit this hot spring in Wyoming, all you need to do is follow the large steam clouds, and it will lead you to the place where the hot springs meet the cold Gardner River. This spot boasts of the best temperature for having the perfect soak.

In addition to relaxing in the waters, this natural hydrothermal phenomenon can also be enjoyed by taking a walk along the boardwalks to check out the entire Mammoth area’s geothermal terrace system. This system is known for discharging nearly five hundred gallons of hot, steamy water every minute, and it is a sight to behold as you explore the Yellowstone National Park. This steamy sight is especially popular in the winter months.

5. Hobo Pool in Saratoga

There is another option to enjoy the healing waters of a hot spring in the town of Saratoga, Wyoming. The Hobo Pool is open all year round and for 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The pool can be used free of charge. There are two natural pools here that are located just next to the Platte River. Here, visitors and locals can experience the warm water at the spot where the water from the flowing water meets the warm water of the hot springs. Temperatures here vary from 101 to 110 degrees Fahrenheit, and if you want warmer water, you can take a dip at the Lobster Pot, which is located at the end of the Hobo Pool.

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