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Cape Henlopen State Park

Uncovering the Best Outdoor Activities in Delaware: Parks, Hiking Trails, and Beaches (2023)

Delaware is the second smallest state in US and yet, it offers tourists and vacationers with a plethora of holidaying opportunities. This is a land of beautiful beaches like Fenwick Island, Bethany Beach, Lewes Beach and other attractive beaches. These beaches have inland state parks with lush greenery and holidayers can view the lush greenery and flora the place has to offer. In this ‘holidaying segment’, here is an online guide titled ‘Uncovering the best outdoor activities in Delaware: Parks, hiking trails and beaches’. Let us unveil each of them one by one here:

Uncovering the Best Outdoor Activities in Delaware: Parks, Hiking Trails, and Beaches

Cape Henlopen State Park

Cape Henlopen State Park is an attractive state park that offers vacationers and holidayers with different types of outdoor activities you can probably think of. You have the outdoor hub situated across the beautiful Delaware bay, to watch sunrises and sunsets coming in and out of the beach-area. As this is an online guide uncovering the best outdoor activities in Delaware in terms of exploring parks, hiking trails and beaches, let us look into what the Cape Henlopen State Park has to offer in terms of the above:

 Cape Henlopen State Park, Delaware

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a. To Visit the Point Overlook

The Point Overlook is a vantage point wherein the Delaware Bay meets the Atlantic Ocean. Apparently, this is also a great place wherein you can view dolphins, seals, birds and more. You can witness the East End Breakwater and the Harbor of Refuge lighthouses. Vacationers can go around the Delaware bay on a hiking trail during winters while unveiling oceanic beaches too.

b. Tour the Fort Miles Historical Area

Are you aware of the fact that Cape Henlopen was once a coastal defense site for WW2? Here, you can take a trip down to view Battery 519 and you can also climb to the top of the Observation tower to discover the role the towers played in the operation of Fort Miles.

c. Want To Have Hands-Off To Some Outdoor Adventure?

Do you want to have a hands-off to some bit of adventure while you are here at Cape Henlopen? Then, you can borrow a bike for free and move around in loops of the park at ease indeed. While you bike in absolute joy and merriment, you can also discover maritime ecosystems, forests, dunes and the beaches surrounding the same. This is a fascinating way to explore the interiors of the park in depth.

d. Visit the Nature Center

You can experience guided programs out here at Cape Henlopen while you visit the Nature center and enquire at their concierge desk as to what sight-seeing programs are out there to visit the Cape Henlopen State Park and its surrounding Lewes beach at length. There is an impressive touch tank out here. The moment you touch it, you can view slides of native marine wildlife out here. You can also discover the natural habitats and the creatures that live here.

Watching the bay, enthralling yourself via dolphin shows and ghost crab hikes are fascinating touchdown points for you while you want to holiday yourself to the best.

e. Do You Want To Have Access To Gordons Pond Trail?

You can again have hands-on to the most exciting trail ever covering the Cape Henlopen State Park at length. This is an exciting 3.2 mile trail wherein you discover the park’s coastal habitats, including those of dunes, forests and wetlands, as a matter of fact. To make things even more mind-blowing, you can hike or bike across the elevated boardwalk. You can watch wildlife along the trail.

Cape Henlopen State Park is located at 15099, Cape Henlopen Drive, Lewes, DE 19958. The park is open between 8 am and 6 pm.

Delaware Seashore State Park

This is an inland State park covering the Rehoboth Beach bay in Delaware. Here, you have a fantastic array of events to make your holidaying the most exciting one indeed. These are some of the enticing adventure activities, you can get hands-on to. In this online guide titled, ‘Uncovering the best outdoor activities in Delaware: parks, hiking trails and beaches’, we are keen on bringing to you the best of locales, as a matter of fact.

a. Sight-Seeing Cruise Along The Coast Of Cape May

You can take an exotic cruise along the coast of Cape May to view maritime animals at play. You can get a fascinating glimpse of dolphins, whales and porpoises too. You have a certified guide who explains to viewers about the areas’ oceanic animals and their natural habitats. This is a cruise wherein the boat is fully docked with wheelchair access, bathrooms and snack bars for your convenience. You can book tickets based on availability and the tour can cost you anywhere around 45-50 dollars per adult.

b. Sunset Safari

You can unearth the life of maritime birds who station themselves into the wetlands of Cape May. The sunset cruise is all about discovering the wildlife habitats of coastline birds. As the sun sets into Cape May and Wildwoods, you can observe these birds and also take several photographs of them.

c. Want To Have Hands-On Kayaking Activity?

You can learn the basics of what kayaking is all about through this exotic 75 minute kayak excursion tour up the Rehoboth bay. While you paddle across shallow waterways, you can see the birds that soar high up the skies. You can look for high-end species of birds like Osprey, bald eagles, green and blue herons that frequent the Rehoboth Beaches from time to time.

You can then have a glimpse into ancient burial grounds while you touch upon Thomson island that is a part of this excursion tour. You can soak up the evening sun while you can feel the breeze piercing through your skin. Sunset cruises are cooler than day time cruises. The cruise starts from Rehoboth beach and ends at Dewey beach.

For the cruise, the spend ranges anywhere between $75-100 per adult. The cruise is meant for ages 11 and above. The duration is for a time frame of 1 hour and 15 minutes as already stated at the start of the paragraph.

d. Want to Cover Rehoboth Beach?

For nature-lovers who love taking a stroll along the shores of the beach area, then you can take a stroll or a long walk across the Rehoboth beach. This is a lovely beach with boardwalks indeed. In fact, Rehoboth is one of the oldest beach resort towns across the heart of Delaware. This is how you can enjoy the waves of the beach in a traditional setting. Alongside the beach, you have a Club wherein you can learn to play golf. This is the King Creek’s country club we are talking about here. You can also view the Old Landing Golf course wherein you have an exotic overview of scenery from here. This way, you can enjoy the waves of the beach the old fashioned style and the boardwalk gives a vintage space for your families and friends to gather around for a perfectly-poised beach house holiday. You can also get sunkissed at the Rehoboth beach.

Delaware Seashore State Park is located at 39415, Intel Road, Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971. The inland park is open from 8 am until sunset.

The Trap Pond State Park

The Trap pond state park offers a lot of recreational activities to those of you who would love exploring Delaware and its exotic attractions. You can experience the wonders of Southern woodlands while you paddle up your boats through the pond on a 4.5 mile serene cruise. You can experience South woodlands at its best indeed. The 90 acre pond-area is a treasure trove of wonderful memories with your near and dear ones. The pond has huge cypress trees to add to an enigmatic beauty, virgin nature offers to you on the whole. You can set up exotic camping tents, watch beautiful sunrises or sunsets, and explore the diverse flora and fauna the cypress trees offer to habitats near the Trap Pond State Park.

The Park is located on: 33587, Baldcypress Lane, Laurel, DE 19956. Timings are between 9 am to 6 pm.

White Clay Creek State Park

White Clay Creek State Park is an exotic outdoor cum hiking location in Newark, Delaware. You can enjoy a whole lot of outdoor cum holidaying activities while you are here. Let us explore what these are:

a. Explore Fishing

For the 1st time anglers and fishers, this place is a paradise indeed. The White Clay Creek is the most heavily stocked freshwater area across the whole of Delaware State covering the USA. The park offers catch-and-release fishing for largemouth bass and the dock offers facilities for anglers of all kinds of expertise, as a matter of fact.

b. Hiking and Trailing On The Go!

You have about 37-40 miles worth of trailing or hiking hubs for the adrenaline rush to spike up your spine. You can hike, bike or even mountain climb tracts surrounding the White Clay area. While you hike or trail, you can view various historical monuments that tell you more about the history of White clay and Delaware, on the whole.

c. Visiting the Chamber House Nature Center

You can plan a wonderful visit to the Chamber House Nature Center while you are here. This is a 200 year old center wherein you can unveil the complete history of the park. You can also learn more about the natural surroundings closer to this exotic stream valley. You can hike or bike along the creek trail to get lovely views of the creek, while you can view enigmatic forms of wildlife and enjoy geologic outcroppings on a comprehensive note. White Clay State Park is located on 1475 Creek Road, Newark, DE, 19711. The park is open from 8 am until sunset.


In this online guide titled ‘Uncovering the best outdoor activities in Delaware: Parks, hiking trails and beaches, we have seen how you can enjoy various forms of outdoor and adventure activities who want to have hands-on to the best of everything a holiday or a fun-filled vacation can offer.

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