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House of Blues - Things To Do In Orlando Besides Theme Parks

10 Things To Do In Orlando Besides Theme Parks (2024)

Orlando is a traveler’s paradise for breathtaking weather, yummy cuisines, and all the types of luring and exciting adventure. Only theme parks are not the main attractions in Orlando, with the number of museums you can explore your artistic side, you can visit amusement parks and be astonished. There are too many things to do in Orlando besides Theme Parks.

If theme parks are not the priority in your list when you land in Orlando, there is plenty to do in Orlando that does not involve costly and overcrowded theme parks.

10 Things To Do In Orlando Besides Theme Parks

Let Us Help You Go Through The Things You Can Do In Orlando Besides Theme Parks:

1. Orlando Eye:

It is a Ferris wheel of 400 feet, which is located in the middle of Orlando City. If you want to get the panoramic view of the whole city, Orlando Eye is the platform that will help you do that. This is one of the reasonably new attractions in the town, but gaining more popularity compared to others. There is this Ferris wheel in London, also called the London Eye, the same set of people own Orlando Eye. The construction is done in the way that you would experience the smoothest ride in the world. While at the top of the wheel, you can witness the whole city is lit up at night. They also arrange these high profile events at the site, some school visits and functions like weddings, birthday parties.

Orlando Eye - Things To Do In Orlando Besides Theme Parks

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Highlights: When the visibility of the place is at 100 percent, you can see the Cape Canaveral at the east.

2. The Escape Game Orlando:

People have set up escape rooms to get unparalleled thrills while playing games in it. The youth is the target audience for it. People feel the excitement to solve the brain wrecking puzzles so that they will solve the problems of humankind quickly. You first need to choose the type of escape you want, such as prison break, the heist, classified, gold rush, mission mars. Each of the activities is quite different from the other, but they all have the same rule: you need to escape before the time gets up. Your decisions and your critical thinking will affect the whole group’s state.

The Escape Game - Things To Do In Orlando Besides Theme Parks

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Highlights: If you are looking for a perfect thrill game to play with your family and friends in Orlando, this could prove to be an ideal idea for a date.

3. House of Blues:

If you genuinely want to get the taste of local culture, we recommend you attend a performance at the House of Blues at Orlando. You can get a unique vibe in the culture with the House of Blues Music sense. This is the home of some award-winning musicians who gave some great acts to an audience. Because of this place’s top tier status, people grace this place even when the price is more. Their schedule is continuously updated online so that the music lovers know when to show up. This place also hosts the bar and restaurant, and you can enjoy the beverages and delicious food while at the location.

House of Blues - Things To Do In Orlando Besides Theme Parks

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Highlights: You can choose this place in Orlando for any event or celebrate any special occasion with your loved ones. This ambiance will leave you rejuvenated.

4. Merritt Island:

For the animal and nature lover, Merritt Island in Orlando is a paradise. This national wildlife refuge is four times the size of Walt Disney World Resort. You will find Florida’s rarest species in the habitat going about their day at 140000 acres of the land. Those who want to experience southern life in Orlando should visit the place. This is officially declared as a National Wildlife Refuge by the government. There are more than 1000 species of the plants, 117 species of fish, 330 species of birds, 31 species of mammals, and 68 reptiles and amphibians on the habitat. This site is more than thrilling even before you set your foot on it. See, you have got more things to do in Orlando besides theme parks.

Highlights: You should take a tour of a bioluminescent lagoon with Kayak tours, an Indian river, sea turtles, and more.

5. Orlando City Stadium:

You would think twice about going to Disney if you saw this elegant piece of the stadium. Orlando city stadium is home for Orlando City Soccer Club. They are one of the new members of the Eastern Conference of the MLS. Witnessing a soccer game at the stadium is a once in a lifetime opportunity because of the vast improvements made in the stadium, which makes it look much more engaging and magnetic. The team recently included Sasha Kljestan, who ranks first in the MLS in 2017, so the excitement is through the roof.

Orlando City Stadium - Things To Do In Orlando Besides Theme Parks

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Highlights: Grab a beer with your buddy and enjoy the magnanimity of the game that this place offers.

6. The Beacham:

If you are looking for a place to chill and go mad at the same time, you can enter this nightclub and a live music venue, which will exceed your expectations about the nightlife experience in Orlando. This club has an ancient vibe to it because the building is dated back in the early 1920s. But with the club old it is the new again. They renovated the structure in a way that the ancient vibe is preserved but with the essence of a new-age audience.

Highlights: Catch the hottest happening touring acts at the venue and loosen up for the next adventure.

7. World’s Largest McDonalds:

While passing in front of the place, you will notice that the site is not like the rest of McDonald’s. To satisfy your curiosity, go in and experience the situation way more differently than the usual. The place is shaped like a giant bag of fries; it looks world-class. The site often is hoarded by the people; hence they developed a system of touch screen ordering so that you can have your happy meal without wasting much time. It is usually odd for a franchise like this to sell pizza and pasta, but they are an exception. To keep the child busy, they have these cheap arcade games.

World's Largest McDonalds - Things To Do In Orlando Besides Theme Parks

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Highlights: Can you imagine that this McDonalds offers a full-fledged dessert bar.

8. Harry P. Leu Gardens:

People often overlook the botanical gardens when it comes to including that place on the list. But it is considered a shame to pass the Harry P. Leu Garden in Orlando and not enter into it. It is spread across 50 acres of land. The most exciting thing about this garden is in the season between April and January the place is filled with an aroma of 1000 rose bushes. In the downtown this place is situated on the lake Ivanhoe, they also have these individual sections for butterflies, which pile up the area and make it beautiful as it is. People also spend time in the gardens for the citrus grove.

Highlights: In the bloom time of November through March, you will see the most extensive collection of camellias in North America in this place.

9. The Ice Bar:

Surprisingly, the ice bar in Orlando is there all year round. Needless to say, but it is the world’s most massive Ice bar. They divide this place within the two extremes called The Ice bar and the Fire Lounge. When you enter the arena, an ice princess will greet you, giving you the warm coats and gloves to survive in the place for a long time. As you go further, you will enter into this place called Winter Wonderland, where you will see the true essence of this place. Winter Wonderland is filled with sculptures of ice, which makes it a perfect spot for photo-taking.

The Ice Bar - Things To Do In Orlando Besides Theme Parks

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Highlights: When you are done with the ice bar and want to share something, step into the Fire lounge and dance it out.

10. Daytona Beach:

Daytona claims to be the world’s famous beach; it is even in its title. This beach is a notable candidate when it comes to the races that happen on this property. It is a place where people prefer to go with their friends and family to spend some quiet and quality time with each other. Daytona Beach is also famous for its world-renowned resorts. The Daytona international speedway is the place where all the racing activities happen. People spend their time swimming, surfing, and doing other beach activities.

Daytona Beach - Things To Do In Orlando Besides Theme Parks

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Highlights: Daytona Beach Pier is a place that is often sold short to the visitors, recently they restored the site with 5 million US dollars.

As we have seen, there are more fun things to do in Orlando besides theme parks. When you are bored and done with the theme parks, stir yourself to the list of things we mentioned above.

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