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11 Popular and Epic Mountains in Georgia (2024)

Wondering about the most popular mountain in Georgia? Mountains in the state of Georgia offer prime opportunities for catching stunning sunset views. There is something magical about hiking all the way to summit and capturing the most spectacular Georgian views. If you are even a bit interested in exploring the hilly beauty, you should really get out and experience the gorgeousness of the Georgia mountains. Out of the many geographical features in the Peachy State, the main includes the pristine mountain ranges. The major mountain region starts in Georgia’s northeast corner and spreads in the western direction.

While some Georgian mountains are high points on ridges, the others have true peaks and summits. The options here are truly endless, from the southern Appalachian Mountains north of Atlanta to the monadnock mountains of Arabia, Panola, and Stone Mountain. Ready to chase a mountain in Georgia for a real adventure? Here are some of the best and most epic options for you.

11 Popular and Epic Mountains in Georgia

The list below contains a few very popular and must hike mountains in Georgia. Have a look:

1. Big Cedar Mountain

One of the must-see mountains in North Georgia, the Big Cedar Mountain is a part of Blood Mountain Wilderness. The Summit of Big Cedar is easy and can be reached through the Appalachian Trail. This 1.5 to 2 miles trail begins from the Woody Gap on GA Hwy 60. Even at the beginning, one can grab a stunning glimpse of the northern Georgia ranges. Next, the trail heads into a forest, gradually climbing through sharp switchbacks. It eventually reaches the Preacher’s Rock which sits right near Big Cedar’s summit. On a clear day, hikers can obtain some incredible long-range views of the surroundings. It also provides a glimpse of Dockery Lake underneath. Though individuals who are expecting any Cedar trees, considering the mountain’s name, there won’t be even a trace.

2. Brasstown Bald

Located in the northeastern part of the state, the Brasstown Bald is the tallest mountain in Georgia. Brasstown Bald’s summit offers incredible views of the gorgeous Chattahoochee–Oconee National Forest. Or, on a clear and sunny day, one can further overlook views of Georgia, South and North Carolina, and Tennessee. There are over five routes starting from different directions to reach the summit. One of the most common is the Wagon Train Trail which begins at Young Harris College. It is traditionally an easy trail, and even a novice can may their way through it. Another is the trail that starts from the Brasstown Bald parking lot. Though it is just 0.55 miles, the trail proves challenging due to its constant incline. Since the Brasstown Bald also features a cloud-level observation deck and a museum shuttle service, too operates here.

3. Black Rock Mountain

Black Rock Mountain isn’t the highest peak in the state, but it makes up for the highest state park in Georgia. To reach its 3,640 feet summit, one can take the popular Tennessee Rock Trail. The trail begins from the main trailhead area of the namesake state park and goes nearly 2 miles to the summit. On the way, it meanders through a beautiful forest which is usually full of wildflowers and ferns during the season. Spring and falls are the best time to be here since it is when the natural beauty is at its very best. Besides that, four other major trails extend through short and long routes, making their way to the summit. Once hikers start seeing a large engraved stone, the summit is possibly near. Unfortunately, the views from here are obscured due to trees, though hiking a little more can open a clearer picture.

4. Grassy Mountain

Grassy Mountain is one of the most popular and epic mountains in Georgia. The said mountain is a part of Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest near Lake Conasauga. Its summit is home to a fire lookout tower which is known for its views of the Cohutta Wilderness, the Fort Mountain, and the popular Ridge-and-Valley Appalachians. The hike towards the Grassy Mountain summit begins from the namesake trailhead. It is a 3 miles trail that meanders its way through a forest, then follows towards a beaver dam, and finally ends up at the Songbird Trail. Further, while heading towards the summit, hikers come across a rocky trail bed and vibrant flora and fauna. Enthusiasts choose to climb the fire tower at the summit for the excellent and extraordinary 360 views around. Experienced hikers also choose to head towards the Lake Conasauga Trail. However, since the trail is very remote and challenging, be extra cautious.

5. Rabun Bald

One of the most famous mountains in Georgia, Rabun Bald is every hiker’s favorite. It is the second tallest mountain in Georgia, with an elevation of 4696 feet. What goes all the way towards the summit is the 3 miles long Bartman trail. The trail meanders all the way through a dense forest, climbing an intense elevation. However, for someone already into hiking, the series of switchbacks help them reach the summit with ease. Upon reaching the summit, one can find an observation platform offering 360-degree views of gorgeous Georgia. The Standing Indian Mountain views are in the northeast, whereas in the southeast are the Black Rock Mountain views. Rabun Bald’s summit is also a popular picnic spot in Georgia, and you can find some enthusiasts here already.

6. Rocky Mountain

Rocky Mountain is another popular and epic mountain in Georgia. True to its name, the mountain has more of a rocky feel to it which makes hiking here apt for experienced individuals. To begin with, reach the Unicoi Gap trailhead and then further follow the Appalachian Trail towards the east. Here you will require to climb certain stairs into the rocky forest. The hikes gain certain elevation, making them a little strenuous and testing the true stamina of hikers. By trekking a little more, it will eventually lead hikers to the Rocky Mountain’s peak. It is a great spot to catch some breath, rest, and capture the picturesque views of the North Georgia mountains. For more adventure, hikers can join the trek to the Indian Grave Gap.

7. Stone Mountain

Last but one of the most unique mountains in Georgia is Stone Mountain. The presence of this impressive and iconic mountain is visible from several points of the same name city. Take the Walk-Up Trail and trek 1 mile to reach its summit, making your way to the summit. The trail operates from dawn to dusk and guides hikers through the painted yellow line along. However, the hike is short but filled with unique scenery and spectacular views. The Stone mountain summit gains an elevation of 1,686 feet and offers excellent views of the North Georgia mountains and downtown Atlanta. The summit also offers Kennesaw Mountain views on the far horizon. Besides the Walk-Up Trail, visitors can also opt for the quick gondola ride taking them to the summit within no time.

Few Other Popular and Best Mountain in Georgia

8. Yonah Mountain (3,166 feet elevation)

9. Tray Mountain (4,429 feet elevation. It is one of the most popular hiking ranges in Georgia).

10. Springer Mountain (3,780 feet elevation).

11. Slaughter Mountain (4,337 feet elevation. It is ideal for experienced trekkers).

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