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4 Amazing Natural Hot Springs and Mineral Pools in Georgia (2023)

Wondering if there are any Hot Springs or Mineral Pools in Georgia? Georgia is the thirty-third-richest U.S. State, and it definitely has a few locations to enjoy hot springs and thermal pools. There aren’t too many crystal-clear blue water sports in the state of Georgia, but the handful of them available makes it a wonderful tourist spot. Seeing the Sapphire blue waters steaming all through the region can make anyone’s heart melt for a dip. Be it in the form of thermal pools, mineral pools, or hot springs, attractions like these are magnetic.

The Natural Springs in Georgia provides mineral-rich waters ideal for swimming, bathing, and therapeutic dipping. These springs are either top tourist attractions or hotels or restaurants that keep calling individuals back time and again.

4 Amazing Natural Hot Springs and Mineral Pools in Georgia

Here is more about the top 4 Natural Hot Springs and Mineral Pools in Georgia. Have a look:

1. Warm Springs

One of the most popular Natural Hot Springs in Georgia, the Warm Springs, is just an hour south of Atlanta. It is nestled among the rolling hills and was made popular by Franklin D. Roosevelt, former New York Governor and U. S. President. What brought Roosevelt’s name here has an extremely interesting story behind it. Roosevelt got polio in 1921, and he visited here in 1924 to see a friend. That was the time when he took a swim in Warm Springs, and suddenly his right paralyzed leg was moving, and all the pain was gone. It was then Roosevelt began promoting the use of the therapeutic waters, and thousands of people found their relief here.

Today, though, maximum pools here are drained, and it is more of a tourist attraction than a therapy center. However, visitors still feel the water bubbling up from the basin of one of the pools. Or, guests even dare to rub their hands, arms, and any problematic body part with 88-degree Fahrenheit mineral-rich spring water to find permanent relief. Even when not for swimming, Warm Spring is undoubtedly one fantastic place to visit.

2. Radium Springs

Amongst one of the seven Natural Wonders of Georgia, the Radium Springs is the largest natural Spring in the state. It was initially known as Blue Springs due to its deep Bluewater. However, later in 1925, once the presence of Radium was discovered in the water, it was renamed Radium Spring. The Spring is located in the southeast outskirts of Albany and is about 3 hours from Atlanta. The deep blue water of Radium Springs discharges 70,000 gallons of water per minute from an underwater cave.

During its time of operation, individuals believed that the water here had the power to cure different ailments. However, since the Spring is non-operational for swimming today, visitors can’t dare to take a dip. Instead, there is an observational point from where one can stand and observe the wonder underneath.

The water of Radium Springs still traces Radium, and its temperature stays 68 degrees Fahrenheit (20 degrees Celsius) all year round.

3. Lifsey Spring

Little less heard of, the Lifsey Spring in Georgia is another excellent spot to take a dip. Nestled 4 miles south of Zebulon, Lifsey Spring emerges from the loose soil in the low ground. However, to make it a swimming ground, the natural space is enclosed 32 by 98 feet concrete pool. The pools are unmanaged, and the water temperature here is around 78.8 degrees Fahrenheit on the surface, whereas 78.5 degrees Fahrenheit on the bottom. Earlier in the day, the pool was separated into men-only and women-only areas. However, today the entire stretch is open for all genders to come, dip and enjoy. Accessing Lifsey Spring is free and open for all. However, since the Spring is unattended, individuals are advised to take a dip at their own risk. It is better to visit in a group than to be all alone.

4. Thundering Spring

Last but not least is the Thundering Spring, a wonderful and popular Natural Spring in Georgia. This warm water spring is in Molana, Georgia. It got its name after the peculiar noises the Spring produces. Since the water at Thundering spring is warmer than other hot springs in Georgia, it makes more gas bubbles that produce a very unusual sound. Earlier there used to be a wooden structure built in for bathing. However, today the structure is extremely warm and not safe to dip. Thundering Spring, though, is still free and safe to enter for multiple purposes, including dipping, swimming, playing, etc. It has enough water present inside, and individuals from the local neighborhood choose to spend some time here.

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