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Atlanta Science Festival

9 Best and Most Popular Festival in Atlanta to Attend This Year (2022)

The best way to learn about the culture and people of any city is by attending the local ‘Events and Festivals.’ Atlanta is a Georgian city known for its diverse population and cultural preferences. For every community that resides here or once has been here, the city has essence and resemblance to its customs. Atlanta hosts several annual festivals and events throughout the year. The clock begins from the Spring season, covering every season and important events in between. From the Atlanta Jazz Festival over Memorial Day weekend to the 4th of July Celebration or Piedmont Park Arts Festival, Atlanta has multiple occasions to celebrate and enjoy.

Festivals and events in Atlanta are known for drawing millions of National and International visitors annually. Fall is probably the most crowded festive season, whereas winters are slightly quieter than others. Whether you’re a fan of food, film, entertainment, or fine art, the city will accommodate all your interests in the most pleasing way. With that said, take a look at the upcoming Festivals and Events in Atlanta.

9 Best and Most Popular Festival in Atlanta to Attend This Year

We assure you that you will find multiple interesting options to attend. Have a look:

1. Atlanta Dogwood Festival

No, it isn’t any event for your canines, but the Atlanta Dogwood Festival is meant to attract humans from all across. A staple for over 80 years, the Dogwood Festival is the ultimate springtime fete held annually in Piedmont Park. The festival initially was a long 7 to 8 days affair, though now it stretches just for three days to coincide with the blooming of native Dogwood trees in Atlanta. The Dogwood Festival is all about fine artist markets where one can find everything artistic from paintings, sculptures, jewelry, pottery, and more. Besides that, the park fills with carnival games, food stalls, art booths, food, film, etc., ensuring entertainment for all. The event also features a small kid’s village where the younger ones can burn their physical and mental energy in the best possible way.

Whether you are a local or tourist, the Dogwood Festival is the best festival in Atlanta to attend this year.

2. Atlanta Science Festival

The Atlanta Science Festival is an annual public celebration attracting science and technology enthusiasts. This two-week celebration takes place in the month of March at different locations all over the city. The festival features over 100 engaging events for scientifically inclined individuals of all ages. Participants from small kids to adults can engage in a range of activities from nature walks, science/ art mashup, coding, astronomy, and much more. Participants can learn about Astrobiology of Star Wars, middle-school girls can meet women in science, or meet professionals who will demonstrate how the world of planets, stars, and sun work. Every single event is either free to visit or has a nominal fee.

3. SweetWater 420 Fest

It’s been ten years since the SweetWater Brewing Company brought harbingers of spring with its annual SweetWater 420 Fest. It is basically an Earth Day celebration held in Centennial Olympic Park for three days on the weekend closest to Earth Day. The event is based on the theme of environmental awareness and is meant to bring people together through live music, art, and, of course, lots of craft beer. There are multiple stages for live music, comedy performances, and an artist’s market. After enjoying the entertainment portion, participants can further head toward food trucks and beer stations and satisfy their cravings. Though SweetWater 420 Fest draws a huge audience, individuals who are passionate about craft beer participate the most.

4. Atlanta Food and Wine Festival

What’s better than enjoying a drink and dining for days? Well, if that’s what you think, then attend the Atlanta Food and Wine Festival. The festival stretches for 3 to 4 days, but the exact timing may differ during different summer months. The event is all about Southern cuisine, including the freshest fusion dishes, excellent seafood, most sought-after wines, and much more. Participants get a chance to buy tickets for the tasting tent and sample bites from chefs who come down from different parts of America. Individuals can also buy a day pass and get access to learning about different food and beverage experiences. The festival is all about tasting good food, sipping on great wine, exploring regional flavors and traditions, and basically drowning neck high in food and simple food.

5. 4th of July Celebration

4th of July, the American Independence, and a federal holiday is what every American loves enjoying. And to ensure that, the country organizes multiple small and big events all across, like the 4th of July Celebration in Atlanta. The event begins with the Let Freedom Ring parade at 10 a.m., with which both residents and visitors can celebrate Nation’s birthday. And with the end of the parade marks the start of the celebration with food, art, craft, and plenty of other things that allow families to enjoy. There are live concerts, comedy skits, carnival games, and the most exciting American food all around. Entry to the event is free though individuals must pay for different activities and interests. Lastly, when it is dark, the most happening part of the 4th of July event comes in. Fireworks remain the marquee attraction on Independence Day, and there is no shortage of extravagance in that.

6. Atlanta Jazz Festival

This year’s most popular festival in Atlanta is undoubtedly the Atlanta Jazz festival. It is regarded as one of the largest FREE jazz festivals in the United States. Organizing and entertaining for over four decades now, the Jazz festival is all about music, art, and culture. It culminates each Memorial Day weekend attracting Jazz performers and enjoyers from America and the world across. The event runs for an entire month, exposing and entertaining a diverse audience of Jazz aficionados, aspiring musicians, and Jazz enthusiasts. What makes it even more appealing is that anyone and everyone can attend the festival free of cost. The festival, though, mostly covers Piedmont Park and multiple other venues in the city. If you are an art lover or anyone who is just craving some entertainment, then the Atlanta Jazz festival is definitely for you.

7. Piedmont Park Arts Festival

Piedmont Park is a hub for cultural activities, events, and festivals, and its Art Festival marks another popular entry on the list. Noted as one of the TOP 100 Arts Festivals in the Nation, this 2-day outdoor event draws enthusiasts worldwide. Centered around a large artists’ market and family-friendly events, the festival features up to 250 painters, photographers, sculptors, leather and metalwork, glass blowers, jewelers, and crafters. The artisan demonstrations and live music keep adding life to the atmosphere no matter the time of day. Besides that, the art festival also features live performances and shows, food trucks, drinks, and multiple engaging activities for kids. Having more than a dozen other events and hundreds of artisan affairs, the Piedmont Park Arts Festival is still a free event to visit to enjoy. Though paying for activities inside is mandatory for every individual.

8. Atlanta Arab Festival

Something new and different from the usual American events, the Arab Festival is undoubtedly one of the best events to attend in Atlanta this year. Entertaining the audience for over 15 years now, the Arab festival organizes during the end of September and early October. The festival is all about promoting Arab and Arab-American culture with flavors, sights, and sounds. To enjoy the authentic Arabic culinary experience, participants can explore the Arab world food court. Since everything from their species to ingredients are extremely different from that of the west, the Arab food steals the show and engages individuals the most. Besides food, the Atlanta Arab festival also features arts and crafts, carnival games, Arabic calligraphy, traditional music and dances, basically everything that tells about how unique and beautiful this culture is.

9. Annual Flying Colors Butterfly Festival

There is nothing more beautiful ad exciting than spending time at the Annual Flying Colors Butterfly Festival in Atlanta. The event has been entertaining the local audience for over 23 years now and is again returning to the Chattahoochee Nature Center in the month of June. As you enter the festival and see how they celebrate all things pollinators, you might go in awe and, at the same time, a sweet shock. Participants can engage in the Migration Game, an interactive experience where they can learn about monarch migration. Or talk with pollinator experts and educators and learn in-depth about the butterfly world. The event ensures engaging kids the most by organizing face painting activities, or where little girls can actually dress up as a colorful butterfly. The festival also includes Rosie and the Butterfly Storytime performance. Entry to the Flying Colors Butterfly Festival is $12 for the general public and $10 for CNC members.

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