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The Olde Pink House Restaurant In Savannah

9 Most Popular Things To Do In Savannah (2024)

Wondering what to do when in Savannah? If there’s any peaceful place in the South of the United States, it has to be Savannah. Offering true Southern hospitality, fantastic culture, beautiful history, a vibrant atmosphere, and an agreeable climate, Savannah comes with everything pleasing. Once a prosperous seaport, it is today the ‘Hostess City of the South and an excellent tourist destination. The region inside the Savannah city has multiple historical landmarks, beautiful tourist attractions, and spots where one can learn and explore. Whereas on the outskirts of the city, the picturesque low country landscapes allow individuals to rewind and rejuvenate from the hustle of life.

When in Savannah, there is definitely so much to do. At first thought, Savannah is all about cobblestone streets lined with moss-laden oaks. It is true to an extent, but in reality, Savannah is so much more than that. The city has excellent food scenes, inspiring tours, exciting adventures, and a lot to indulge in. No matter what your age is, you will always find something interesting to do in Savannah.

9 Most Popular Things To Do In Savannah

With that said, here is a list of activities you can engage in Savannah, Georgia. Have a look:

1. Spend An Evening At The Starland Yard

Starland Yard, from afar, looks like a wall of repurposed shipping containers. However, on stepping near, one can realize that it is a lively food and entertainment place. Stepping into its entrance on 40th Street, Starland Yard is a family-friendly park featuring local food trucks, live music, a kid’s and dog’s park, and a bar. Food trucks that feature here are always on rotation, though one can check their Yard’s official website to know the exact schedule. The highlight of Starland Yard is Pizzeria Vittoria which sells excellent wood-fired pizza. Or the Yard Bar, which is famous for its selection of cocktails and local beers. Besides food, Starland Yard is also a lively place to meet and interact with Savannah locals.

2. Plan A Romantic Dinner Date At The Olde Pink House Restaurant

For couples, visiting the Olde Pink House Restaurant is one popular thing to do in Savannah. Known as one of the most elegant restaurants in the South, it is housed inside a 1700s mansion. One can reach the restaurant right next to the beautiful Planters Inn hotel for an intimate and memorable date. The views begin from the elegant entrance with large pillars leading to the curving staircase, crystal chandeliers, and the lovely fireplace. For dining, the chef here presents the most authentic south culinary experience.

Their menu includes everything from grilled pork tenderloin, jumbo sea scallops, crispy fried lobster tail, and the delightful Almond Encrusted Tilapia with Shrimp Herb Butte. Besides its food and ambiance, the Olde Pink House Restaurant is also popular as a ghost hunting venue. It won’t be a surprise if you sense something spooky and supernatural here.

3. Experience the Underground Tours of Savannah: Slaves in the City

For first-time Savannah visitors, multiple tours help individuals explore the city. And one of the most popular and exciting amongst them is the Underground Tours of Savannah: Slaves in the City. It is basically 90 minutes walking tour that begins at 10:30 a.m. at the African American Monument. The participants learn about African Americans’ struggles during the late 1700s to mid-1800s.

The tour is led by Sistah Patt, who is a direct descendant of Africans enslaved on the coast of Georgia and other neighboring states. That is why every narration, story, and interesting fact that comes out of her mouth feels more authentic and real. Sistah Patt connects her ancestors’ past with the present and leaves tour participants with a sense of hope. For $15 to $25, it is by far the best tour to take in Savannah. Even if you aren’t interested in African America, this tour will awaken you and leave you impressed.

4. Go For The Moon River Kayak Tours

For individuals who are into water sports and adventure, the Moon River Kayak Tours is a must in Savannah. The said tours offer daily launches from Rodney J. Hall Boat Ramp, which is just 20 to 25 minutes outside Savannah. The tour makes its way from the protected waters of Skidaway Narrows, passing through the marshes and rivers. While exploring the waters, individuals can spot multiple exciting things, including dolphins, eagles, ospreys, deer, and otters. Individuals of all ages and experience levels can opt for these Kayak tours. And since the water is protected, no experience is needed to begin. Several knowledgeable guides in the organizer’s team make it an easy and enjoyable experience for all.

On days with even a slight risk, the organizers turn down all the bookings, ensuring the safety of the participants.

5. Step Out and Explore the Historic Homes of Savannah

Savannah is rich in history and one of the most carefully preserved, for that matter. While a major part of its heritage is managed under Savannah Historic District, several individually controlled historic homes also exist. While some of them invite enthusiasts year-round, others are open seasonally. But no matter which one you are lucky with, when in Savannah, do not miss these gorgeous and informative Historic Homes:

  • The Andrew Low House (An 1848 house popular for its Italianate exterior, elegance, and opulence).
  • The Mercer-Williams House (An 1860s Italianate-style house that was once home to lyricist Johnny Mercer. It features period furnishing and a murder site).
  • Davenport House (A historic home and popular spot for Savannah’s ghost tours).
  • Harper-Fowlkes House (A Greek Revival historic home from 1842 with stunning antiques and gardens).

6. Spend an Evening on the Savannah Waterfront

Many individuals are still unknown, for Savannah has its own river and a beautiful waterfront. A stroll down Savannah’s Riverwalk is serene and pleasing in its own way. Both locals and tourists gather here to watch the beautiful sunset over the Savannah River. Though beyond observing the scenery, Savannah Waterfront has a number of other exciting things to do. For instance, you can try an array of local eateries, coffee shops, and beer bars. Or visit the Savannah Candy Kitchen and experience sugary samples of Southern classics. Or, for taking the experience a step higher, opt for Savannah Riverboat Cruises. You can either join them to enjoy a delicious meal, go sightseeing or celebrate an occasion. They even have different cruises for experiencing the sunset and celebrating local city events.

7. Explore the Savannah City Market

Exploring the City Market is definitely one of the best things to do in Savannah. For over three centuries now, this place has been serving as a center of commerce for Savannah’s farmers and local vendors. The market is spread over four blocks of an open-air marketplace that features restored warehouses. These warehouses host everything from art galleries to boutiques, shops, and several restaurants. You will find several appealing landmarks to stop and observe, including an old-fashioned country store, a quirky dog store, a homemade candy shop, local bakeries, cafes, and specialty shops. Even if you have nothing to shop for, you can still visit the City Market in Savannah to enjoy live entertainment featuring music and dance. It is one fine place to sit and watch people do their jobs around.

8. Camp or RV at the Skidaway Island State Park

Skidaway Island State Park is a nearly 22 minutes drive out of Savannah town bordering Skidaway narrows, a part of Georgia’s Intracoastal waterway. For someone who wants to ditch the usual hotel affair can choose the State Park for camping or hiking. Its scenic campground features 87 suitable sites that lie under live oaks and Spanish moss. In addition, it also offers three cabins with full comfort and amenities. Besides the campground, there are open-air picnic shelters and an enclosed group shelter that allows for parties and celebrations. The park offers water access through a boat ramp for recreational activities. Besides that, it is also home to 7 miles of hiking and biking trails that allows individuals of all fitness and experience level. Individuals can rent a bicycle at the park office itself and explore the typical coastal flora on it.

9. Spend Some Time Exploring Fort McAllister State Historic Park

The Fort McAllister State Historic Park is a huge 1,725 acres of outdoor playground, 30 minutes close to I-95 south of Savannah. The park is one of the banks of the Ogeechee River and is popular for showcasing the best-preserved earthwork fortification of the Confederacy, Fort McAllister. In the past, it was a popular Civil War ground; therefore, cannons and other military operational items are still on display here. The park is even home to a Civil War Museum that displays interesting information and artifacts. Though beyond its historical importance, the Historical Park is also known for its recreational value. With giant live oaks, Spanish moss, and salt marsh, there’s natural beauty all around. The park also offers opportunities for fun, including camping, hiking, fishing, and picnicking. Individuals who want to stay back can even rent cabins at the park.

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