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Rainbow Row, East Bryan St in Savannah, Georgia

9 Most Instagram Worthy and Photographed Places in Savannah, Georgia (2024)

Looking for the most photographable place in Savanah? If yes, then you have landed in the right place. Traveling today has a very different meaning from what it used to be earlier. Many individuals travel simply to click pictures, whether for professional use or personal collection. Especially in Savanah, there are multiple Instagram Worthy photographable places that enthusiasts go crazy about. No matter what the season is, individuals from across the Nation visit here to capture some perfect shots. And that is why Savannah is classified United States‘ one of the most photogenic cities.

The city of Savannah in Georgia is a photographer’s dream; thus, finding the best Savannah photo spots won’t be a challenge. The impeccably laid out lanes to historic architecture and abundance of nature provide uniquely beautiful spots to the city. While most of them are within the central area of Savannah, a few of them might require driving a little here and there. But no matter how much effort you take, the end picture will make it absolutely worth it.

9 Most Instagram Worthy and Photographed Places in Savannah, Georgia

With that said, make sure you hit up these top photo spots in Savannah.

1. Forsyth Park

When talking about photography opportunities in Savannah, there is no better place to begin than Forsyth Park. The most pictured centerpiece here is the famous Forsyth Park Fountain, a Savannah icon. Originally ordered out of a catalog, the fountain has different charms for every season and different times of the day. Though, due to the dominance of water and white color, early morning and golden hours are the best time to click pictures here. Consider stepping a little backward and try fixing a plethora of oak trees dripping Spanish moss along with the fountain.

Besides the iconic fountain, Forsyth Park is home to multiple natural features and historic buildings as well. Even the Collins Quarter café and its spiced lavender mocha are the top priority of camera enthusiasts.

2. Savannah’s Squares

Savannah has so many squares to choose from when it comes to photography. Today, about 22 of them exist in the heart of the Savannah Historic District. While all of them have their tourism importance, a few of them possess dominance amongst pre-wedding enthusiasts. Some spots you can’t go wrong with include Chippewa Square, Lafayette Square, Oglethorpe Square, Monterey Square, and Franklin Square. Chippewa came into the spotlight after being featured in the bus stop bench scenes in Forrest Gump. The bench is no longer there today, but the location is still exceptionally Instagrammable. Oglethorpe Square is another charming spot with lush live oak trees lining the pathway.

3. Cathedral Basilica of Saint John

One of the most photographed places in Savannah, the Cathedral Basilica of Saint John, is the next spot to check out. This piece of artwork and architecture, though, is a place of worship, but there is no harm in shooting its exteriors with those wide lens cameras. Individuals often choose Basilica as the backdrop of their picture. Or, professionals go the other way, clicking some extraordinary shots from lower angles. One of the most popular picture opportunities comes while you stand across the street and click your shot. And while the exterior is lovely, the interior of the Basilica will leave your jaw dropped. Plan according to the right lightning and low rush hours for better opportunities.

4. Bonaventure Cemetery

A Cemetery may sound like an uninteresting place for photo opportunities, but the reality is quite different when you are in Bonaventure Cemetery, Savannah. Its scenic location on a bluff of the Wilmington River adds in every required feature that makes a picture pretty. With the hanging moss and old gravestones, one cannot simply stop from bringing their camera out of the case. However, since it is a respectful place, be extra cautious while clicking pictures here. Also, ensure thoughtfulness while posting the same on any social media platform.

You can also check out the Colonial Park Cemetery for similar options. With crumbling old headstones, it has more of a historical touch to it.

5. Wormsloe Plantation

If you are curious about Savannah, you must have already seen Wormsloe Plantation through many pictures on the internet. This dreamy tunnel of live oak trees overspread in Spanish moss, which is almost touching the land, has something magical. The best time to be here is during the opening hours since rush is at its least here. Stand at the entrance and focus the camera on your best shot. Or, for a 360-degree image, consider standing halfway through the tree tunnel. Though Wormsloe Plantation is a beautiful year-round spot, it is at its best during the Fall season. While the season is just at the start and trees, have acquired all Fall colors, reach the earliest to capture it. Wormsloe Plantation is within a short drive outside Savannah, and entry here would cost you $10.

6. Rainbow Row, East Bryan St.

Not as appealing as the Rainbow Row in Charleston, but Savannah’s Rainbow Row in East Bryan St. has a charm of its own. This potential photography spot basically has Victorian row homes covered in pastel beauty. Every single home is adorned with different pastel shutters. Each colorful Carpenter-Italianate-style row-house is unique and has a fine historical touch to it. However, since Rainbow Row is still a residential place, be respectful while you click pictures. It is always better to take permission before going forward.

7. River Street/Savannah Riverfront

Another top Instagram-worthy photography spot in Savannah is River Street. On and around the Savannah Riverfront, there are multiple spots to capture. Begin with capturing the red-and-white riverboats while they are still docked. Or, head to East River Street from the Georgia Queen for another scenic capture. More options, including the Brick Cotton Exchange building, treats in candy cases at River Street Sweets, the gold-leaf dome of Savannah City Hall, and the Waving Girl Statue of Florence Martus, is worthy as well. And if you are interested in more glorious catches, visit the Savannah Riverfront after sunset and see how the city comes alive with artificial lights. Enjoying sunset, food, and drinks here has its own charm.

8. Six Pence Pub

London vibes in Georgia? Well, why not. The Six Pence Pub is a British-style alehouse with sidewalk seats in the heart of the Savannah Historic District. Just steps north of Liberty Street, the pub has a cozy congenial atmosphere and a big beer list. It is the most authentic and friendliest British pub in Savanah and South that offers the most authentic U.K. menu. However, that’s not the only identity of Six Pence Pub. Instead, an iconic red telephone booth outside the pub is what attracts Millenials and Gen-Zs the most. Making the red phone booth a perfect backdrop or getting inside for a closer affair, days go busy here with photography enthusiasts. And especially since the dark green wall adds contrast, every picture turns out beautiful and extraordinary.

9. Savannah’s Rooftop Hotels and Restaurants

If you are curious to click views from Rooftop bars, Savannah has many options for you. Of course, for being at one of them, you have to invest in some food and drinks, but why not when they are worth it.

Some of the best photographing-worthy Rooftop hotels in Savannah.

  • Bohemian Hotel Savannah Rooftop: Bohemian is a pretty rooftop hotel on the Savannah Riverfront offering epic views of the entire city. The sight of Savanah River and Talmadge Memorial Bridge during evening hours is pure bliss to catch. And if you are lucky enough to reach it during sunset, you have caught the best photo opportunities.
  • Myrtle & Rose Rooftop Garden at Plant Riverside District: Myrtle & Rose’s rooftop garden is inspired by flowers used in the crowns often worn by muses in classical mythology. This place has a symbolic value of femininity, love, and romance. Spending some hours here sipping on your favorite wine will infuse a sense of refreshment inside. Or, just stand at the vantage points, focus your camera and click views out over the Savannah River. The rooftop restaurant in itself is a blissful divine for photographers.
  • Peregrin at the Perry Lane Hote: Peregrin is a 6th-floor rooftop bar that comes with vines and views combined. One can choose from different seating arrangements. If you are here just for the food, seating areas with a turf floor are for you. However, if your main aim is to capture views, sit on the seating that offers views out over the Savannah Historic District.

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