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A-J's Dockside Restaurant

9 Interesting Places to Eat on Tybee Island, Georgia (2024)

Looking for Popular Restaurants on Tybee Island? Good food complements the experience of every vacation. Whether you are on a day trip or relaxing on a week-long holiday, the dining experience is the last thing you would want to compromise. However, when on Tybee Island, everything from the freshest catch and the most crafted cocktails will uplift your experience. Restaurants and eateries in Tybee strongly emphasize fresh seafood, particularly local Shrimp. It, by far, is the defining characteristic of every eatery, be it a local one or a popular chain.

Tybee Island is home to more than 35 restaurants and eateries serving exotic and eclectic flare. From the authentic Southern flare to the Island cuisine and the American delicacies, options for dining and munching are truly many. Many Tybee Island restaurants are right on the water, offering excellent scenic views of land and sky. Either enjoy the sun while munching on your lunch or pick a snack and observe how beautiful is the setting sun.

9 Interesting Places to Eat on Tybee Island, Georgia

With that said, let’s find the Most Interesting Places to Eat on Tybee Island. Here we go:

1. A-J’s Dockside Restaurant

A popular Tybee Island Restaurant, A-J’s Dockside is a local favorite. Overlooking the secluded views of Back River, the restaurant offers pretty insane views of the sunset. Though it serves through the day, the best time for being here is around 5 or 5:30 pm considering you would catch the most mesmerizing views feeding both sole and stomach.

A-J’s Dockside Restaurant is popular for its fresh seafood, great service, and super-friendly staff. Some of their specialties include Deviled crabs, Mahi-mahi, Snow crabs, Bacon-Wrapped Shrimp, and Hushpuppies. Other popular choices to go are shrimp po’boy sandwiches, lump crab cake burgers, signature shrimp, cream cheese-stuffed salmon, and sausage gumbo. To pair with all the meals, A-J’s offers a variety of local and domestic beers.

2. CoCo’s Sunset Grille

Serving for a decade now, CoCo’s Sunset Grille is another interesting place to eat on Tybee Island. This popular place is by restaurateur Tracy McMahon, so the food games here are undoubtedly top-notch. Coco’s sits on the shores of Lazaretto Creek at an operating marina. Sitting on their large patio, guests can observe excellent river and marina views along with watching shrimp boats returning with the day’s catch. The scenic views of the sun settling into the river are one of the USPs of the CoCo’s Sunset Grille.

The dining scenes at CoCo’s focus on fresh and locally prepared seafood meals. Some of their impressive and special offerings include Tuna tacos, Buffalo shrimp, Bourbon-glazed fish, and the Low Country Boil. Their signature menu is popular for dishes like Grilled Shrimp and scallops as well the Homemade shrimp cakes. For pairing along, Coco’s hosts a bar serving Ice-cold beers and House Cocktails. Do not forget to try their Bloody marys garnished with pickled Shrimp.

3. Bubba Gumbo’s

Bubba Gumbo’s is a charming local eatery in Tybee Island along the banks of Lazaretto Creek. It is now under the operations of restaurateur Caitlin Burns and executive chef Gordon Card who team up to serve the best food and hospitality. Bubba Gumbo’s features a gorgeous dining area right adjacent to the Tybee Island Marina. What’s unique about its setting is initially the scenery and, secondly, the up-close wildlife experiences. Through the lens of the restaurant’s hip marsh bar, one can observe several local wild animals in close proximity.

Bubba Gumbo’s signature fried shrimp are what that calls food enthusiasts time and again. For appetizers, try their Local fried oysters with buffalo sauce and Baked scallops. Other great choices from their menu include Shrimp and scallops, Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict, Fried flounder, Alaskan snow crab, Lowcountry boil, and Homemade Hushpuppies.

4. Cafe Miss Korea

Cafe Miss Korea is the ultimate landmark in Tybee Island for Korean food lovers. Operating for a long time now, the Café is a part of Tybee Bakery and is quite popular amongst locals and tourists. They serve a number of homemade items and are popular, especially for their fast meals. If you aren’t in the mood to sit and eat, Café Miss Korea is where you can stop, grab, and go.

It is basically a Korean BBQ restaurant that serves delicious homemade kimchi and backed delicacies. They even offer a huge selection of Korean sauces and pickles to buy on the go. Cafe Miss Korea is popular for visitors from Savannah since it falls on Highway 80. Though it is operational through the week, it is always better to call and confirm in advance if you are in for a sure plan of picking something. It is also a great place to sit for some hot coffee along with aromatic baked goods.

5. The Crab Shack

The Crab Shack is one of the longest-operating restaurants on Tybee Island. Operating since the 1980s, the restaurant sits on a former fishing village property. Earlier it was a marina and bait shop today; it offers a delightful waterfront dining experience. The restaurant offers seafood platters, sandwiches & BBQ within its indoor and outdoor seating space. Not just that, but it even features baby alligators in a lagoon.

The Crab Shack by Belinda and Jack Flanigan (Husband and Wife) has always appealed to people for its food scenes. Their menu includes peel-and-eat seafood platters, which is a lunch and dinner favorite throughout the week. Though for personal selection, options like Captain crab’s sampler Platter, low country boil, Pork, and chicken barbeques, St. Louis-style barbecue pork rib racks, and Chili cheese nachos are some great options. For pairing along with food, guests can pick their favorite beer cans.

6. The Breakfast Club

An unfussy family restaurant, the Breakfast Club, is a popular eatery to try when on Tybee Island. It is just a block walk from Savannah’s Beach and is easy to spot for the long queue outside. However, despite the queue, the wait is always short and absolutely worth it. The restaurant is actually quite famous since it is owned by alumni of the Culinary Institute of America, who was also a part of several TV shows and JFK Jr’s wedding.

The Breakfast Club is popular for its sausages and burgers prepared with in-house grounded meat. Some popular choices from their menu include Blackhawk breakfast burrito, Chicken-fried steak, Pecan waffle, Classic, buttery grits, and more. Besides that, for zero disappointment, go for their hearty Omelets or White-toast-and-hash-browns.

7. Sundae Café

Sundae Café is the latest food hot spot-on Tybee Island. Initially, it operated as an ice cream deli though today is famous for being a full-fledged restaurant and a favorite of Savannah and Tybee locals. Though Sundae Café is a hidden hideaway, remember it fills up quite fast than one would expect. If you are very particular about eating here, it is always better to book well in advance.

Sundae Café is a popular eatery for Southern Lowcountry classics though the seafood options here too are top-notch. Guests can try several regional staples from Sea Island Hoppin’ John risotto to Georgia white shrimp and Okra and pimento cheese, one masterpiece. Some typical greats from their menu are Hamburgers, Chicken fingers, Gourmet Salads, and Club sandwiches. Sundae Café always has a seasonal menu, especially with their seafood range. End your meal with homemade desserts like mouthwatering key lime pie.

8. Tybean Art & Coffee Bar

Tybean Art & Coffee Bar is a small turquoise shop located on Tybee Island. This quirky little place is basically a hideaway inside the Shoppes at Tybee Oaks. Since the eatery is nestled amongst big towering trees, sitting here may feel like having good times in a treehouse. Tybean’s staff is popular for its quick and friendly services and incredible hospitality. Besides that, it is a great place to catch up with locals or meet new and exciting people. There’s even a ceramic studio just in case you are an art enthusiast and want to check on some creativity.

Tybean Coffee Bar is popular for its delicious espresso, scones, and smoothies. When here, do try their decadent scones or go for the signature chocolate chip scones and classic cranberry scones. Every coffee on their menu features premium coffees roasted by Batdorf & Bronson and thus is at par with excellence. For pairing along, choose Apple fritter, Hot dogs, Muffins, and Breakfast burritos. The place operates through the week though it remains closed on Wednesdays.

9. Seaside Sweets

Last but not least on our list is the Seaside Sweets. It is basically a mouthwatering confection popular for award-winning ice creams. They prepare fresh Gelato Italian Ice Cream on the spot from scratch using all uncompromised ingredients. Nothing on their menu comes from pre-mix, and when they claim homemade, they literally mean it. From colors to intense flavors and more, nothing is artificial.

Every ice cream at Seaside Sweets is of the least fat, so you have to worry less about the calories. They use actual fruits, spices, liqueurs, imported chocolates, roasted nuts, coffees, and teas to bring excellence to each production. Some of the must-try from their menu include Kahlúa Tiramisu Gelato and the Bourbon Ginger Snap Gelato.

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