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9 Amazing Things To Do In Macon, Georgia (2024)

Truly a centerpiece of Georgia, the city of Macon stands proudly at the geographical center of the Peach State. Neither is Macon far from Ocean nor does it stretch much away from the Mountains. Delightfully known as the Heart of Georgia, Macon boast numerous unique and remarkable attractions. It, though majorly boasts historical and architectural wonders, the quotient of leisure and entertainment too isn’t left much behind. Travelers often overlook Macon, but that has helped keep the city less sane and calmer even during its peak tourism season.

Whenever planning a trip to Macon, travelers are often confused about what to do. Though the city has many engaging features since they are less preached, confusion often arises. Macon hosts a range of indoor and outdoor attractions for any Avid traveler. Not only that but even a range of festivals and events that fill the entire year with excitement.

9 Amazing Things To Do In Macon, Georgia

With that said, let’s check out the popular things to do in Macon. Have a look:

1. Walk Down the Amerson River Park

Amerson River Park is a dramatic and impressive outdoor playground overlooking a dramatic bend in the Ocmulgee River. This 180 pristine park features lovely woods, wetlands, meadows, and waterways. And each of these features is encircled by a u-shaped section of the Ocmulgee River, giving it a divine feel. A seven-mile-long trail network unwinds through high, scenic bluffs of the park, covering much of its natural attributes. The park even features a handicap-accessible playground ensuring entertainment for all. There are small playgrounds and resting places where visitors can sit and enjoy nature around. Amerson River Park allows individuals to launch their kayak and canoe on the water for adventure quotient. The Jay Hall Memorial Canoe Launch provides an access point and even allows for 2 miles of float tubing.

Even though the park is near downtown Macon, being here feels like a different serene world.

2. Take a Stroll in Downtown Macon

Downtown Macon is a large financial and entertainment district popular amongst both locals and visitors. When in the city, there is no better time pass than walking down the lanes of downtown Macon. The area, though, is relatively large; one would still love their time walking across the lanes. It features everything from historic landmarks, popular tourist attractions, local storefronts, bars, restaurants, and several sources of live entertainment. Downtown Macon features heritage buildings from the 1940s, 50s, and 60s, all presenting marvelous architecture. While their original identity still knows some, others have transformed into departmental stores and more such commodities. Sundays here are livelier when locals can be found dressed in traditional attires enjoying their holiday brunch. Or visit downtown Macon during many of the city’s most important events and celebrations.

3. Enjoy Your Time at International Cherry Blossom Festival

If there’s something most beautiful about Macon, it has to be its International Cherry Blossom Festival. This popular 10 days event has been drawing individuals from all across America since 1982 now. Every year during March, approximately 350,000 Yoshino Cherry Trees back the beautiful glory of Macon. The festival features numerous celebrations in Carolyn Crayton Park. The scene would include concerts, fairground attractions, rides, along with food and drink experiences. And not to forget the Cherry Blossom trees, the main star of the event that needs no words to describe the beauty. The festival finally ends with a grand food flair and an exclusive firework display.

4. Plan a Day Alone for the Georgia Sports Hall of Fame

Georgia Sports Hall of Fame covers 43,000 square feet and is the largest state sports hall of fame in the United States. Visiting and spending time here is undoubtedly the best thing to do in Macon. Spending a day here allows individuals to enjoy different college sports and professional games. Or, try out its fun NASCAR simulators and basketball games and bring your inner sports enthusiast to life. Sports Hall of Fame is also home to a colossal collection of artifacts and exhibits. All the items in their display area are dedicated to different sports or Olympic and Paralympic athletes. Guests will come across several shiny Trophies, old NFL helmets, and Jerseys, along with paintings and portraits. Besides what’s inside, the Sports Hall of Fame represents a turn-of-the-century ballpark, and its architecture is quite appealing.

5. Watch a Show at the Grand Opera House

The Grand Opera House is popular for its scintillating shows or concerts in the entire South of the United States. This incredible historic opera house has been operating since 1884 and earlier was known as the Academy of Music. Back in time, it was home to the largest stage in the American Southeast; however, with more developments around, it lost that pride. Grand Opera House has hosted several notable artists, including Bob Hope, Ray Charles, Allman Brothers Band, Charlie Chaplin, John Philip Sousa Band, Will Rogers, and more. Even today, after over a century of successful operations, it organizes a variety of events like theatrical productions, concerts, and Broadway shows. One of the most popular shows that often feature here is the annual Christmas performance of The Nutcracker. Visiting the Grand Opera House is a must to do thing in Macon, especially for individuals who admire performing arts.

6. Take Kids For Some Fun Time At Tattnall Square Park

One of the oldest urban parks in America, the Tattnall Square Park is a beautiful outdoor playground. Founded in the early 1800s, the park is located across from Mercer University and occupies an entire block. It includes several features like a children’s playground, public tennis courts, playing fields, a pavilion, plenty of shade underneath the old, massive trees, and several picnic tables. The pavilion is also available for outdoor celebrations and events. During summers, Tattnall Square Park hosts a variety of festivals, events, and several public screenings. However, despite all activities taking place, the park always has enough free space and much serenity around. The relaxing vibes here never actually vanish away. To observe the excellent natural beauty, consider visiting Tattnall Square Park during Spring or early Fall season.

7. Go For The Ultimate Museum Hopping in Macon

If places like Museums and Galleries excite you, then there’s nothing better to do in Macon than visiting various museums. Thanks to the variety of heritage, culture, and art, Macon is home to an array of Museums. These facilities provide an interactive, educational and entertaining experience to individuals of every age group. Here are some of the best and most popular Museums to visit in Macon.

The Allman Brothers Band Museum: It is a popular facility that honors and memorializes the Allman Brothers Band. The Museum was once home to the band’s original members, their friends, and family. Individuals can observe several artifacts, instruments, hand-written lyrics, and artwork. Or, visit the souvenir shop and purchase some band merchandise.

Museum of Arts and Sciences: It is a four-gallery facility that exhibits a range of temporary exhibits featuring art and technology. Operating since 1956, the Museum is chock-full of interactive displays and exhibits. It even features a garden, an observatory, a planetarium, and a mini petting zoo. Individuals can also visit a bat cave and walk through the several natural trails on its outdoors.

Tubman African American Museum: America’s prominent African-American facility, the Tubman Museum is a must-visit in Macon. Operating since 1985, it hosts a range of cultural artifacts, artworks, and other informative belongings. Besides exhibiting the art, culture, and life of African-Americans, the Museum also offers several educational programs. Tubman Museum has become a popular landmark, especially during Black History Month and the Pan African Festival each year.

8. Experience Local Life at the Macon State Farmers Market

If you want to live in Macon like a true local, then visit its State, Farmers Market. It is a bustling retail market that operates through the year from 8 am to 7 pm except on the 1st of January. Majorly, it is a marketplace for fruit and vegetable vendors, but seasonal flowers and Christmas trees are also sold here. Macon State Farmers Market also hosts two restaurants because they offer excellent Barbeques, Seafood, and Baked delicacies. It is one fine and affordable place to catch up with friends or celebrate any small occasion.

For a more open market experience, consider:

  • Mulberry Street at Tattnall Square Park every Wednesday from 3:30-6:30 pm
  • First Saturday Village Market at Mercer Village on every first Saturday of the Month from 9 am to 3 pm.
  • Wesleyan Market on Wesleyan College Campus every second and fourth Saturday throughout Summers.
  • Smiley’s Flea Market at 6717 Hawkinsville Road, every Saturday and Sunday from 6 am to 5 pm.

9. Attend a Local Festival Or Event

Fun-filled days in Macon are truly endless. Especially with year-round festivals and events, it’s hard to believe that Macon can’t impress a traveler. Let’s find out more about such exciting celebrations in the city:

Ocmulgee Indian Celebration: It is one of the major and largest social gatherings in the south that calls Native Americans. Organized in the month of September, the event is all about food, music, dance, craftsmanship, and storytelling.

Central Georgia Greek Festival: Another popular event in Macon that invite individuals to enjoy live entertainment. Its major highlight is tours of the Holy Cross Greek Orthodox Church.

Christmas Made in the South: A popular Christmas bring-in event in the South. It hosts a fantastic spot for Christmas shopping, unique gourmet food, outstanding art, and delicious festive food.

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