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U-Pick Sunflowers at Spencer Farm - Stunning Flower Farms in Indiana for Flower Picking

5 Stunning Flower Farms in Indiana for Flower Picking (2022)

If you visit the beautiful state of Indiana in the summer months, you will find some of the most gorgeous flowers in full bloom. For years, the Hoosier state has been famous for the activity of picking flowers and fruits at local farms. No other flower is perhaps more famous than the sunflower. The state of Indiana has two sunflower seasons, one in July and one round of blooms around Labor Day. Owing to the huge number of farms in Indiana, the concept of U-Pick farms has become very popular. U-Pick farms are where visitors can go to pick, cut or choose their own products or flowers from the field directly. And there is no shortage of beautiful, magical, and colorful flowers to pick from at some of the best farms in Indiana.

5 Stunning Flower Farms in Indiana for Flower Picking

Here are some of the most stunning flower farms in Indiana where you can indulge in flower picking.

1. U-Pick Sunflowers at Spencer Farm

The sunflower picking season at the Spencer Farm opens from July 14 every year and lasts for at least two to three weeks. Spencer Farm is one of the most impressive sunflower fields in entire Indiana. You have to pay $5 for entry to the farm to walk amongst the rows of hundreds of gigantic and beautiful sunflowers. You can take pictures upon pictures from every angle as these magnificent flowers stand tall and proud against the bright Indiana sun. If you want to cut your own bouquet of the gorgeous yellow and red sunflowers from the field, you need to pay $3 per stem.

Located in Noblesville, Spencer Farm had actually become a U-Pick farm by introducing strawberry picking nearly 40 years ago. This was followed by more fruits and vegetables, and it was only three years ago that they started planting sunflowers. With customers always wanting new things, the farm is constantly looking to add to its U-Pick offerings.

2. Dollie’s Farm Fields of Bloom

Located in Franklin, Dollie’s Farm Fields of Bloom is one of the most famous farms for flower picking. Dollie’s Farm is spread out over five acres, and no matter where you look, you will see miles and miles of lavender fields. Specializing in lavender flowers, the farm has these beautiful flowers blooming all season long.

There are over 60 other varieties of flowers at Dollie’s Farm. This large flower farm began to offer flowering picking activities to visitors in 2018 on the old homestead that was purchased by the owner’s great grandparents all the way back in 1932. In fact, being a proper farm, Dollie’s Farm continues to sell farm-fresh eggs all year round.

At the heart of the farm is the field where you will find most visitors flocking to the rows and rows of hand-planted, fragrant lavender flowers. Blooming throughout the field, there are over 80 varieties of flowers here, along with 17 different varieties of sunflowers as well. To allow visitors to easily pick fresh-cut flowers, the flowers are neatly planted in rows.

Dollie’s Farm Fields offers different pricing if you want to take home flowers. Visitors can spend anywhere between $10 to $30, depending on the size of bouquet they want to get made.  

Dollie’s Farms also organizes special events like Sunset and Sangria, Doggie Day, and Yoga in Blooms, which are a huge hit in the community. So always check on their website before scheduling your visit if you want to take part in one of these exciting events.

3. Beasley’s Orchard Sunflower Festival

The Beasley’s Orchard Sunflower Festival takes place every year from July 23rd to 31st. Located in Danville, Indiana, the Beasley’s Orchard Sunflower Festival has an entry charge of $7 per person, which includes one stem of a sunflower. There is no need to buy your ticket ahead of time as the tickets are easily available upon arriving at the farm.  

The field is spread out over seven acres of sunflowers. The Sunflower Festival opens every day from 9 in the morning to 6 in the evening, and Friday and Saturday, visitors can enjoy extended hours in the fields. One of the most popular things to do at this farm is to take some breathtaking sunset photos.

4. 21 Petals Flower Farm

This is a working farm located in Lafayette. The farm opens to the public from 8 am to 8 pm every day, and as per the farm owners, the best time to arrive at the farm is early in the morning when the flowers are at their most beautiful and freshest. In the afternoon, with the extreme heat, there is a risk of the flowers wilting, and you may also start feeling unwell under the scorching sun. Once you arrive, head over to the navy barn. Here you will find buckets, clippers, and even water. The cost of each bucket is $35, and you can fill it up and even take the bucket home with you.

Many people come from far to collect flowers for special days like weddings and other events. This is also a beautiful sight for taking pictures, set against the aisles of freshly grown flowers and butterflies flittering around.

5. P&D Flower Farm

The entrance fee for P&D Flower Farm is $5 per person, and flower stems are available in the price range of $2 to $4 each.

This is a beautiful farm that is ideal not only for visiting to pick flowers but also for hosting a party. The farm has U-Pick flowers available right from the month of June all the way to October. The farm remains open only on Fridays to Sundays, from 10 am to 6 pm. The farm does not charge any entry fee for children 12 years and under.

One of the best and unique features of this flower farm is the floral designing classes that are held here, the details of which can be found on their website. The P&D Flower Farm is a popular wedding venue, as well as a famous spot for picking wedding flowers.

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