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Bourbon Street in New Orleans

27 Free Places to Visit in New Orleans (2022)

Welcome to the city that the world calls “The Hollywood of the South”. Yes, New Orleans! Nestled in the South-east side of America, with the Mississippi gliding through, it is popularly recognized for its distinctive dialects, jazz music culture, and creole culture. Since its foundation stone was laid in the 1700s New Orleans city has seen a multitude of cultures come and go, each leaving its distinct mark in the sands of time.

Diving back into history, the city was cut off from the mainland of the USA, causing the culture and expression to evolve at its own pace. As previously discussed, this state has a predominance of French and Spanish culture. The people here are as diverse as their way of life with each culture adding its piece to the greater puzzle that is New Orleans. The matters of Black, White, and Brown truly erode to fuse. This is what makes this city so special across groups of varying ages and interests who are looking to dip their toes into newer cultures.

From parks to historical spots and museums carefully preserving all that the city has seen, there are a lot of things to do around in New Orleans. While dining or bar hopping may sound exciting, it is true they can also be a tad costly. But if you are in a pinch and still hoping to experience the creole culture fret not, we are here today to assist you with that.

27 Free Places to Visit in New Orleans

Today we are listing a few things you can do in New Orleans without spending a penny and still enjoy the city’s vibe to the fullest.

1. Take A Stroll Or Ride To The Famous Bourbon Street

This famous French street is a place full of surprises and beautiful French architecture. Iconic bars and hotels bearing 1800s decor line this expanse. Finding a place among the oldest settlements of America, Bourbon Street embodies the soul of New Orleans and its party culture. This street can be best described as full of life and you may just chance upon anything.

Bourbon Street in New Orleans

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2. Sway To Live Music

Performers are guaranteed to take your breath away at Bourbon street’s Music Legends Park or Faubourg Brewing on the eastern side of the city. For a city that’s awoken the world to the rhythm of Jazz and blues, it should hardly come as a surprise to see how musically inclined the place is.

3. Enjoy the Winters and Holidays

Around the holiday season you can either get lost in the bonfires and Cathedral music or head for an eye-widening light and visual show courtesy of LUNA fete. LUNA fete has been described as the annual light, art, and tech festival of the city of New Orleans. The winters are always sweet in this city that “the care forgot”.

4. Enjoy The Sun Or Have A Picnic

Sit under the majestic antique Oak trees at the city park or the Audubon park for a glimpse of that perfect sunset. You can also head to the green space known popularly as the fly. It is situated behind the Zoo at Audubon overlooking the river.

5. Go Art Hunting

If you are something of an art connoisseur you can lose yourself among the many art markets of New Orleans. Go walking around city parks, and the art markets that plop on Saturdays as well as check out places like Art Garage to chance upon a good piece. Such art walks are an authentic way to connect with the street culture of New Orleans.

6. Go Museum-Ing

If visiting museums is your forte check out the countless free ones at the Contemporary art center or New Orleans Art Museum or the Ogen Southern art museum on Sunday and Thursday respectively.

7. Read at the Milton H. Library

Dwell among books at the Milton H. Latter library that was constructed by the silent era cinema pioneer Marguerite Clark. Browsing is free but you need tickets to take photographs.

8. Visit Congo Square

Congo Square holds a special example of fraternity as in colonial times both the whites and nonwhites would come together to revel in music and festivities. The music, festivities, and dancing are still a delight to watch.

9. Party Hard At Frenchman Street

In the delightful Frenchman Street music floats down from the lined clubs, creating a jazzy atmosphere. This is a favorite place for the younger citizens to head out for a happening nightlife.

10. Get Delicacies, For Free!

Every Friday on Magazine Street live music and free oysters are served at Le Bon Temps Roule. This is also a great place to socialize and connect with the indigenous settlers of New Orleans.

11. The Garden District Is A Must-Visit

The picturesque mansions of the garden district are a popular photography spot. These have been often thought to be the best-preserved neighborhoods of the colonial period with a plethora of significant buildings dotting the suburbs.

12. Immerse In Lovely Antiquities and Trinkets At The French Market

Buy, or just browse as you please. One of the oldest markets of the USA, it was a trading point during colonial times. From vibrant cafes to seafood shops, there’s almost everything here.

13. Plant Sales

For the green thumbs, visit the Paradigm Garden on any Sunday in the AM to check out the plant sale. Botanical Gardens of the city also hold similar events. If you are someone who is a dire lover of nature, you are surely going to fall in love with this event!

14. Experience Halloween

To experience a unique Halloween, head to the French quarter to catch a glimpse of the Krewe of Boo parade. There are a lot of supernatural elements attached to New Orleans. From vampires to Voodoo shops to the alleged hauntings of St Louis, everything lends the city a special look on the 31st of October.

15. Don’t Go Past The Plaques

A lot of the heritage installations and architecture of the city has been provided with plaque stones bearing their history and significance. Read them to dive into New Orleans’s rich history.

16. Go to Churches

And we mean it! Visit the iconic St Louis Cathedral for its grand old architecture. Opened in the early 1700s, the church is dedicated to its namesake, Saint Louis, and is open for self-touring when there isn’t a funeral or a wedding being held.

17. Ride Around The Lafitte Greenways

Take your bike and drive around to discover suburban neighborhoods, cafes, and many other interesting spots. You may just about hit with others out on their bikes and get some nice company.

18. Visit Oak Street

Visit the unique shops on this quiet city street including a bookstore for used books, one selling comics, and one shop for repairing musical instruments which specializes in repairing just about any style of guitar. Be sure to keep your camera ready.

19. Sunrise Point

The view of the rising sun at the point of Algiers is famous among both locals and travelers. Situated right on the opposite side of the city’s French quarters on the banks of the Mississippi River it is a one of a kind spot.

20. Live Music Hub

For a city known for its contribution to the world of melody it is no doubt you are sure to catch street musicians around every corner. Generally free, you can put down some spare change to encourage them.

21. Julia Street Art Walks

Every first Saturday the evening market at Julia Street flaunts lovely artists with their art. Buy or simply gaze at the paintings and chat with the locals to find out some insights into this lively city.

22. Visit The Historical Jazz Museum

The city of New Orleans is perhaps most regarded for its development of jazz style in the 1920s and 30s. The Jazz Museum holds a significant history of that development and plays free jazz on Tuesdays after sundown.

23. Experience Mardi Gras

Peak parade of this region, experience Mardi Grass as the maddening joyous crowd sweep you. Mardi Gras translates to “fat Tuesday” and is held as a precursor to Lent fasting. During the ten days, the city streets are bustling with green and gold as elaborate parades happen both during the day and at night. It is free and a memorable experience.

24. Audubon Nature Park

The nature center is an eighty-four acre of green land that houses multiple trails and are always open to hiking. The park is both a hit with singles and families and is sure to bring delight to the kids at your party.

25. Go To Magazine Street Or Chartres Street

The royal street, magazine street, and the Chartres all have old-world shops displaying their goodies which are a sight to look at. There is an old-world charm attached to this arena with plenty of french style architecture to snap a pretty picture in front of it.

26. Woldenberg Riverfront

The Riverfront Park gives a fantastic view of the Mississippi as well as various paths that connect all parts of this quaint city. The park timings are from 6 am to 10 pm from Sunday to Thursday while for Friday till Saturday it gets expanded till midnight. You can immerse yourself in the Audubon aquarium or the gigantic screening theater in the park. It is a favorite spot for almost everything amongst the city folks.

27. Have A Tour On Foot

Over everything, even meandering in and out of the French architecture and old-world city streets has its attraction. Even a walk around the city on foot can be such a joyous delight. You can search for a free walking tour around the city on the internet and book with a group.


It is genuinely a surprise what you can discover and experience with a minimum budget in New Orleans. Mostly known to the world due to its ever-awake nightlife and celebrations that roll all around the year, don’t be afraid to take this chance to discover the other side this majestic city has to offer.

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