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Moose River in Maine

Explore the Kennebec Valley and Moose River In Maine (2023)

The Kennebec Valley and Moose River region in Maine encompasses a range of settlements. It stretches from Skowhegan, the frontier town of Jackman, Waterville, and the popular Belgrade Lakes area. Kennebec Valley and Moose River region is where one chooses to visit for a blend of adventure experiences with a hint of cultural attractions. From historical museums to thrilling opportunities, a Mainer can find multiple options for fun and enjoyment here.

Maine’s Kennebec and Moose River Valley Region is also home to a range of resorts, inns, and hotels, all thanks to the endless tourism possibilities here. The crowd here never slows down throughout the year and despite the season. During summer, people choose activities like hiking, biking, rafting, safari, etc. Whereas during winters, snow cycling, skiing and others flourish to their best.

Explore the Kennebec Valley and Moose River In Maine

Here we have a list of a few Best and most Popular things to do in Maine’s Kennebec Valley and Moose River. Have a look:

1. Hiking

Of all the adventures the Kennebec Valley and Moose River In Maine offer, hiking is definitely the most popular one. There are nearly 100 trails spread throughout this region, and they suit different skill and experience levels. The Appalachian Trail passes through this region and if you are up for a life-changing hiking experience, go for it. Other popular trails in the area include Vaughan Woods, Good Will-Hinckley wooded trails, Sally Mountain trail, Quarry road trail, and many more. All of these trails pass through Maine’s beautiful forest and woodlands. Hiking here means the individual is always welcome to check out the picturesque waterfalls, wild meadows, forest habitats, wetland creatures, and more classic stone bridges.

Hiking, Moose River In Maine

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Note: Before stepping out for a hiking trip in Kennebec Valley and Moose River, makes sure you check the trail condition for different seasons.

2. Scenic Drives

If you love spending your holidays on the road, do not miss the Kennebec Valley’s Scenic Drives. Each season at Kennebec offers a driving marvel, and there is vast beauty in every season. Summers mean bright green trees and a sky full of white puffs, Falls mean vibrant foliage hues, Winter brings new-fallen snow that shines harder with the sun’s warm rays, and then Spring again brings all those colors of nature back. The most popular Kennebec Valley drive includes Voyage International from Route 201N from Skowhegan through to the Canadian border, but one needs a Passport to complete it. It Takes a Moxie drive from Route 201N from Bingham, where one can see the immense natural beauty and may spot a Moose too. Scenic Lower Somerset and Old Canada Road National Scenic Byway are two great options that any driving enthusiast can blindly choose. All of these drives are 1 to 6 hours long and definitely worth an experience.

3. Beer and Breweries

Beer and Breweries are Kennebec Valley’s heart and soul and Maine’s Moose River area. The local Maine beers are well celebrated here, and the area is home to nearly 11 craft brewers. Not just that, but one or another beer-centric event adorns the environment and draws in large crowds throughout the year. Some of the popular breweries in the area include Bateau Brewing, Cushnoc Brewing Co., Grateful Grain Brewing Company, Oak Pond Brewery, Waterville Brewing Company, and the Liberal Cup. The breweries and brew pubs in the Kennebec Valley area offer a rotating menu of English-style, house-made beers. They have the biggest stouts, sours and wilds, and the freshest IPAs. For pairing along, most breweries have their in-house restaurant. However, a few of them also features food trucks and snack stall or allow visitors to get their own food from outside.

4. Other Outdoor Adventure

Kennebec Valley and the Moose River Valley region is a hub for outdoor adventure, and one cannot overlook the opportunities here. One can find unparalleled opportunities in Moose Rivers, 46 miles long, Bow Trip. The area is extremely popular for world-class rafting experience, especially for experts in the craft. This entire stretch offers opportunities to fish and wilderness canoe trips and takes you close to wildlife like deer, moose, and more. The town of Jackman is another popular spot where individuals can go for fishing and hunting activities. Belgrade Lakes area and the Forks are where thrilling whitewater rafting and other water recreational opportunities await. For more excitement, the Kennebec River from Solon to Bingham miles-long bicycling opportunities.

Accommodations and More

5. North Country Rivers Cabins

If outdoor adventures aren’t on your bucket list, then spending a peaceful camping vacation is what you can indulge in. The North Country Rivers Cabins offer deluxe lodging in its four-season riverside cabin. The cabins feature a fully functional kitchen, a dining area, a living space, a large bedroom, a huge bathroom, and an outdoor fireplace. For dining, they have an on-site restaurant, ‘Patrick’s Restaurant and Pub.’ Along with excellent lodging and camping experience, North Country also offers opportunities for biking, disc golf, fishing, hiking, waterfall hiking, kayaking, snowmobiling, wildlife watching tours, white water rafting, and ATV tours. They offer complete packages customized for different group types. The packages also include options where guests get to sleep in a luxury cabin, a tent, or a Recreational Vehicle.

6. Moxie Outdoor Adventure

Another excellent lodging option in the Kennebec Valley and Moose River is Moxie Outdoor Adventure. A popular spot in ‘The Forks,’ Moxie Outdoor Adventure by Lake Moxie Camps is nestled in the wilderness of Maine on beautiful 9-mile Lake Moxie. Offering a traditional Maine sporting camping experience, this area has vibes of the past. Its settlement into the deep woods makes it a popular spot for wildlife spotting, and opportunities for the same come easily here. For accommodation, they have options ranging from waterfront house rental, barn cabins, lakeside campsites, platform tents, comfortable lakeside cabins, and more. What makes Moxie Outdoor Adventure is its proximity to the top-rated tourist attractions and natural wonders of the area. It is just a few minutes’ distance away from Wyman Lake, Moosehead Lake, Greenville, the Appalachian Trail, and the very popular Moxie Falls.

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