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Lynch Hill Farms, Harrington

Visit Maine’s Blueberry Fields This Summer- 4 Top-Rated Blueberry Farms in Maine (2024)

Blueberries and Maine have a very close knitted connection. The State of Maine alone produces 99% of all the blueberries in the country. It is also the single largest producer of blueberries in the United States. Ranking number one in Blueberry production, Maine grows low-bush blueberries which are also known as Wild Blueberries. What makes it even more special is the fact that Wild Blueberries grow wild in the thin glacial soils and harsh northern climate of Maine but can’t when purposely planted by us. The ones we today find in Maine were planted by Mother Nature at the very same place about 10,000 years ago.

Blueberry Picking is one of the popular activities in Maine. Nearly hundreds of farms in Maine operate for ‘Pick your own Blueberry’ during the summer season, precisely from late July or early August. These juicy luscious little nuggets are a memorable treat since Wild Blueberries are slightly different from regular ones. Even though when they contain less sugar, they are much sweeter in taste. Whether you are a Mainer or in Maine for a holiday, Blueberry picking is something you should definitely indulge in. With that said, here we present the Popular Blueberry Farms in Maine, ideal for the ‘Pick your own Blueberry’ experience. Have a look:

Visit Maine’s Blueberry Fields This Summer- 4 Top-Rated Blueberry Farms

1. Burke Hill Farm, Cherryfield

One of the most popular Blueberry picking farms in Maine, the Burke Hill Farm is our number one recommendation. It is one of the few farms in Maine that operates for tours, workshops, and demonstrations alike. The farm is completely organic, and a visit here can introduce you to a unique natural ecosystem and hand-harvesting methods that are responsible for bringing magical blueberries to your plates. Though Burke Hill Farm doesn’t operate pick-your-own sessions, one can still visit the place for several different purposes. For Blueberry purchases, they are available at Rockland (Thursday mornings), Belfast (Friday mornings), Orono, Ellsworth, and Camden (Saturday mornings), and Bangor and Bar Harbor (Sundays). Or they also deliver fresh farm pickups at different delivery locations across Maine during the riping season.

2. Lynch Hill Farms, Harrington

The Lynch Hill Farms in Harrington is a family-owned and operated natural landmark. They now have been growing blueberries for over thirty years and, therefore, a popular name in the business. Lynch Hill Farms grows blueberries, cranberries, and grapes, the three American Native fruit that every resident loves from the core. They are also popular for producing beautiful balsam products using locally and sustainably harvested balsam fir and pines. The farm also grows a fair range of shiitake mushrooms and garden vegetables that one can come and purchase fresh. The Lynch Hill Farms operate fun and educational tours where participants can learn how to grow, harvest, and process the excellent Wild Blueberries of Maine. The tour also includes a history of the fruit, pruning practices, its two-year-long growth cycle, and much more. They even feature a farm store from where visitors can purchase fresh berries to go as well as other berry-based commercial produce.

Lynch Hill Farms, Harrington

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3. Smithereen Farm, Pembroke

Individuals who are keen about picking their own blueberries in Maine must visit the Smithereen Farm in Pembroke. It is “MOFGA certified organic “saltwater” farm that grows Wild Blueberries, Wild Teas, Wild Seaweed, and much more. The farm operates U-pick organic blueberry picking during the first week of August (or as the harvesting season schedules). Joining the pickup session, participants can pick blueberries for a while and then enjoy a seaside hike, explore the farm, have a relaxing picnic, or lay down in the shade. The Smithereen Farm is adorned by shaded picnic tables where the ocean breezes make a whole different vibe. Besides Blueberries, they also host U-Pick for strawberries and cranberries. The farm also invites individuals to camp and enjoy the stars, the breezes, and the sea mist. Not just that, but they also host workshops, lectures, and outings.

4. Welch Farm, Roque Bluffs

Fourth and last on our list is the 200-year-old Welch Farm in Roque Bluffs. It is a 6th generation family-owned and operated wild blueberry farm that has been stewarding its many acres of wild blueberry land. Welch Farm operates tours where participants can learn about what’s special about the Wild Blueberries in Maine. They explain the concept behind the bold and rugged coastal landscape of Downeast Maine that makes the blueberries here taste different than others. Visitors can also watch Mechanical Harvesters at work and learn how the specialized equipment works in the Blueberry industry. The tour then ends at the fresh pack building, where participants get to learn about how the staff sort, clean, and pack fresh berries for further business in the market. Guest visiting the Welch Farm in Roque Bluffs can also purchase fresh blueberries and blueberry products from the local farm shop. Or hike the fields and enjoy an afternoon picnic in peace.

Why is Wild Blueberries Better? What’s Special about the Wild Blueberries of Maine?

Maine is an adventure in many ways, especially when it comes to its State fruit, ‘the Wild Blueberries. When Maine’s weather is inhospitable for several kinds of farming, however, it is the most appropriate for growing Wild Blueberries. These tiny blue flavor bombs are slightly different from regular Blueberries, and tasting just one will make you realize the same.

The Wild Blueberries of Maine are rich in nutrients and possess several health benefits as well. They are known to improve vision, lower blood pressure, and reduce the likelihood of cataracts. In addition, the purple-blue anthocyanins found in Blueberries reduce the risk of clogged blood vessels and protect your cardiovascular system.

DID YOU KNOW? Cherryfield is the blueberry capital of Maine, and Maine is the blueberry capital of the world.

The best time to visit Maine for Wild Blueberries is from late July into August and early September. It is when the harvesting season flourishes, and you can make the most out of fresh produce.

However, if you happen to be in the state during the off-season, visit Stonewall Kitchen in York or Bread and Roses Bakery in Ogunquit for some delicious Blueberry based delicacies.

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