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Nubble Lighthouse in York, Maine

10 Fabulous Things To Do In Charming York, Maine (2022)

The southwestern most part of Maine, York, and York County are definitely charming. It is Maine’s oldest county and one of the oldest in the United States as well. York is so old that even nations some of the oldest colonial settlements are present here. As soon as the summer arrives, York transforms itself into a quaint holiday destination. The bustling community of vacationers and day trippers from not just Maine but all across the United States gather here simply to have fun. York, though, is known for its sea town vibe, but there’s so much more to this place.

The town of York is located in the southern part of York County. The Atlantic Ocean is towards its east, and the town is actually found in the Gulf of Maine. Nature, along with history, has definitely blessed York will some of the best tourist destinations. A trip to York means nothing less than a quintessential Maine getaway and a thoroughly exciting getaway. So, what are you waiting for? York town and county are forever waiting for you to come and have a good time.

10 Fabulous Things To Do In Charming York, Maine

We even have some excellent recommendations for the Popular Things To Do In Maine. Have a look:

1. Check Out The Popular Cape Neddick Nubble Lighthouse

Cape Neddick Nubble Lighthouse is undoubtedly the most iconic tourist attraction in York, Maine. Not just that, but it is also the most photographed lighthouse in the world. It is so picturesque that one of Cape Neddick’s photographs was also sent as an example of Earth’s most prominent man-made structures with the Voyager spacecraft. Also known as the Nubble Lighthouse, it stands 41 feet high and 88 feet above sea level and was built back in 1879. The lighthouse sits right at the end of Long Sands Beach and is visited by thousands of locals and tourists throughout the year. Its setting over the small offshore rocky islet gives it a very classic and refined look. Public tours aren’t operational inside the lighthouse, except on Maine’s Lighthouse Day in September. Also, getting closer during the high tide days is a challenge as well. Either plan your trip on a low tide day or admire this beautiful lighthouse within a safer distance from the sea.

2. Spend a Bright Summer Day at Long Sands Beach

Long Sands Beach is one of the major tourist attractions in York, Maine. This rough and rocky beach features a beautiful sandy stretch that people often visit for sunbathing. Since the beach is large enough (true to its name), it doesn’t get crowded very often. Long Sands Beach is located between the villages of York Harbor and York Beach and is a popular spot for surfing, swimming, sunbathing, or simply lying down on the sand. There’s even a small metered parking and a public restroom at the beach that ensures visitors’ comfort. June and July are the most crowded months at Long Sands Beach, and that’s when nearly 5000 enthusiasts visit here on a daily basis. Whereas during the rest of the year, things go smoothly and tranquil. Sitting here, one can also grab a nice distant view of Nubble Lighthouse.

3. Count Short Sands Beach as Your Next Stop

Short Sands Beach is another popular beach in York that every visitor must check out. This small, quarter-mile-long beach is located in Ellis Park and is within proximity to downtown York. Besides the sandy spread, this beach features a grassy area, a playground, and an ample parking lot. It even has several shops, restaurants, and an arcade nearby. The restaurants operate for sit-and-eat and take-away both and serve some excellent dining choices. However, individuals who are keen to check out Short Sands Beach should reach early as it often gets crowded. Not only because it is small in size but also due to its proximity to the downtown and multiple opportunities available nearby. According to the frequent visitors, the best time to be here is during the Fall season or during the high tide season.

4. Take a Hike to Mount Agamenticus

One of the best things to do in York is unarguably hiking to Mount Agamenticus. This beautiful mountain in southern Maine is 692 feet high and features an array of multipurpose trails. Hiking to the summit isn’t very time taking, and one of the best trails for the same is the ‘Ring Trail.’ Trails here are riddled with stones and roots and aren’t flat, but hiking never being tedious but remains enjoyable. Even a novice without much experience can make it to the Mount Agamenticus summit. Another way to claim the summit is by driving to the top of Mount Agamenticus Road and climbing the stairs to the platform. Mount Agamenticus offers a 360-degree view of the entire York region. There are multiple signs that explain what all is coming into one’s view. The area is also home to home to Maine’s largest biodiversity of plant and animal species, a must-check-out outdoor space.

5. Plan a Visit to the Historic John Hancock Warehouse

John Hancock Warehouse is the earliest surviving structure related to maritime activity in Maine’s southern part. The warehouse was built back in 1740 at 136 Lindsay Street in York, and it soon became popular for its association with Massachusetts politician John Hancock. It is also the oldest commercial structure in Maine. For its political and historical importance, the John Hancock Warehouse is now turned into a small but popular museum. A visit inside the museum allows individuals to experience the local history and learn how life was back in the 18th century. The museum operates for public visits throughout the week except on Sundays. For exploring inside, no admission fees are required since it is a free-to-visit unit. John Hancock Warehouse is definitely the last of its kind in Maine, and this fascinating structure is nestled in a beautiful and tranquil setting. It is worth stopping to see and spend some time with.

6. Spend Some Fun Hours at York’s Wild Kingdom

York’s Wild Kingdom is an amusement park and zoo located right next to York Beach. These exciting tourist attractions have so much to do and are ideal for visiting with family. The Wild Kingdom has a range of features, including a Petting Zoo, a Haunted House, Mini golf, kids’ rides, a Butterfly kingdom, and much more. For admiring exotic wild animals like tigers, crocodiles, alligators, African lions, and more, visitors have to maintain a safer distance. In contrast, there are non-dangerous animals like deer, pigs, goats, tortoises, etc., which visitors can pat and feed as well. The facility even organizes hold the snake and ride the pony kind of opportunities while ensuring the safety of both animals and humans. York’s Wild Kingdom operates from May through September from 10 am to 5 pm. Whereas for the rest of the year, it remains closed to the public.

7. Check Out the George Marshall Store Gallery

Another popular place to visit in York, the George Marshall Store Gallery, is simply fabulous. This attractive historic facility was originally established in 1860 as a store for merchandise. Though slowly, it became a hub for sculptures, paintings, and crafts and home to upcoming local artists. Today, the George Marshall Store Gallery hosts different art exhibitions and educational programs throughout the year. Exhibitions here are truly remarkable and change on a regular basis. Entry for kids under 12 and students is free, whereas adults need to pay a small admission fee. George Marshall Store Gallery is also a part of old museums of York and is popular for its idyllic setting at the banks of the York river. The gallery, though, is quite tiny but very historical and interesting to visit at least once.

8. Take a Walk at the Wiggly Bridge and Steedman Woods Trail

Wiggly Bridge and Steedman Woods are where individuals can stroll along the lovely York River. One of the popular trails in York, Wiggly Bridge enters the beautiful Steedman Woods Nature Reserve opening a beautiful side of nature. On one end of the bridge is the York River, and on the other end is the Barrell Mill Pond, both excellent places to checkout. The trail is 1.4 miles long and is easy to traverse, even for beginners. The main attraction here is the wooden bridge and the undisputed views of the York River. The bridge though rather is an adventure since it moves/swings lightly when one walks. However, being here isn’t dangerous at all. The best time to explore Wiggly Bridge and Steedman Woods Trail is from April to September or during the peak of the fall season.

9. Join the Granite State Growler Tour

The Granite State Growler Tour is a must-to-do tour for adults and youngsters in Maine. York is home to boast three breweries, and this tour provides an opportunity to check them all out. It is basically a bus tour that takes participants around the seacoast and offers them to taste local craft beer from different breweries. The touring bus has space for up to 14 participants, and it’s how every individual gets to meet and be friends with new people. They also allow personal booking tours for families and groups. This four-hour adventure tour is an awesome way to spend a day in York. And the best part is, tasting beer is a part of the tour itself. Only for your extra purchase, one needs to play separately.

10. Lastly, Do Not Miss Exploring the Old York Historical Society

The Old York Historical Society dates back its establishment to 1834, and since then, it has been a prominent part of the city. Being here, one can get fascinated by history and heritage in one pleasant way. The historical society is home to several preserved buildings and structures that were important for York during the past. Being here is a brilliant glimpse at what life was like 300 years ago, ideally during the New World’s first English settlement. The idea of this society is to preserve and present the area’s rich historical past in an educational yet enjoyable way. Not only that, but they even host multiple events throughout the year.

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