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Race Point Beach and Lighthouse - Worth Visiting Destination Of Provincetown in Massachusetts

12 Worth Visiting Destinations Of Provincetown in Massachusetts (2024)

A successful venture is about to reach you. Plan a holiday in one of the thrilling places of Massachusetts State.
Located in the northern part of Massachusetts, Provincetown has got various things in its bucket lists for the travellers. The list consists of plentiful wedding venues, spectacular museums, exciting breakfast/dining options, sandy beaches, dynamic downtown, lighthouses, and accommodations. A road trip starting from Boston to New York City is another exciting thing to do in the break.

What Time Would Be A Suitable One For A Vacation In Provincetown, Massachusetts?

If you are looking to travel Provincetown, then reckon July and August. Both these months are the best if you are in Massachusetts. If you want to make a trip to Cape Cod, then May, June, September and October would be great. During this time, the atmosphere of Cape Cod stays mild for outdoor actions. Crowd density is also relatively low in these months. Cost of everything from hotels to restaurants remains inexpensive at this time of the year. You can find the Provincetown at the northern tip of Cape Cod.

What is Interesting About Provincetown of Massachusetts?

Provincetown is known as a tiny coastal resort town which has a yearly population of less than 3000. The population of Provincetown tends to increase during summer, which is about over 60000. This unique town also holds the status of being a holiday site for the LGBT society.

Where Should We Go First If It Is Our Initial Visit To Provincetown?

If you are touring Provincetown for the first time, then you must decide to go to the very popular Commercial Street. Here you would be discovering fine-looking restaurants, galleries, stores, ice cream parlours along with the natives and travellers. Wander in Commercial Street is enough to make your day full of ecstasy.

Worth Visiting Destinations Of Provincetown in Massachusetts

Let us now look at the top places of Provincetown which are ample to attract the vacationers:

1. Herring Cove Beach

This place is considered as the well-liked beach in the whole Provincetown. Herring Cove Beach’s location itself makes it a popular site to seek. It is situated on the bay, and because of that, the water is tranquil. Swimming is also performed here by both adults and children. The temperature of the water of Herring Cove Beach is relatively hot as compared to Race Point Beach. Other than that, the beach is attached to various facilities that include showers, lifeguards, and restrooms. Those who are coming to this beach often witness seals around the sea. It also offers a very tempting sunset.

2. Long Point Lighthouse

This lighthouse is a historic spot which is situated on Cape National Seashore. In 1875, Long Point Lighthouse got constructed successfully. American Lighthouse Foundation is accountable for its upholding. They are the caretaker of Race Point Lighthouse and Cape’s Wood End Lighthouse as well. Long Point Lighthouse is a 38 feet tall square-shaped building; thus, it is different from the usual cylinder-shaped lighthouses.

The lighthouse does not grant entrance to the public, but the visitors can walk around the area as its grounds are a slice of the Cape Cod National Seashore.

3. Provincetown Theatre

The Provincetown Theatre, which is called Provincetown Theatre Workshop is located on Bradford Street. The theatre was established in 1963, in the Parish House of St. Mary’s first production. The theatre features loads of dance performances, dramas, and events. The festivals that the Provincetown Theatre hosts are Playwrights’ Festival, the Four Squared Festival, and the 24 Hour Theatre Festival. The adults and kids can take part in the writing workshop hosted by the theatre.

238 Bradford Street, Provincetown, Massachusetts

4. Race Point Beach and Lighthouse

It is both a beach and a segment of the Cape Cod National Seashore. The undertow of Race Point Beach is hard, but it is still meant for the good swimmers. Many visitors land here to witness the sun and whales. From the beach, the Race Point Lighthouse is a few steps away. The lighthouse was built in 1816 and got renovated by the American Lighthouse Foundation. It is also the first lighthouse on Cape Cod that uses a revolving guiding light. 

5. MacMillan Pier

MacMillan Pier was named after the arctic voyager Donald B. MacMillan. Provincetown is the birthplace of MacMillan. MacMillan Pier is used for transportation services, and it brings hundreds of tourists from Plymouth and Boston through speed boats or ferry boats. The harbour master’s office, art shacks, a museum, etc. are few things that the viewers will get to see around the MacMillan Pier. Further, from here the visitors can also spot the three lighthouses on Cape Cod National Seashore.

6. Cabot’s Candy of Cape Cod

Since 1927, Cabot’s Candy has existed. The Cabot family started with a factory to please the customers in Provincetown. Some of their speciality includes fabulous peanut brittle, sinful fudge and flavoured popcorn. Other sweets are chocolate covered sweets, penny candy, luxurious truffles, gummies, maple candy, caramel and so on. Few of these are the favourites of both big and small children. If you have kids on the journey, then make sure you do not exclude going to Cabot’s Candy of Cape Cod in Provincetown. Spending an hour here with the whole family will be astonishing.

276 Commercial Street, Provincetown, Massachusetts

7. The Canteen

The Canteen of Provincetown in the United States is one of the key attractions that you should not miss out. Here you can get the extremely admirable picture of downtown. You will undoubtedly forget about the view of the downtown if you taste the food of The Canteen. It offers quality seafood and local fish to the guests. The local bakeries supply bread to the restaurant. Moreover, the menu is full of items like New England clam chowder, crispy brussels sprouts in fish sauce, lobster rolls, etc. The cocktail lovers can find the cluster of the finest beers and wines.

225 Commercial Street, Provincetown, Massachusetts

8. The Mews

It is the most famous beachfront bar and cafe of Provincetown in Massachusetts. The best part of The Mews, which is appreciated by the people is its ambience, view and the 300 types of Vodka it proffers. It has a very relaxing upstairs lounge that consists of a bar and a coffee shop. Mostly on every Monday, the lounge becomes hugely crowded. Menu in the downstairs restaurant is contemporary American. The starter of the menu has lobster dumplings and avocado terrine. The menu offers some brilliant quality burgers too. The Mews is quite famous for celebrities, which means you might have strong chances of meeting a star in your expedition.

429 Commercial St, Provincetown, Massachusetts

9. Beech Forest

In the Beech Forest, you would be discovering many types of flora. For instance: mayflower, spotted wintergreen, starflower, and red maple. Along with the flowers, the Beech Forest is rich in wildlife which includes nearly 250 bird species. Some of them are foxes, nuthatch, tufted titmouse, turtles, and so forth. Beech trees forests were used to be very common in the past. Currently, there is only a handful sum of beech forests in the surrounding.

10. Provincetown Art Association and Museum

This place is the renowned museum on Cape Cod. Provincetown Art Association and Museum are packed with almost 2500 items. It shows around 40 demonstrations per year. Thus, this makes the museum a more cultural and informational center of Provincetown in the United States.

460 Commercial Street, Provincetown, Massachusetts

11. Victor’s

Victor’s is a restaurant that has inviting dining rooms with a fireplace, premium furniture, cathedral ceilings, stately house and organized table arrangements. It is an upscale institution, but it ensures the guests with a stunning evening. The couples here can enjoy romantic moments in Victor’s. Deciding on dishes is challenging in Victor’s. It is also famous for serving spectacular beers and wines.

175 Bradford Street Ext., Provincetown, Massachusetts

12. Old Harbor Life-saving Station

It is a historic building which is positioned at the end of Race Point Road. Old Harbor Life-saving Station of Provincetown was constructed in the year 1897. Its original location was Nauset Beach close to the entrance to Chatham Harbor in Chatham. In 1973, the National Park Service bought the property when it had faced erosion. The life-saving performances in the early 20th-century style are conducted in the summer season.

Summing up

That is all in this article; we expect that you have got to know about these 12 tourist attractions of Provincetown in Massachusetts. For making your excursion budget-friendly, look for the exciting deals over the low-cost air tickets.

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