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Dwarkadhish Temple in Jamnagar

Visit Jamnagar: Top 8 Places Of Tourist Interest in Jamnagar (2024)

Jamnagar is a secluded city in Gujarat, but also one that has several places of religious and tourist interest to visit. Jamnagar not only has historical importance but a cultural and mythological connection as well. To begin with, Lord Krishna’s town, Dwarka, was in Jamnagar. Therefore, most of the places that relate to Lord Krishna’s life and times can be found in Jamnagar.

Top 8 Places Of Tourist Interest in Jamnagar

There are several places of tourist and religious interest in Jamnagar, and you will end up spending a weekend if you plan to visit all the important places in Jamnagar. Here is a list of the places that you should visit in Jamnagar.

1. Dwarkadhish Temple

The Dwarkadhish Temple isn’t just an important temple in Gujarat but the whole of India. It is one of the most spectacular ones when it comes to architecture, designs, and sheer beauty. All over the temple, you see sculptures of divine and common beings, as well as animals. The temple is choc-a-bloc with devotees and one of the most important activities is the unfurling of the religious flag, at the top of the dome. Even today, this unfurling is done manually. The sanctum sanctorum has an idol of Lord Krishna in black. According to lore, the Dwarkadhish isn’t just a temple for Lord Krishna, it is where he still exists and is the purveyor for the entire area. This is a four to six-story, stunning structure that you must visit to believe. The Dwarkadhish temple is one of the most famous and has a lot of people, so make sure that you do not disturb the proceedings. Also, ensure that you dress appropriately for the occasion, and this goes for both men as well as women. The exact address of Dwarkadish Temple is in Jagat Mandir, Dwarka. 

2. Khijadiya Bird Sanctuary:

The Khijadiiya Bird Sanctuary in Jamnagar is another famous tourist place. It has more than 300 species of migratory birds. A sanctuary means that the birds have more freedom and you will see them in their natural habitat. This bird sanctuary is a haven for bird and nature lovers. Pro-tips though, because you are a sanctuary, you might not have the shelter that you’d find in a zoo. So, make sure that you carry sunglasses, hats, and sunscreen.

Top Place Of Tourist Interest in Jamnagar-Khijadiya Bird Sanctuary

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Also, since this is a bird sanctuary, you will be exposed to plants, flowers, and also to shrubs, thorns. etc. So, make sure that you wear something that covers your forearms and your legs. The Khijadiya Bird Sanctuary is in Amreli, Jamnagar.

3. Sivrajpur Beach

Sivrajpur Beach is a superb place to chill out and enjoy a quiet afternoon evening by the water. The water is clean and so is the beachfront. The good part about Shivrajpur Beach is that there are changing rooms, so families can decide to spend a longer amount of time at the beach. Pro-tip, to make the most of your beach visit, make sure that you dress for the beach – there are changing rooms, so you can take along a bathing suit. Also, the weather on the Gujarat coast is pretty harsh. So, if you are planning to spend an extended amount of time at the beach, make sure that you carry sunscreen, sunglasses, hats, and everything that you’d need. Also, there are no restaurants or hotels or even street vendors that sell you food or beverages, so you will have to make your arrangements.

Nowadays, the authorities charge a nominal fee for entrance and parking at the beach. Also, like almost every other beach in India, the visitors have to leave by 6:30 in the evening. It’s only very popular beaches like the ones in Mumbai that allow people to remain at the beach after dusk.

4. BAPS Swaminarayan Temple

If you are in Jamnagar, you should visit the BAPS Swaminarayan temple. The temple is a stunning example of the architectural beauty that exists in India when it comes to temples and other religious places. The BAPS Swaminarayan Temple is the center of a religious movement that’s prevalent all around the world. You can spend hours marveling at the sculptures and intricate designs that you will see all around the temple premises.

Best Place Of Tourist Interest in Jamnagar-BAPS Swaminarayan Temple

Image Source Credit: AMAN SRIVASTAVA

5. Bala Hanuman temple

If you ever make a list of the most unique temples in India, the Bala Hanuman temple will make it to the list. This temple is famous for its consistent chant of the Ram Dhun for several years. The temple holds a Guinness Book of World Record of having the chant nonstop for 20000 days and more. This is one of the few temples dedicated to Lord Hanuman. The other idols that you will see here are the idols of Lord Rama, Lakshmana, and Sita.

6. Bet Dwarka

Another place of religious importance in what’s said to be the land of Krishna is Bet Dwarka, set on an island in Dwarka. The only way to reach Bet Dwarka is through a boat ride, so that is a thrilling experience as well. Sometimes, the name of the place is also typed as Beyt Dwarka.

Famous Place to Visit in Jamnagar-Bet Dwarka

Image Source Credit: sudeshnasarkar.blogspot.in

There’s also the Beyt Dwarka Beach, where you can spend an hour or so.

7. Lakhota Palace/Ranmal Lake

Another place of tourist interest is the Lakhota Palace, which is on the beachfront of Ranmal Lake. You see several birds in their natural habitat resting in the still waters of the Ranmal Lake.

8. Pirotan Marine National Park

The Pirotan Marine National Park is on the Pirotan Island in Jamnagar. The Marine National Park is a long stretch of a nature trail that introduces us to several aquatic life. This is a natural beach and you will see several mangroves, aquatic trees and plants, and aquatic life, like corals, octopi, and of course, various kinds of fish. This is an excellent place for nature lovers, but you should keep some aspects in mind while visiting this place. To begin with, this is acres and acres of natural beach, so there is no place to take shelter from the harsh sun and other natural elements. Make sure that you wear attire that is the beach and aquatic life ready. Also, because there’s no shelter anywhere, make sure that you pack your caps, sunscreen, so on and so forth. This is in the Gulf of Kutch.

These are the top places that you must visit while you are in Jamnagar. To visit all these places, you will require at least a day or two. Jamnagar is an important city for business people as well as tourists. Therefore, there are several hotels here that offer rooms at economic rates. For example, you have the Hotel Cadillac, the Hotel Kirti, and others. If you are looking for cheaper accommodation, look for dormitories. They offer cheaper accommodation but not a lot of privacy.

The best way to visit all the places listed here is by taking a day or weekend tour of Jamnagar. These tours are an all-inclusive program that sometimes even includes lunch and snacks, along with the cost of traveling and whatever ticket costs you will need to pay anyway.

Jamnagar has more than thirty places of tourist interest and you will need to make an itinerary about which you would like to visit and which you’d want to skip. You have royal palaces, sanctuaries, temples, beaches and national parks to choose from.

Reaching Jamnagar is easy, as it is one of the busiest tourist locations in Gujarat. Jamnagar has an airport and the Jamnagar railway station connects well with the other railway stations. You can also visit Jamnagar via road, and you will find several private buses plying on this route, along with the State Transport buses that connect Jamnagar to every other place in India, like Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, etc.

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