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Marine National Park,Jamnagar in Gujarat

Visit Marine National Park, Pirotan Island, Jamnagar: India’s First Marine National Park (2024)

The Marine National Park is in the Pirotan Island, in Jamnagar. Visiting Pirotan Island is a bit different experience, as the tourists need to have several permissions before they can visit the area. Read this article to find out what to expect.

The Pirotan Island Experience

Pirotan Island is a protected marine park, and you need permission from three different offices, the Forest Department, the Customs Department, and the Ports Department. Pirotan Island in Jamnagar is the first marine national park in the country.

But all of that is worth it because of the sheer natural beauty that awaits you. You find flora and fauna, marine life like crabs, sea-snakes, octopus, squid, sea-horse, sea-worms, etc. Because this is a Marine National Park, they are in their natural habitat, and you need to be careful that you are not disturbing them. You can also see several sea birds like the Pelicans, the Harring Gull, the Blackheaded Gull, the Harring Gull, Crab Plovers, and others.

You will spend almost two to four hours here, but you do need to dress for the occasion. You are in the midst of nature, so make sure that you wear full sleeves and full pants. You will be traveling along marshes and through the water. Also, the temperature in Gujarat is very harsh, and it will become harsher when you are in the midst of nature. Pack those sunglasses, suntan cream, and a cap. Marine National Park,Jamnagar in Gujarat

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Visiting a Marine National Park, or any national park, for that matter, requires one to be physically fit. Its hours and hours of walking through water currents, lush greenery, so on and so forth.

Also, there won’t be any shops that offer food or beverages, so make sure that you pack something to eat and drink during your time at Pirotan Island. There are no restaurants or even places to stay in the Marine National Park. You will have to make alternate arrangements in Jamnagar.

Pirotan Island is about 20 KM from the Jamnagar area, but it still takes about two hours, as the only way to reach the island is via the waterways. There are several places in Jamnagar that you can visit. However, keep in mind that you will end up spending the whole of the morning and most of the afternoon at Pirotan Island, as it is so vast and unique. So, plan to visit the other places in Jamnagar only if you have a weekend on your hands.

Places Near the Marine National Park

Place Near the Marine National Park-Dwarka Beach
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If you are planning for a weekend, head over to the Bet Dwarka Beach, and the Lakhota Talav, and the Khijadiya Bird Sanctuary. The Khijadiya Bird Sanctuary is about a three-hour drive from the Marine National Park.

Also, you will spend about 3000 rupees per person at the place, including the boat permits and travel costs. So, it is a bit of a steep outing for a family. On the island, you can also visit the shrine of Saint Khwaja Khijer.

Visiting a Marine National Park is a Unique Experience-Animals, Birds
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Visiting a Marine National Park is a unique experience, as it is the only one where you can see the animals, birds, and other organisms in their natural habitat.

If you are looking for accommodation, the nearest place is Jamnagar. For example, you have the Ashiana Hotel that offers its rooms for under 1000 rupees, as well as the Hotel Prince Presidency. Both these hotels are around 10 KM away from the airport. You also have some guest houses in the vicinity, that offer their rooms at under 1000 rupees. If you are looking for budget stays, look at the dormitories as well that have accommodation at rock bottom prices, some even offering a cot and a place to store your belongings at 200 rupees per night.

The dormitories are excellent options for backpackers and large groups that are traveling on a budget. However, they are not the best on privacy, and they don’t have private washrooms. Also, you might have to make food arrangements somewhere else and return to the dormitory before a specific time. But if you are looking for hyper-budget solutions for your stay in Jamnagar, a dormitory is your best option.

How To Reach Marine National Park?

Jamnagar connects well with the other cities in Gujarat and other states. It has a railway station, an airport and connects well via roadways as well.

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