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Suvalli Beach (Surat)

Visit Suvalli Beach(Surat): The Perfect Location for Photoshoots in Gujarat (2024)

Suvalli Beach is in Surat, Gujarat. While the pronunciation of the beach’s name is always Suvalli, it’s sometimes typed as Suvally Beach and as Swally Beach. You will find some tourists and locals here. If you plan to visit this one, read this article to know what to expect.

The Suvalli Beach Experience

Suvalli Beach is one of the several secluded beaches in the Gujarat region. The beach is now becoming popular among local and out-of-state tourists because of its cleanliness, nearness to the city, and natural beauty. Suvalli Beach is one of the few in Gujarat that has black sand. The road to Suvalli is well-maintained, and you shouldn’t get a lot of traffic on your way. The beach is secluded, and there is not a lot of commercial activity. Like the other beaches in Gujarat, you won’t find the Government installed beach seats and shelter, so you might end up spending a little less amount of time here. There are a couple of park benches and some makeshift seating arrangement.

The Suvalli Beach Experience
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The Suvalli Beach is a long stretch of sun-kissed beach, so it’s perfect for those long walks by the seaside that everyone loves. The water’s pretty clean. You can take a dip in the water because the water current is soft most of the time. However, it’s not very safe because the beach is pretty secluded, and there are no lifeguards. Also, there’s are very few shops selling what you typically get at beaches.

Therefore, you should carry water bottles, snacks like biscuits, and other snacks. Suvalli doesn’t have the typical water sports that we see at the other beaches, but you can still get access to camel and horse rides and even ATV rides. Suvalli Beach is one of the few in Gujarat that has specific rides for children, a bouncing castle, and other such rides.

You can spend about an hour at the Suvalli beach. The best time to visit Suvalli beach is early in the morning and then stay on until sunset so you can get a beautiful view of the sunset.

Suvalli Beach (Surat), The Perfect Location for Photoshoots in Gujarat

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Also, the weather in Gujarat is harsh, particularly at the beaches, so pack those sunglasses, hats, and other such accessories. Taking along some sunscreen might be a good idea.

Because the Suvalli beach is secluded, you will see some photographers and those looking to click beach selfies at the beachfront.  The Suvalli Beach is also a popular destination for those looking to click portfolio shoots, like pre-wedding and pre-pregnancy albums. Mostly, you see locals here, looking to escape the humdrum of their daily life and soak in the sun on a weekend.

Also, because of the seclusion of the beach, there are theories that it’s a haunted beach. There’s little information about why it’s haunted. But as these things go, there’s rarely any information or proof about anything. Even so, if such an aspect interests you, Suvali Beach will be a must-visit on your bucket list.

Suvalli Beach is a 25-minute drive from Surat, a city that’s a tourist hub as well as a business one. If you search well, you can find comfortable hotels in Surat at dirt-cheap prices, with some even going as low as 200 rupees for a day. Surat also has guest houses and dormitories, both air-conditioned and non-airconditioned. The reason that Surat has so many cheap hotels is that it is a business hub, with many people traveling to Surat from Mumbai and Pune. These individuals are on business and need only a couple of hours to freshen up. Therefore, the hotels that cater to this market aren’t the best in comfort and amenities. If you are on tour in Surat, it’s best to book a hotel room only after you have seen it and confirmed that the services and amenities you are looking for are available.

The flip side of living in a guest house is that there are chances you will have to arrange for food from somewhere else, and in a dormitory, you won’t have a lot of privacy and have restrictions about when to return at night. So, you will find several options for accommodation. If you intend to stay nearer to Suvalli Beach, you will find the room rates to be on the higher side.

Places To Visit Near Suvalli Beach

Surat has several other places of tourist interest. So, it makes sense to stay in this area for a few days and explore the city. You will see several tour guides offer you tours that last for one day or multiple days, depending on the budget and time that you plan to spend. You have the Dutch Garden, the Dumas Beach, Dandi Beach, and many other places. Surat is also famous for its shopping options. For clothes to accessories to eatables, Surat specializes in something or the other. So, take out at least one evening to hit the local streets for a Surat shopping spree. If you have the time and the budget, you can look for tour companies that offer you a tourist package that covers all the places. These tour packages offer you everything from travel to stay to food, and the total amount comes up almost equivalent to what you’d spend if you are planning your itinerary on your own.

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How To Reach Suvalli Beach?

Surat connects well with most of the other cities in the region. You will see trains that travel daily from Mumbai to Surat. You will also see bus routes from all over the area that have Surat as a stop. You have State Transport as well as private buses on this stretch. Surat has an airport as well, so you can travel from all over. The duration depends on where you are boarding the flight.

How To Reach Suvalli Beach?
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