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Sinhagad Fort - Amazing Fort Within 100 Kms from Pune

6 Amazing Forts Within 100 Kms from Pune (2024)

Pune is the pride of the Konkan region. It is a culturally vibrant city and has kept its roots with its Maharashtrian and Hindu intact. Forts all around the world hold a special place in the place’s history for various reasons. For India and Maharashtra, forts are a proud symbol of the bravery that kings and queens showed to drive away from the plunderers and enemies.

Most forts in the Konkan area, in and around Pune, Lonavla, Khandala, etc. are a trek and have minimal assistance. So, plan your trip accordingly. Very few forts are on the foothills, which one can travel to and visit easily. Some of the forts sprawl along the entire hill, so you have two or three steep climbs to reach the main part of the Fort.

If you are not into trekking and not fighting fit, make sure that you keep the next day off or have planned little to no physical exertion. The whole of the Konkan area livens up during the monsoon season. And the best time to visit the forts, complete the steps and reach the highest areas is the monsoon season. However, because of the limited visibility, slippery slopes, and stairs, it is also the riskiest time to visit these forts. Most trekking groups head up to these during the summer and the winter, and only the very adventurous go here during the monsoon season.

6 Amazing Forts Within 100 Kms from Pune

Here is a list of the forts that are near Pune:

1. Sinhagad Fort:

Sinhagad is possibly the most famous Fort near Pune. Located at a distance of roughly around 40 kms from Pine, it’s around an hour’s travel from Pune and has a rich history. The Sinhagad fort could be about 2000 years old and is a hilled fortress – which means it sprawls all over the hill. It is on a steep hill and is 760 meters above the ground. There are two main entrances t, the Kalyan Darwaza, and the Pune Darwaza. The Sinhagad fort is the one that Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj named Sinhagad after the martyrdom of Tanhaji Malusare. The Sinhagad fort is, therefore, the location of the legendary Battle of Sinhagad. Like most forts in this list, it is a fantastic view from the top and it is less than 1500 meters from sea level.Sinhagad Fort - Amazing Fort Within 100 Kms from Pune

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2. Rajgad Fort:

Rajgad Fort is a little over 60 KM away from Pune. The strategic location of the Fort made it the capital of the Maratha Empire under the role of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. The Rajgad Fort is one of the few forts that have a large diameter, almost forty kilometers in diameter. It’s around 1400 meters from sea level. The length of the Fort made it difficult for enemies to corner it from all sides. The Rajgad Fort is a hill fortress, and the hill’s name is Murumbadevi. The fort has a fantastic view from the top, but it is steep, and the walk up is not easy. For those who cannot make the trek, there are cable cars available. Like most forts, there is a rest stop in the middle, and you can order food from the locals. You can also visit the Padmavati Temple that is inside the fort.

Amazing Forts Within 100 Kms from Pune-Rajgad FortImage Source

3. Lohagad Fort:

The Lohagad Fort is about 50 km away from Pune. Various structures found at the fort date back to 1 and 2 BC. To reach Lohagad fort, you would need to undertake a medium trek of about five hours. The climb is steep but well-maintained. It is about 1000 meters from the sea level. All along the way, you will find small natural ponds, waterfalls, and other water bodies. The entire area becomes mossy and slippery during monsoons. You also will see a trail that goes to the very mouth of the hill. If you are planning for a Lohagad outing, you can also visit the nearby Bhaja and Karla Caves.

Lohagad Fort Within 100 Kms from PuneImage Source

4. Tikona Fort:

Tikona Fort is about 60 km away from Pune and is a one of a kind experiences for someone who is not comfortable trekking. This fort was the last one that Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj conquered to bring the Konkan Region under his control. The climb is steep and divided into three parts. It’s around 1000 meters from sea level. The fourth part is the steepest and not recommended for people not having medium skills of trekking. As the level of land increases, the trek becomes steeper. At one point, the staircase has space for only one foot. But doing this trek is a unique experience. Once you reach the very top, there is a sort of welcome carried out by a person who seems to be an employee of the fort management.

Tikona Fort Within 100 Kms from PuneImage Source

5. Visapur Fort:

Visapur Fort is a favorite trekking location and is the twin fort of Lohagad. The fort is on a hill, but the climb is not very steep. Inside the fortress, you will see houses and caves. The fort has several statues and carvings of Lord Hanuman. All along the trek, you will see small and major waterfalls. In some cases, you will have to trek through the waterfalls. The top of the fort is around 1100 ft from the sea level, so there’s limited visibility.

Amazing Forts Within 100 Kms from Pune-Visapur FortImage Source

6. Shivneri Fort

The Shivneri Fort is just under a 100 km from Pune. The fort has historical importance, as it is the birthplace of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. You will find a prayer hall as well as a mosque and a tomb inside the fort. The fort extends to about 2 kilometers. The center of the fort has the statues of a young Shivaji and his mother, Jijabai.

Shivneri Fort-Amazing Forts Within 100 Kms from PuneImage Source

These are some of the forts that are near Pune and at a distance under 100 KM. Most of these forts are a complete weekend trip, with each of them at least a two-hour ascent and an equal descent.

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