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Mahabaleshwar - Amazing Hill Station Near Pune (Within 180 kms)

7 Amazing Hill Station Near Pune (Within 180 kms) (2024)

Pune is a hustling, bustling city that’s just some notches lower in speed than its neighboring city, Mumbai. Between Pune and Mumbai, we have several hill stations that people from all over the country travel. Mumbai, Pune, and Goa form the triumvirate of Konkan tourism. If you are from Pune and looking to visit the most popular hill stations around this city, you have a couple of options. Read on to know more about the top hill stations near Pune. All these places are within 180 kms from Pune.

7 Amazing Hill Station Near Pune (Within 180 kms)

1. Mahabaleshwar

Mahabaleshwar is the most famous and prominent hill station near Pune. The hill station is famous for the serene atmosphere, hilly area, and the vibrant cultural experience that it offers. Mahabaleshwar has several gardens and points from which you can view the ethereal beauty that the valley is and the hills are. Apart from that, you also have Mapro Gardens, the strawberry, and other fruits fields to visit. Mahabaleshwar has several temples to visit as well, making it a perfect outing for the complete family. There’s one drawback of a Mahabaleshwar trip, though. After a while, the views from all the points seem the same. So, it’s a good idea to break your Mahabaleshwar trip into two days.

Mahabaleshwar - Amazing Hill Station Near Pune (Within 180 kms)

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You can reach Mahabaleshwar from Pune via roadways. The distance between the two is about 132 km, and it’s a four-hour drive. You can board a bus from Pune to Mahabaleshwar as well. There is no direct train on this route. You need to take the train to Satara and then travel via roadways.

2. Matheran

Matheran is the hill station near Pune that gives you one of the most authentic hill station experiences this side of Delhi. The virgin hill station has several places of importance to mesmerize you. Matheran offers you an opportunity to look at some of the most daunting hills, chill by the most scenic of lakes and ramp up your adrenaline by undertaking treks to forts and small hills. If you don’t intend to do all this, you can recharge your batteries in any of the resorts in Matheran, lazing by the pool and sharing stories with friends and family.

Matheran-Amazing Hill Station Near Pune

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The distance between Pune and Matheran is 120 km. You can travel by road via bus or cab. Matheran doesn’t have a train station. The nearest you can come to Matheran via train is the Neral station. From Neral, there’s a toy train that takes you to Matheran.

3. Bhandardara

Bhandardara is another hill station that offers a perfect mixture of trekking and enjoying the aquatic life. The place is home to the Wilson Dam, Arthur Lake, and some more aquatic marvels and some trekking locations as well. Bhandardara village is a small hamlet, surrounded by hills and waterfalls, and an experience that few can forget.

Bhandardara-Amazing Hill Station and Waterfalls Near Pune (Within 180 kms)

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Pune to Bhandardara is a four-hour road trip and the distance is just shy of 175 km. There’s no train station in Bhandardara, so you would need to board a train till Igatpuri.

4. Kaas Plateau

The Kaas Plateau is the most beautiful and unique place to go in all of the Konkan areas. While the entire stretch has lush greenery and wildlife, its Kaas plateau that’s the valley of flowers. The hardest of heart will be overwhelmed by the jaunt of colors that hits them when they reach the Kaas Plateau.

In Kaas Plateau, after the flowerbeds, head over to the Kaas Lake to enjoy a calming, serene experience. You can even visit the Kaas Village, the Vajrai Waterfall, and the Thosegar Waterfall.

You can reach Kaas from Pune after a three-and-a-half-hour drive. The distance between the two places is a little under 150 km. You can cover this distance by train as well as a bus. Though there is no direct train, you can reach Satara and then take a taxi.

5. Panchgani

Panchgani is famous for a couple of things. One, every child in the Konkan area has been threatened with being sent to the boarding school in Panchgani if they don’t study. And second, Panchgani is famous for the stunning landscape, the rolling hills, and bowl like valleys that spot the entire area.

There’s a lot of activity that’s waiting for you in Panchgani as well. You can enjoy boating in the picturesque Venna Lake. You can also look at the paragliding options from different points like Bhilar, Khinger, and Tapola. Then there’s the Sydney Point, which gives you the most amazing view of the place, including the Dhom Dam, the Pandavgad Range, the Kamalgad Fort, and Wai, the city.

Panchgani-Best Hill Station Near Pune

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Pune to Panchgani is a two and a half-hour drive. Distance between Pune and Panchgani is 112 kms. There’s no direct train to Panchgani from Pune, so you need to board a train until Satara. From Satara, you will need to hire a cab. Also, you have the option of a bus ride from Pune to Panchgani.

6. Karjat

Karjat is famous for being the farmhouse location for several rich and famous from Mumbai. There are some interesting places to see and activities to do as well. You have the Kondana caves, the Kothaligad Fort, the Ulhas Valley, the Bhor Ghat, and the Kondeshwar Temple. And if that’s not all, the calm atmosphere and serene surroundings make Karjat one of the best places to unwind in a resort.

Karjat Kondana caves and Amazing Hill Station Near Pune

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Karjat to Pune distance is about 100 kms. The drive to Karjat from Pune is just under two hours. You can also travel to Karjat from Pune via trains. 35 trains ply from Pune to Karjat.

7. Bhivpuri

One of the most visited areas in Karjat is Bhivpuri, popular for the magnificent waterfall in the rainy season. The waterfall is about 20 ft high and surrounded by several commercial vendors, so you can have a quick picnic there.

You can visit Bhivpuri from Pune via train, car, and bus. It’s a nearly two and a half-hour drive from Pune to Bhivpuri. Distance between Pune and Bhivpuri is about 120 kms.

These are some of the famous hill stations in and around Pune. These hill stations offer an awesome experience at very economic rates if you know how to travel to the right place, at the right time.

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