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10 Must-Visit Places in Matheran

10 Must-Visit Places in Matheran (2024)

Matheran is a hilly, rugged area that comes under raigad district and Karjat Tehsil. It is quite close to Mumbai and Pune, making it a go-to place for people living in both these areas. The three hill-stations, Matheran, Lonavala, and Mahabaleshwar are the crown of semi-urban tourism in the Konkan belt. Matheran has a unique topography because the place wraps around a hill. So, there is every chance that you visit a spot that is visible from another nearby spot that you visited.

Matheran is famous for its lush greenery, its steep hills, and a culture that is the perfect mixture of the urban and the rural. If you plan to visit Matheran, here are the top places that one must visit to make your Matheran vacation a memorable one.

If you are visiting Matheran for the first time, there is one aspect to keep in mind.

Matheran has hills and valleys, and it’s a joy to see them. But if you intend to watch all of them in a single day, you might feel deja vu and not like the experience as much as you should.

Suggested times of visiting are before sunrise or before sunset. These points are at their most mesmerizing during these times. Watching the sunrise or the sunset from these points is a surreal experience.

10 Must-Visit Places in Matheran

1. Toy Train:

The Matheran toy train experience is a popular one. Tourists compare it to the Delhi-Shimla toy train experience, which is inherently more expensive.

Must-Visit Place in Matheran-Toy Train

The Toy Train is a narrow-gauge heritage railway and is owned and maintained by the Central Railway. The train operates from Neral to Matheran. It is also the best mode of transport to get to Matheran as Matheran is a vehicle free hill station. One will have to either walk or take a horse ride to get to places within Matheran.

You need to check whether it is still active. It does not work during the rainy season and even post that, it’s an on and off service.

2. Louisa Point

Matheran is home to several forts. Most of these forts are up on a hill. To understand the valor and bravery of the warriors back then, tourists should undertake at least one trek. And if health or age does not agree, they have an easy option – visit Louisa Point and see the splendor that’s Matheran, from the ruins of the Prabalgad and Vishalgad fort.

3. Belvedere Point

If it’s Matheran, it has to be misty. Belvedere Point in Matheran offers a spectacular view of the valley beneath, making it a top place to visit. From here, you can see the Irshalgadh fort as well as the Morbe dam.

This place is a geological marvel as well. It is famous for the reverse rainfall, caused because of the high pressure in the area.

4. One Tree Hill Point

One Tree Hill Point is another amazing place to visit in Matheran with a mesmerizing view of the valley below.

Amazing Place in Matheran-One Tree Hill PointImage Source

The Hill point is famous for its red soil. The place is secluded and away from the hustle and bustle of the city. So, you feel like you are in the lap of nature.

5. Alexander Point

Alexander Point in Matheran provides a great view of the valley. This point is secluded, and the view is fascinating as well. This point is not very far from the market, and you can have a brisk walk from this point to the market. It is about three kilometers away.

Alexander Point-Must-Visit Place in MatheranImage Source

6. Holy Cross Church

Matheran is famous for its lakes and hill points and also has several other views to offer as well, like the Holy Cross Church, a church that exists since the mid-1800s. Holy Cross Church is the only church in Matheran and is a symbol of the glorious architecture that existed in the pre-independence times.

Holy Cross Church-Best Place in Matheran

Photo by by Vamsi  Image Source

7. Little Chowk Point

The Little Chowk Point offers a unique view – the view of a huge Ganeshji statue, right in the middle of the view. The imposing statue is unique in its style and finishing as well.

8. Ambarnath Temple

The Ambarnath Temple is a Shiva Temple and is a symbol of the tantalizingly beautiful architecture that existed in those times. The architecture is a sight to behold and the entire visit is a must-have experience. It is a great place to experience calm and soothing serenity.

Ambarnath Temple-Best Place in MatheranImage Source

9. Charlotte Lake

One of the most scenic places in Matheran, Charlotte Lake is famous for the greenery that surrounds the vicinity. Charlotte Lake is jam-packed during peak season, but tourists can best enjoy it during the winter fog and rainy season. Since it is a favorite tourist point, several shops in the vicinity sell the common dishes and beverages. Kick out your shoes and sip on some garam chai while taking in the scenery.

Must-Visit Place in Matheran-Charlotte LakeImage Source

10. Sunset Point

Every tourist who plans to go to Matheran or has gone to Matheran knows the Sunset Point. It’s one of the first suggestions anyone gets, and that’s because of the sheer natural beauty that the place has. People visiting the place can take in the sunset, surrounded by lush greenery, watching as the final waves of sunrays lash the range down below. This is the point that gives you a 360-degree view of the valley.

Amazing Place in Matheran-Sunset PointImage Source

These are the top ten places that one must visit in Matheran during your next visit. These places are a bit far away from each other. It will not be possible for you to travel to all these places in a day. If you are up for a two or three-day excursion and up for a little bit of a trek, you will be able to see all these places comfortably.

Remember, you wont find the comforts of being able to travel in a car or any motorised vehicle in Matheran, one has to either walk or take a horse ride or hand pulled rickshaws to get to see all the points in Matheran.

Happy Matheraning!

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