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Poha - Know The Pune Dishes That You Must Taste

Know The 10 Pune Dishes That You Must Taste and Where (2024)

Here is one aspect of Pune that few know, but all will appreciate – living, eating, and staying there is much cheaper as compared to Mumbai. Though they sometimes are called twin cities, there is nothing twinning about them when it comes to cost. A decade back, even the staying – renting accommodation – costs in Pune were less than half when compared to Mumbai. The rental aspect in Pune might have changed, but the prices of iconic and celebrated food in Pune has not changed. You can experience the entire culinary delight of Pune – apart from the franchise food – and you will not feel your stomach too heavy and your purse too light. That is because Pune is a unique city with several rustic-inspired areas surrounding the commerce centers. For example, the most famous road in Pune, Koregaon Park, is just a hop away from Mundhwa, which has a rustic feel to it, with its cheap eateries and glorious afternoon naps. Here is a list of the top dishes that you must have if you in Pune.

Know The 10 Pune Dishes That You Must Taste and Where

1. Poha (every eatery in Pune):

Poha is like the breakfast ritual of Pune. The young Puneris have a bittersweet relationship with it – because they have had it all their life. Old school Punekars love the Poha. Poha is battered rice fried with the triumvirate of the Konkan cuisine, chili, salt, and turmeric. But that is just the beginning of it. You will be able to have Poha for a measly sum of eight rupees as well as eighty rupees – and both these dishes have a charm of its own. Several roadside vendors offer this as a quick bite. Several luxury hotels offer this as authentic Pune food for travelers. Frankly, Poha is to Pune what a sandwich is for a Mumbaikar – a quick bite, cheap enough to lay with loose change, filling enough till dinner time, and something that allows them to sit in a restaurant, gab and eat. Poha is a staple dish in every Pune eatery, so no one place serves the best.

Poha - Know The Pune Dishes That You Must Taste

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2. Biryani (Chingari) (Kondhwa)

And the day you plan to have a feast befitting kings, head over to Chingari for the most delectable biryani you will taste in a while. The perfect mix of the choicest cuts of chicken and the most aromatic, scrumptious long rice awaits you, bathed and fried in some of the most authentic spices available in Pune. There are not a couple of biryani dishes available here, the Chicken Dum Biryani and the Chicken Tandoori Biryani. And yes, after the taste, another pleasant surprise is the price.  Biryani - Top Dish In Pune That You Must Taste

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3. Misal (Bedekar Tea Stall) (Sadashiv Peth)

Misal and Poha go hand in hand when it comes to Maharashtrian and Pune’s cuisine. The dish is a distant cousin of the Pav Bhaji, that’s because even Misal is a mix of several ingredients swirling about in some spicy ‘tari’. There is a lot to taste, and your palate is hit with a unique taste when you have misal from the right place. One iconic place to have misal in Pune is Bedekar’s.  Misal - Great Dish In Pune That You Must Taste

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4. Parathas at Rajput Dairy: (Teri Rajput, Koregaon Park)

The Rajput Dairy has several dishes on its menu, and all of them make for a great experience. But if you are looking for its signature dish, it is the Parathas. The parathas are available at just the right price, taste lovely, and there is an assortment of accompaniments for the paratha that make it all the better.

The parathas are exactly right. They do not have dried up mashed potatoes and have the perfect amount of mushiness. The mixture of Parathas and dahi (curd) might be new for you. But once you have the parathas with curds, there is no turning back. The parathas are not oily at all – making them a good option for those looking for healthy eating options. Parathas at Rajput Dairy in Pune

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5. Shrewsberry Biscuits from Kayani Bakery (East Street)

Going to Kayani Bakery in Pune is like a ritual – and to do it right, you should leave from the place with a clump of Shrewsberry biscuits. These biscuits have a taste that your tastebuds will never forget. The distinct crackle that exudes freshness and taste is what makes Kayani, Kayani. Kayani’s have other bakery products as well, but this is their signature dish.  Shrewsberry Biscuits from Kayani Bakery In Pune

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6. Shiv Sagar Classic Pav Bhaji (JM Road, Pune)

Shiv Sagar is an iconic brand in the Konkan area. It has its branches in Mumbai and Pune as well. So, if you are looking to have just a bite of the Mumbai cuisine in Pune, head over to Shiv Sagar and order the pav bhaji.

Shiv Sagar is the go-to location for anyone looking for a veg option. It is one of the few eating joints that do complete justice to the veg cuisine and the Pav Bhaji is its most popular dish. This pav bhaji is different from the others because you don’t get the bloated, heavy feeling once you have it, but your stomach won’t want more until dinner time.  Shiv Sagar Classic Pav Bhaji In Pune

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7. Thali Peeth (Shabri) (Wakad)

There is no place like Pune to taste Thalipeeth, that’s because it’s as local as a local dish can get for Pune. It is low-key spicy like most Maharashtrian cuisine, made of flour having a rustic dance with chilies, turmeric, to an exotic tune created by cumin and the homely coriander. And what is a Maharashtrian dish without onions, so Thalipeeth is on with the onions.  Thali Peeth - Famous Dish In Pune That You Must Taste

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8. Idli (Vaishali) (FC Road)

Before there was anything else at the Pune palate scene, there was Vaishali. The restaurant has been around for years and everyone in Pune has one story about it. It was the favorite place of students, journalists, and media professionals. That is because they came there with their parents as kids. Apart from the cultural impact, Vaishali is incredibly famous for its dosas and other South Indian cuisine dishes. The dishes here are the closest to fresh, authentic South Indian fare you can get to.  Idly - Top Dish In Pune That You Must Taste

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9. Vadapav (JJ’s) (Camp)

Several aspects connect Mumbai to Pune, and one of them is the vada pav. This street food of Mumbai found its way to Pune – or is it vice versa, nobody knows. But what everyone will tell you is to try the humble vada pav at JJ’s in Pune and you will be surprised at the delectable taste that’s a product of the perfect mixture of all the condiments that go into making it.  Vadapav - Top Dish In Pune That You Must Taste

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10. Pizza (German Bakery, Koregaon Park)

Food connoisseurs say that nobody makes the pizzas like the franchises and they are true for the most part. Some of them do not even know that the temperature on which to bake the bread. But German Bakery in Koregaon Park is a class apart. The pizzas have a tangy, thick kick that’s as Puneri as it gets, but the rest of it all pizza. One bite or one slice will never be enough. This one is a bit on the expensive side, but then, it is a cultural icon around here.  Pizza - Delicious Dish In Pune That You Must Taste

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These are the top ten dishes to have in Pune, along with the places that make them best. Hope you have a great time tasting the various culinary delicacies that Pune has to offer!


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