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Visit Dumas Beach: The Black Sand Beach Near Surat, Gujarat

Visit Dumas Beach: The Black Sand Beach Near Surat, Gujarat (2024)

Dumas Beach is near Surat and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the city and the state. The Dumas beach finds itself in some theories, like being one of the top haunted beaches and places in India. This theory arises from another one that this place was once the burial ground for Hindus. Even today, you will find some paranormal investigator or the other making claims about the Dumas Beach, though all of them are unverified.Visit Dumas Beach Near Surat, Gujarat Image Source

The Dumas Beach Experience

Dumas beach is one of the few that have black sand. The beach is a clean and hygienic one, with a flat side that allows one to take a long stroll along, the water licking at their toes. You will also find several vendors selling beach food and fast food, making it the perfect visit for everyone – those who like to gorge on food and those who want to spend some time along the Dumas beach. The shops are varied here, and you get all kinds of fare, from finger food to local delicacies to everyday products like wafers, bottled water, etc.

Because the Dumas beach face is flat, it is the perfect location for watersports like ATV driving, and you will find several people giving out these for rent, either for the hour or for a couple of rounds at the Dumas Beach. You will also see some horse and camel rides. At the time of writing this article, there were no options for water skiing and other water sports.

The Dumas Beach Experience, Surat, GujaratImage Source

The water is clean and is not choppy, so you can take a dip in the water if you so wish. Today, the beach is the perfect family outing, as there’s something for everyone, and you can spend more than an hour at the beach, taking in the ambiance and the experience. The Dumas beach has a crowd all through the day. That’s an experience as well – where you can see the lifestyle of the locals. Another aspect to remember is that Dumas is a public beach, and you will see all kinds of people, local as well as foreigners. So, make sure that you don’t wear skimpy clothes, and this goes for both men as well as women.

If you are wondering whether there are any spirits at the Dumas Beach, make it a point to watch the Youtube videos about this by some paranormal investigators, some of them have spent entire nights at the Dumas Beach. There’s no specific reason why the rumor spread, other than the fact that some of the sand in Dumas is black.

If you plan to spend an extended evening, make sure that you pack correctly. Gujarat has a sweltering temperature, so make sure you have that sunglasses, cap, and sunscreen tucked in before you leave home.

Dumas Beach is in Surat, which is a commercial hub. There will be several hotels that offer accommodation at various budgets. If you are planning to book online, make sure that you check out the rules and regulations and the amenities and services that they offer. In some cases, hotels don’t allow singles to share the room, and others don’t allow pets. So, it makes sense to check out the fine print, unless you are not allowed to check into the hotel at the last minute. Also, in some cases, you might not get the kind of cuisine and dishes that you are looking for in the hotels that you are staying at. Make it a point to check out all these aspects before you you’re your hotel, or you might need to make your food arrangements at a nearby hotel and board at a different hotel. You will take about twenty minutes to reach Dumas from Surat City by road.

How To Reach Dumas Beach?

Reaching Dumas is very easy because it is in Surat, one of the most well-connected locations in India. Surat has several trains and buses connecting to other places like Delhi, Mumbai, and further in India. The nearest airport to Dumas is the Surat airport. Surat also has several trains plying, so it is easy to reach Surat by train as well. One can also reach Surat by bus, as several buses ply on this route.

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