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Chorwad Beach Travel Guide: The Beach with a Swimming Pool in Junagadh, Gujarat

Chorwad Beach Travel Guide: The Beach with a Swimming Pool in Junagadh, Gujarat (2024)

Chorwad Beach is a beach in the Malla Hatina Taluka in the Junagadh District in Gujarat. The village of Chorwad has a rich history. It is also culturally significant. The industrialist Dhirubhai Ambani is originally from this village.

The Chorwad Beach Experience

The Chorwad Beach and coast are infamous because of the choppy waves and the rocky terrain that it has. There are some tales associated with Chorwad. Some say that this place was the hub for pirates once upon a time.

Chorwad Beach has a rocky terrain and the water looks extremely choppy. Though you won’t be able to walk along the beach because of the rocky expanse, you have a lot of extra space to rest for a while.

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You will not find any commercial activity like hawkers and shops here, so you might have to pack food if you plan to spend some time here. You will see several of the fishing boats on the coast. There was a holiday camp here set by the Government a couple of years ago, but it has wrapped up now.

The beach is secluded, and you will see a palace that was the summer house of the Nawab of Junagadh. That palace is in ruins at the time of writing this article.

There’s one unique aspect of the beach and the Nawab’s palace, the swimming pool that’s on the beach. That’s a rarity and a unique look at the whims and fancies of the royalty back then. But this also proves that the beach and the environment were always a bit dangerous.

Frankly, this is not the safest of tourism places in Gujarat because of the choppy river, the rocky seaside. Also, old-timers will tell you that the sand at the beach is prone to sinking suddenly, even taking people underwater almost immediately. But you do see many tourists coming over here, taking a dip, and even boating. Take part in these activities only if you are sure. There are several boats out in the river at all hours of the day, and they make for a very photogenic scene. If you are interested in urban photography, Chorwad beach offers you the opportunity to capture the ruins of the palace, the boats that are in the sea, etc.

The Chorwad Beach Experience
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The beach is secluded and doesn’t have much of a crowd, so it is the perfect location for you to take some photographs of the beach, the boats, and the structures nearby. You can also take stunning photos of the sunset and the sunrise, depending on the time that you plan to visit Chorwad.

Chorwad is about a one-hour drive from Junagadh, so it is perfect for a day picnic, as you will be able to spend only about an hour or so at the beach.

If you are planning to spend extended hours at the Chorwad beach, make sure that you pack right. The temperatures in Gujarat are sweltering during summer. While there’s nothing better than a dip in the water during the summer, also keep in mind that you need sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat to cover you from the punishing sun in Gujarat.

Though Chorwad is more or less an abandoned place, there are several places in Junagadh that you can explore and visit, making it a whole weekend outing if you wish.

Places to Visit Near Chorwad Beach

Place to Visit Near Chorwad Beach-Visit Tthe Dattatreya Temple
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You can visit the Dattatreya temple and the Girnar hills. Experience the Sakkarbaug Zoological Gardens and Madhavpur Beach. The distance between Chorwad and the Dattatreya temple is around two hours. The Sakkarbag Zoological Garden is two hours away from Chorwad.

Best Place to Visit Near Chorwad Beach-Sakkarbag Zoological Garden

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If you plan to visit all these locations, you might need to stop over for the night. There are several hotels in Jamnagar offering accommodation that fits all budgets. If you are looking to book the rooms online, make sure that you read the fine print. Some hotels don’t allow pets and don’t allow unmarried individuals to share.

How to Reach Chorwad Beach?

Chorwad connects well with the other cities in India. Junagadh is around a two-hour drive from Chorwad and is well connected to cities in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, and Gujarat via road, rail and air. The nearest airport to Chorwad is the Diu airport, which is about three hours away. The nearest railway station is Chorwad railway station, and the city of Chorwad has a bus stand as well. There are nearly five trains that ply on this route. Several private buses and State transport buses ply on the route.

How to Reach Chorwad Beach?, Via Chorwad Diu Airport
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