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The Ranmal Lake

Visit Ranmal Lake or Lakhota Lake in Jamnagar (2024)

Ranmal Lake is in Jamnagar and is one of the more popular tourist locations in Gujarat. It’s a very good place for a family outing in Jamnagar, and it has something for everything – making it a very good outing for a family.

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The Ranmal Lake Experience

If you are planning to visit Ranmal Lake, read this article to know more about what the visit will consist of. The Ranmal Lake is also popular as the Lakhota Lake, as the Lakhota Palace is nearby. So, the first aspect that you see is the Lakhota Fort and the walls surrounding the lake, which is a visual delight in itself. You will also see several aquatic birds in the lake, including the flamingo, which stands on a leg to hunt its prey.

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There’s also a walking path surrounding the Ramnal Lake, and you see locals as well as tourists taking a quiet walk. Along the way, you will also come across a place where you can sit for a while, and you get a great view of the Lakhota Fort from that place. You will be able to spend about half an hour at Ranmal Lake. Unlike the other lakes and waterfalls in the Gujarat area, you will not be able to go inside the Lake premises or take a dip in the waters.

Places To Visit Near Ranmal Lake

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Near Ranmal Lake, you have the Kamala Nehru Park, which is another excellent place for families to spend a calm and serene evening. You can spend some time here, surrounded by flora, fauna, and greenery. And of course, you have an excellent view of the sunset from the Ranmal lake area. You will also see some migratory birds at the Ranmal Lake, also known as the Lakhota Lake.

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When you talk about Ranmal Lake, you cannot ignore the Lakhota Palace, a unique place today that gives you a first-hand experience of how the royals lived back in the day. The Authorities are taking great care of the Lakhota Palace. On the banks of Ranmal Lake, the main color combination of the Lakhota Palace is white and gold. During the night, the Lakhota Palace is lit up in decorative colors, giving it all a whole new look. Lakhota Fort has a museum as well, which gives you a glimpse of the various objects and furniture that the royals used.

All in all, you will be able to spend around an hour or two at Ramnal Lake and the Lakhota Fort. The best time to visit this place is late in the afternoon and wrap up by sunset, as you will be able to see the decorations all over, and especially the decorative lights on the Lakhota Fort in all their glory.

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There are some other places of tourist interest near Ranmal Lake that you can visit. For example, you can visit the Khijadiya Bird Sanctuary, the Ratan Bai Masjid, and the Bala Hanuman Temple.

If you intend to visit all these places, you will need at least two days, so you will end up looking for accommodation near Ranmal Lake and Lakhota Palace.

The Ranmal Lake visit is not for someone who’s looking to spend time at the beachside or even in a green patch that has a lake.

Hotels Near Ranmal Lake 

There are some hotels, like the Hotel Kailash, the Hotel Kalatit International and others that offer you accommodation from 1000 rupees per night to even 3000 rupees per night.

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If you are looking for budget places, head over to the dormitories that are available in Jamnagar. These dormitories offer you cots and a place to store your belongings for as low as 500 rupees per night.

How to Reach Ranmal Lake?

Ranmal Lake is bang in the middle of Jamnagar, so it is pretty easy to reach it. Jamnagar is a busy business and tourist hub, so it is easy to reach Jamnagar as well. Jamnagar is on several busy rail routes and it has an airport as well. Jamnagar is on the busy road routes as well. You will see several private buses as well as State Transport buses that run on this route.

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