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Dandi Beach - The Most Interesting Tourist Location in Navsari

The Most Interesting Tourist Locations in Navsari, Gujarat (2024)

Navsari is a place of tourist and historical importance in Gujarat, India. The freedom fighter and Father of the Indian Freedom Struggle, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, was born in Porbandar, Gujarat. So, there are several places here that Mahatma Gandhi spent time in, making this an integral part of India’s history. If you plan to visit Navsari, here’s a list of places that you must visit.

The Most Interesting Tourist Locations in Navsari, Gujarat

1. Dandi Beach

Dandi Beach might be the only beach in India that has historical importance. This beach is the one where Mahatma Gandhi took the historical Dandi March. The beach offers a beautiful view and the authorities maintain it well. You can take a long walk by the shore of the beach. There’s not much commercial activity on the beach, but it is the perfect location for taking a dip in the water. The water is not the cleanest around, however. Dandi Beach also has an art installation that depicts the historic Dandi March, so you can spend some time taking in that part of history. The beach and its nearby areas are a heritage site now.

Dandi Beach - The Most Interesting Tourist Location in Navsari

Image Source Credit: Ashish Makwana

The Navsari railway station is about 24 minutes away from Dandi Beach.

2. Unai Mata Temple

Unai Mata temple is a historic location in the Navsari district. It is one of the oldest temples and has been around since the Ramayana era. One lore goes that Lord Rama, Lakshman, and Sita had visited this place as they wished to meet a learned sage here. The lore goes that Lady Sita wanted to have a hot water bath, but there was no hot water for her. Lord Rama then pierced the ground with an arrow, which brought out hot water. Since then, the Unai Mata temple is popular for the hot water wells. The temple is one of the smaller structures, but the entire temple structure is quite large. The temple walls have sculptures, but not as intricate as in the other temples in Gujarat and Maharashtra. The sanctum sanctorum has an idol of the Goddess Unai.

The Most Interesting Tourist Locations in Navsari, Gujarat-Unai Mata Temple

Image Source Credit: Dakshesh Tailor

The Unai Mata temple is about 60 kilometers away from the Navsari Railway station, a 1-hour drive, so, if you are low on time, you could skip this visit.

3. Andheshwar Mahadev Temple

The Andheshwar Mahadev temple is in dedication to Lord Shiva. It is in Amaishad near Billimoria village in the Navsari district. The sanctum sanctorum has a Shivling, and all around, you will see statues of other Gods and Goddesses, including Lord Ganesha. The Andheshwar Mahadev temple is about 18 KM away from the Navsari Station.

4. Jamshed Baug

Jamshed Baug is an important and well-known tourist location with a religious interest in the Navsari area. Jamshed baug is a Parsi dharmshala and a place to host religious events for them in the Navsari area. Jamshed Baug is quite an old place, built sometime in the late 1800s, making it a historical location. Jamshed Baug is also famous for its distinctive architecture.

Jamshedbaug is a ten-minute drive from the Navsari Station.

5. Bandar Lake

Bandar Lake is in Navsari. It is a secluded area and perfect for one-day picnics. The location is popular among locals for celebrating festivals like Ganesh Visarjan, Ravan Dahan, etc. Bandar Lake is just 2 KM away from Bilimoria.

6. BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir

The BAPs Shri Swaminarayan Mandir has religious and historical importance. It has spellbinding architecture and carvings and idols of l Gods and Goddesses. The temple complex is large and spread over acres of greenery, so you are in the midst of nature while on your BAPS visit in Navsari. The temple is of particular importance to the Jains because the groundbreaking ceremony was by the Mahant Swami. The carvings and designs on the temple walls and the ceiling are a visual delight. The idols of the Gods and Goddesses here are beautiful and a mesmerizing vision.

BAPS Swaminarayan temple is in Jamalpore, about 8 KM away from Navsari Station.

7. First Dastoor Meherjrana Library

India has few libraries, so visiting one whenever you get the chance is an excellent idea. The building is ancient and was built sometime in the late 1800s. Also, it houses some of the oldest Zoroastrian artifacts, including the oldest Avestan manuscript, which dates back to 1323. There are other rare books here that are a treat for anyone interested in world and Indian history and heritage. The Meherjrana Library is about 8 KM away from the Navsari Railway station.

These are the must-visit places in Navsari. You will need a weekend to visit all of these places and make a proper itinerary. There are several hotels in the Navsari area that cater to all budgets. The various hotels in and around Navsari are Hotel Shahi Darbar, Hotel Sai, and others. These hotels offer their rooms for anything between 1000 to 2000 INR.

How to Reach Navsari?

Navsari connects well via road and rail. The nearest airport to Navsari is Surat, which is about 40 KM away. Navsari connects via road with the NH 8. You can travel via private vehicle and state buses. Also, you have the State transport buses. Navsari railway station also connects well via rail routes.

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