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Jampore Beach - Top-Rated Sight-Seeing Destination To Visit in Vapi

8 Top-Rated Sight-Seeing Destinations To Visit in Vapi (2024)

Vapi is in the Valsad district of Gujarat. It is one of the many business-oriented cities in Gujarat. It has several places of tourist and religious interest that you can visit. If you plan to visit Vapi, here are some of the destinations you must have in your Vapi itinerary.

8 Top-Rated Sight-Seeing Destinations To Visit in Vapi

1. Jampore Beach

Jampore Beach is about 12 kilometers away from Vapi and is also known as the Daman Jampore beach. The beach is perfect for someone looking for a long walk by the beach shore. There are watersport activities available. So, this becomes an outing for anyone looking for an evening at the beach. The sides of the beach have makeshift restaurants. You do not have to worry about snacks and beverages. Jampore Beach - Top-Rated Sight-Seeing Destination To Visit in VapiImage Source

2. Nakshatra Garden

The Nakshatra Garden is another thirty -five minutes away from the Vapi Station. The Nakshatra Garden is at a riverfront, and it has something for everyone. For those looking to chill, it’s a landscaped garden. For children, there’s a separate play area. The Nakshatra Garden has some beautiful examples of greenery, including beautiful trees, exotic flowers, etc. You will see many locals coming over for morning and evening jogs as well. As the name suggests, it has an astronomy theme, which adds to its beauty and makes it a must-visit place in Vapi. The Nakshatra Garden is about 18 KM away from the Vapi Station.

Top-Rated Sight-Seeing Destination To Visit in Vapi-Nakshatra Garden

Credit: Aquib Khan Image Source

3. GIDC Garden

GIDC Garden is a 10-minute drive from the Vapi station. The Garden is popular for its lush greenery, including trees, bushes, flowers, and plants. It is a well-maintained garden, so you see several flowers in full bloom, soft grass that’s an experience to have under your feet, so on and so forth.

Sight-Seeing Destination To Visit in Vapi-GIDC GardenImage Source

4. Silvassa 

Silvassa is about a fourteen-minute drive from the Vapi station. Silvassa has a wonderful, vibrant beach that brings all kinds of people to its silver sands – from families looking to spend a relaxing evening to adventure-seeking groups of youngsters, – it is the temporary home for all.

Top-Rated Destination To Visit in Vapi-Silvassa Image Source

5. Rustic Jerome Fort

The Rustic Jerome fort is about 12 KM away from Vapi and in Daman. It is popularly known as the Nani Daman fort (Nani means small in Gujarati). The Fort has a large statue of St. Jerome, an important figure in Christianity in the Asian subcontinent.

Amazing Destination To Visit in Vapi-Rustic Jerome FortImage Source

6. Daman

Another twelve kilometers from Vapi is Daman, one of the most popular after Goa, in India. Daman is an excellent location to spend an evening with friends and family. All over, you will see people taking in the sun, soaking in the water, and enjoying their favorite dishes at the local restaurants. Daman is also famous because it is one of the few beaches where you can order food from a local restaurant and then have it at the beachfront. Since the nineties, Daman is associated with the liquor culture, but liquor isn’t the only thing that Daman has to offer – there are the sun, sand, and safe fun.

Best Destination To Visit in Vapi-DamanImage Source

7. Vanganga Garden

Vanganga Garden is a thirty-minute drive from the Vapi railway station. At the Garden, you have a beautiful lake, flower beds with a riot of colors, and a jogging track, making it the perfect outing for a couple or a family. Vanganga Gardens was a popular location for song shoots from Bollywood. You might recognize some of the scenery from your favorite retro movie.

Attraction Destination To Visit in Vapi-Vanganga Garden

Photo courtesy: Vanganga Lake Garden Image Source

8. Bom Jesus Church

Another eighteen-minute drive from the Vapi station is the Bom Jesus Church, one of the few Catholic structures in this city. The Portuguese Church has sculptures and designs from an era gone by. It is one of the oldest Portuguese Churches in India, dating back to the sixteenth century.

The Church is a marvel for architecture students as well, as it has well-decorated entrances and top, but the walls are left bare, with just a coat of paint, giving it a unique look.

Popular Destination To Visit in Vapi-Bom Jesus ChurchImage Source

These are some of the places that you can visit in Vapi for an exciting and thrilling experience. To go to all these places, you will need a weekend at your disposal, exclusive of the travel time that you’d take. Several hotels here offer you accommodation at rates that will satisfy all the budgets. Because Daman and Silvassa are nearby, so this is mostly a tourist area. You will find resorts and hotel rooms for as low as 1000 rupees, like the hotel Rahil International, Hotel Khusboo, Hotel Jai International.

Also, Vapi has some dormitories and guest houses that offer accommodation at an even cheaper rate. However, at these dormitories, you will only get a bed and a place to store your belongings and not the traditional rooms.

How to Reach Vapi?

Vapi is one of the many places in Gujarat that are at its outskirts, and therefore just about two hours from Mumbai via bus or train.  The nearest airport to Vapi is Surat, which is about 90 km away.

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