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Visit Porbandar Bird Sanctuary in Gujarat

Visit Porbandar Bird Sanctuary: The Smallest Sanctuary in Gujarat (2024)

The Porbandar Bird Sanctuary is famous for being the smallest sanctuary in Gujarat, about 1 square kilometer. The Bird Sanctuary attracts several species. It is an excellent opportunity for anyone who loves to spot wildlife, especially birds.

Porbandar Bird Sanctuary Experience

Compared to the other Sanctuaries in Gujarat, the Bird Sanctuary is an underwhelming experience. It is a unique one because the Bird Sanctuary has a water body that is home to several birds, including flamingoes. The Bird Sanctuary is also one of the few bird sanctuaries where you cannot go near the birds and will have to watch them in the water body via binoculars.

Porbandar Bird Sanctuary Experience, Watch via BinocularsImage Source

So, if you are looking for a dense forest with a clump of trees, bushes, and other natural environments where birds exist, you must give Porbandar Bird Sanctuary a skip and head over to the other famous Sanctuaries in Gujarat.

You won’t be able to spend a lot of time at Porbandar Bird Sanctuary as well unless you are into seriously into bird-spotting and know which species of birds you are looking for, and you know that they are available here.

However, even if Porbandar Bird Sanctuary is small, you can still marvel at the species of birds that you will see in such a small area. From Flamingos to the Red Shanks, from Cormorant to the Spoonbill, you see them all. You will also be able to see Coots, Avocets, Ducks, Geese, Gulls, Whistling Teals, and many other birds, including the Ruff, the Indian Roller, and the Jacandas. Frankly, the Bird Sanctuary is home to several local and exotic birds, so you would need an avid avian to recognize all the birds that you see in the sanctuary. Visit Porbandar Bird Sanctuary in Gujarat

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Another point to consider is that there are no hotels or other eating options available nearby. So, if you plan to settle down there for an hour or two, make sure that you pack some snacks and plenty of water. The temperatures in Gujarat turn extremely hot during the summer season, with even you taking a stroll giving you a splitting headache if you are not accustomed to the weather.

Therefore, pack a pair of sunglasses and a cap to keep you safe from the burning sun. Because the actual sanctuary is on a waterbody, you would require a pair of binoculars to see the birds. If you are into photography, you will need to get your telephoto lens to capture the faraway shots. You will not get as many shots as you would want. You will not need a heavy-duty second memory card or even a battery recharge.

Places to Visit Nearby Porbandar Bird Sanctuary

Porbandar is an important tourist and historical location in India. It is the birthplace of Mahatma Gandhi, and there are a lot of places here that you can visit if you have the time. The location where Gandhiji was born, Kirti Mandir is just a seven-minute drive from the Porbandar Bird Sanctuary. The Mandir is a must-visit place for anyone interested in the life and times of the Mahatma. You will see photographs of Gandhiji and his wife, Kasturba Kirti Mandir is adjacent to the actual house where Gandhiji was born.

Places to Visit Nearby Porbandar Bird Sanctuary, Kirti MandirImage Source

Another ten-minute drive from the Bird Sanctuary brings you to Porbandar Beach, one of the cleaner beaches that you will visit. The beach offers a calming and relaxing experience for anyone who decides to visit it. You will see many locals having their morning and evening walks on the beach. On the beach premises, you have the Huzur Palace. The Palace was once the official residency of the Maharaja of Porbandar. Now, it is home to the successors of the Maharaja. You cannot enter the Palace, but even watching the building from the outside is a visual spectacle.

Another location to visit is the Nehru Planetarium, which is the best place to understand anyone who has an interest in science. The Planetarium has several charts and other devices that inform its audiences about life outside the planet, including celestial bodies like stars and other planets. At a little distance, you also have the Bharat Mandir and the Shri Hari Mandir. You also have the Chowpatty Beach, which is one of the few beaches with a humdrum commercial life. The beach is also one of the few where you get the specialty drink, Kahwa.

Porbandar is a tourist area, so you have several hotels that offer accommodation. If you are booking online, you need to read the fine print. You will see several hotels that do not allow unmarried individuals to book a hotel in their room. Some other hotels might not allow pets, so on and so forth. You should also check what amenities are available, and which of them are available for you. If you are booking online, it makes sense to call up the hotel and ask for more details.

How to Reach Porbandar Bird Sanctuary?

Address: Chhaya Rd, Siddheshwar Park, Chhaya, Porbandar, Gujarat 360576

How to Reach Porbandar Bird Sanctuary?, Porbandar AirportImage Source

Porbandar is connected well. There is the Porbandar airport, so it becomes all the easier to visit Porbandar. You can reach Porbandar via bus as well as train. For example, there are more than three trains that ply from Mumbai to Porbandar. Though there are no direct buses from places like Mumbai to Porbandar, you can still board a bus from Mumbai to Junagadh, as Junagadh is 85 kilometers away from Porbandar.

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