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Saputara Hill Station Travel Guide

Saputara Hill Station Travel Guide : The Only Hill Station in Gujarat|Gujarat Tourism (2024)

Where is Saputara Hill Station Located?

The Saputara Hill Station is in the Dang District of Gujarat. It is one of the more famous hill stations and a popular tourist location because it is the only hill station in Gujarat. Saputara is about 500 kilometers from Ahmedabad. Like every hill station, Saputara has its share of lush greenery, exquisite views, and hill points.

Saputara Hill Station Travel Guide, Where is Saputara Hill Station Located?

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What is the Best Time to Visit Saputara Hill Station?

The best time to visit the Saputara hill station is, of course, the monsoons and the summer season. During winters, the temperature drops a lot, and many would not be able to handle the temperature drop.

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The Saputara Hill Station Experience

The road to Saputara is a beautiful ride, and you feel the weather changing even as you reach Saputara. In Saputara, you have several places to visit, and one of them is the Road Garden. As the name suggests, the Rose Garden is an excellent location for roses and other flora and fauna. The Rose Garden is the best option in Saputara for anyone who loves flowers and greenery to spend a while. The Rose Garden is open from early morning, 8 AM and closes at 7 PM. Another must-visit destination at the Saputara Hill Station is the Sunset Point.

You take about twenty minutes from the nearest driving point to reach the Sunset point, but the walk is worth it because you get an exquisite view of the valley, even while walking up. At the peak of Saputara Hill Station, you get a magnificent view of the entire valley, something that remains with you for a long time to come. The view is the most beautiful during the monsoons season. The dark clouds give a lick to the top of the Saputara hills and cascading along the curves is something that will inspire nature photographers for years to come.

Saputara has a small lake that is a tourist favorite, along with all the viewpoints. You can even experience boating at the lake. Like the Mahabaleshwar Lake and the riding option in Mahabaleshwar, you opt for horse riding near the lake as well.

You can also spend time at the Governor’s Hill, one of the many viewpoints at Saputara. The point has commercial activity as well, so you can stop for some snacks or beverages during your visit to the Governor’s Hill Point.

All around, as you travel, you will see places that give you a great view of the valley below, and you can look at them from the barricades.

Some of the areas don’t allow people to take selfies, as it could be dangerous.

Another place of tourist interest at Saputara Hill Station is the Nageshwar Temple, a small temple surrounded by greenery all around, promising a moment of solitude and serenity for anyone who wishes it.

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There is a waterfall area as well, known as the Hira Waterfalls, but it is active during the monsoon season and not a year-round thing. But even when there is no waterfall, a small water body exists at the place, and you can spend a good fifteen to twenty minutes enjoying the scenario.

All these places are an easy drive from one another, so visiting each of them over the weekend should not be a problem.

To travel internally, within Saputara, if you do not have a vehicle, you will need to rely on the various taxis. Some taxis charge a flat rate while the others will charge you by the meter.

There are several hotels that you can stay in Saputara and restaurants that give you an introduction to the local cuisine. There is not much of a nightlife here. It is a good idea to hire a private vehicle for the whole day if you intend to spend a weekend in Saputara. You can also ask the hotel if they have any preferred travel agency. Most hotels have the phone number of local drivers. While booking the hotel, if you are booking it online, make sure you check all the services and amenities that will be available. Check the rules and regulations. Saputara is one of the many places where hotels do not allow unmarried couples to board together and drink and smoke on the premises or even inside the hotel rooms. You get hotels that cater to all budgets.

How to Reach Saputara?

Saputara is around 400 KM away from Gujarat, and the nearest airport to Saputara is Surat, which is about 116 KM away. Surat is connected well to all the places in India. You will see several trains and buses plying on routes that have Surat as their stop, as Surat is a commercial hub.

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The nearest railway station is Bimora, which connects to the places in the region. From Surat, you can either board a bus or take a private vehicle, though it might turn out to be expensive. You can also take a gauge train to Waghai and then cover the 50 KM between Waghai and Saputara via bus or vehicle.

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