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Blackbuck National Park in Bhavnagar District Gujarat

Visit Blackbuck National Park in Bhavnagar District Gujarat (2024)

Blackback National Park is in Velavadar in Bhavnagar District of Gujarat. It is one of the most popular tourist locations in the area. The National Park is home to some endangered species and therefore plays a role in creating biodiversity in the country.

Blackbuck National Park Experience

The Blackback National Park has a lot of grasslands, which makes it a perfect place for various flora, fauna, and wildlife to thrive. You will see various animals like the wolves, the blackbucks, the striped hyenas, wild pigs, rodents, and several other animals, birds, mammals, and insects. The other animals that you see here are the nilgai, and the antelopes, among others. You will see various birds, like the sandgrouse, the larks, the harrier, and the snake eagle. You also see the lesser florican, the bustard, and the waders.
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The Blackbuck National Park is the perfect destination for someone looking to learn more about botany as well. Students can visit here and try to identify the various birds, animals, trees, and learn more about the diversity in nature. Blackbuck National Park in Bhavnagar District Gujarat

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The visit to the Blackbuck National Park is a surreal experience, especially for someone who is traveling from the urban environment. Also, this is a quite different experience from watching these birds and animals in a zoo, because zoos have enclosures. Here, you see these animals in the most natural possible environment, making it all a good experience for the tourists as well as a pleasant experience for the animals.

Wildlife at the Blackbuck National Park

While a visit to any National Park can be a learning experience, you should consider some aspects. Most National Parks do not have accommodation and shelters. A visit to a National Park would mean extended hours of moving around, with little chance of shade or shelter. So, make sure that you pack sunglasses, hats, etc. Also, if you plan to walk around a lot, make sure that you pack a sturdy pair of boots and not sandals. Blackbuck National Park is also home to insects, snakes which can be poisonous. In all, you will see 440 species of trees, which include 63 species of climbers, 25 species of grass, and 43 species of shrubs.

You will see the giant squirrel, the Hanuman langur, the Common plain and the Small Indian civet, the Four-horned antelope, the Barking deer, the Jungle cat, the flying squirrel, and several other animals.
Wildlife at the Blackbuck National ParkImage Source

When it comes to birds, you will be able to see several like the Indian great black woodpecker, the Pompadour pigeon, the Malabar trogon, the Jungle babbler, the forest spotted owlet, and others.

When it comes to reptiles, you will also be able to see the python, several venomous snakes, Russel’s viper, cobras, and kaits.

Consider the weather as well. Weather in rural areas is harsh. The Blackbuck National Park is closed during the monsoon season. You can visit it either during the winter or the summer season. Make sure you carry sunglasses, hats, and caps. Also, since you are going to a forest area, you might need lotions to keep away mosquitoes, insects, and others from biting you.

The forest is very dense, so it would be a good idea to move along in groups and not go there as an individual – there is always the risk of losing yourself in the dense forest.

Wildlife Photographers frequent the Blackbuck National Park as well. If you are planning a photographic visit to the National Park, make sure that you carry the three lenses, the telephoto lens, the macro lens, and the kit lens. Like every National Park, the Blackbuck National Park is home to several insects, flowers, and plants that are perfect photography subjects. You will also need a backup of the battery and a camera if you plan to do extensive photography in the National Park.

Places Near Blackbuck National Park

Place Near Blackbuck National Park-Piram Bet IslandImage Source
There are several other places that you can visit and spend some time near the Blackbuck National Park. You have the Piram Bet Island, which is a short drive from the National Park.
Best Place Near Blackbuck National Park-Khodiyar TempleImage Source

If you drive for an hour more, you can visit the Khodiyar Temple. You also have the Barton Library, which is the oldest library in Gujarat. The Barton Library is about 40 kms away from the Blackbuck National Park.

Other places that you can visit nearby are the Gandhi Smriti Memorial, which has several artifacts in a reminder of the Mahatma. The Memorial is about 40 kilometers away from the National Park. That is not all. You will find many other places near the National Park that are of tourism and religious tourism interest. So, it will make sense for you to spend a weekend here, spend a whole day in the Blackbuck National Park and then visit some of the other places on the next day.

The Blackbuck National Park is around 50 kilometers away from Bhavnagar. The closest airport to the Bhavnagar National Park is the Sardar Vallabhai Patel International Airport, but that is another 150 kilometers away from the National Park. The closest train station to the National Park is Dhola, about fifty kilometers away.

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