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Visit Gir National Park or Sasan Gir Wildlife Sanctuary

Visit Gir National Park or Sasan Gir Wildlife Sanctuary (2024)

The Gir National Park is in Gujarat, in Talala Gir. It is one of the most famous National Parks, with it finding mention along with names like the Jim Corbett National Park and the Tadoba National Park. Gir is a wildlife sanctuary and a national park, a popular tourist location for nature lovers, wildlife enthusiasts, and of course, photographers who are looking to capture nature in their lenses. Gir National Park is also known as Sasan Gir Wildlife Sanctuary

Gir National Park Experience

The Gir National Park or Sasan Gir Wildlife Sanctuary is always also under the lens because of the Asiatic lion’s population, as it is one of the few places where lions survive in nature. At last count, the National Park had more than 500 lions, an uptick on the previous census.

Along with being a habitat for lions, the Gir National Park is famous for its biodiversity and being home to some of the most important flora and fauna.

You will find more than four hundred species of plants and trees. The Gir National Park is a haven for botany students, as they get a chance to see plants, trees, and flowers in their natural habitat.

Another aspect of Gir is the number of animals that call it their home. There are more than thirty species of mammals and reptiles. Gir is also home to more than 300 species and 2000 species of insects. All this makes this a wildlife photographer’s priority as well. Some places within Gir do not allow photography, so make sure that you follow those rules and regulations. Visit Gir National Park or Sasan Gir Wildlife Sanctuary

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You can spend hours and hours at the Gir National Park because of its sheer size and everything that it has to offer. You can gaze at the birds, see the reptiles, small and big, see the carnivorous as well as herbivorous animals. In short, you will come close to nature when you visit Gir.

There is also a temple in the forest area of Gir, the Banej temple. You can also visit the Kankaj Mataji Temple in this area.

It will not be an exaggeration to say that if you wish to show off your photography prowess, go to Gir. Amateur, as well as professional photographers, get their first clicks of the majestic animals in Gir. If you are not interested in photography, make sure you get yourself binoculars to see animals at a distance, especially reptiles and birds. You will see some water bodies like lakes and ponds in the sanctuary. It is a forest sanctuary, and there’s ample security; you feel safe and secure. So, Gir offers something for everyone.

Stay Options Near Gir National Park

You will see several hotels and resorts in and around the Gir Sanctuary. You will see hotel rooms available for 1000 rupees to even 5000 rupees per day. It all depends on what amenities and services you would require. Before you book the hotel, make sure that you check out all rules and regulations. Gujarat is a dry state, and you will not be able to consume alcohol. Other hotels do not allow unmarried individuals to share the same room, and yet others don’t allow pets. The hotels are around the sanctuary, and they have a forest theme. That adds to the experience for anyone looking for an outing in Gir.

There are some other places in and around Gir that will interest the casual tourist, the wildlife lover, and even the ones looking for destinations and locations that are of religious tourism interest.

Gir National Park Entry Fee

Gir is, also, surprisingly, a budget holiday. The entry into the Gir Forest Sanctuary is seventy-five rupees. Along with the cost of the guide, the cost for photography, and the vehicle fee, two people will be able to enjoy the whole of Gir within 500 rupees.

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Places Near Gir National Park

For example, you can visit Girnar, a nearby location that has some of the most important Jain Temples. Of specific interest here is the Neminath Jain Temple. It would take about three hours to drive from Gir to the Girnar area.

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If you would like to visit a beach, Diu is a 70 km drive from Gir. People say that the twin places of Diu and Daman are equivalent to the beaches in Goa.

When To Visit Gir National Park?

The Gir Sanctuary is closed from June to October. You will be able to see some of the most exquisite wildlife between April and May, which are the hottest months in India. Gir is a forest, and there’s little respite here from external forces. So, if you are going to Gir, make sure that you can travel long distances, being without shelter for extended hours, and walk long distances. Again, it is a forest, and mobile connectivity can be sketchy.

How to Reach Gir?

The visit to the Gir National Park or Sanctuary is a memorable experience. The nearest airport to Gir is Keshod, which is about 70 KM away.

There are two railway stations at almost an equal distance from Gir, Junagadh, and Veraval. The distance between Junagadh and Gir is about 80 KM, so that train travel should be of around three hours. You can also travel to Gujarat on a bus, as it is one of the busiest routes in the region.

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