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Visit Hingolgadh Nature Education Society

Visit Hingolgadh Nature Education Society: The Sanctuary Near the Mahatma’s Museum in Rakjot (2024)

The Hingolgadh Nature Education Society is in Rajkot, Gujarat. It is an excellent location for botanists and wildlife lovers. If you are planning to visit Hingolgadh Nature Education Society, make sure you read this article to know what to expect. Hingolgadh is a popular tourist location because it has a heritage fort as well as the National Sanctuary.

Hingolgadh Nature Education Society Timings & Entry Fees

The entry fee is minimal, and so is the entry fee for small, medium, and heavy vehicles. The park is open from Sunday to Saturday from 8 AM to 6 PM.

Hingolgadh Nature Education Society Experience

The Hingolgadh Nature Education Society has a mixture of the deciduous, thorny forests and the savannah type grasslands.

Hingolgadh Nature Education Society ExperienceImage Source

A visit to the Hingolgadh Nature Education Society is a learning experience, and it is a must-visit destination for anyone interested in nature. During the summers, the place is dry, and you will see trees withered down. You would get to see various animals, including deer, nilgai, and types of snakes, both poisonous and non-poisonous. There are several pits of snakes, and tourists can visit and view them safely because they are at a low level and do not pose any risk to human beings. You will see the cobra, the spotted cobra, and other such species of snakes at Hingolgadh.

Mongoose-Hingolgadh Nature Education Society ExperienceImage Source

Also, you see animals like the mongoose. You will also see a lot of flora and fauna, and all the trees are beautiful to look at when they are in full bloom. For example, you will see the Gorad tree, the Vikalo tree, the Commiphora wightii, and others, all over the landscape. You also see several birds here at the Sanctuary, including parrots. There are more than two hundred types of birds in Hingolgadh. Other animals and birds that you see are peacocks, dung beetles tailor birds and several others,

All this makes it an excellent option for nature photographers and bird viewers. If you are either or both, make sure you have the right equipment. A photographer would need the classic collection of a telephoto lens, a macro lens, and the kit lens to capture Hingolgadh in all its beauty. Also, carry a reserve battery as well as a memory card. In the same manner, bird viewers would need high powered binoculars so that they do not miss on the visual treasures that this Sanctuary provides. Visit Hingolgadh Nature Education Society

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Make note that this is a sanctuary, which is a forest area. So, you should wear the correct attire, like boots and clothes that cover your entire body, so that your skin is not at risk of bites and insects crawling over. Also, boots ensure that your feet are clear of any grass, low-lying insects about to bite, etc. Also, there is no arrangement for food or drinks inside the Sanctuary, so you will have to make those arrangements on your own.

You will also see the chinkara, the Indian hare and the porcupine. You see hyenas, jackals, and other such predators.

Also, there are very few places here that can give you shelter against the harsh weather. The weather in Gujarat becomes difficult during the summers. So, make sure that you have the right kind of attire, including caps, jackets, etc. If you are here strictly for wildlife spots, you might be able to spend a couple of hours or even a whole afternoon or a morning here.

Hingolgadh, like other Nature Camps in the area, is a popular picnic space for school children. That is because apart from the opportunity to view animals, a visit also allows you to follow nature trails like bridges over a lake, horse riding, and even adventure sports like rifle shooting. Because the Hingolgadh Nature Education Society offers a night trek, you can also spend one, gazing at the stars and trying to search for constellations.

Places To Visit Near Hingolgadh Nature Education Society

There are other places in Hingolgadh that you can spend some time in, for example, the Hingolgadh Castle Museum. Other destinations that you can visit are the Swaminarayan Temple, the Kaba Gandhi No Delo, the Dolls Museum, the Aji Dam Museum, the Jubilee Garden, and the Aishwarya Garden.

Places To Visit Near Hingolgadh Nature Education Society-Hingolgadh Castle Museum

Photo by Hingolgadh Castle Museum  Image Source

If you intend to explore all these places, you will require at least a weekend. The Sanctuary itself offers accommodation, but you will need to take prior permission. Apart from that, several hotels have accommodation in Rajkot, and they cater to all budgets.

How to Reach Hingolgadh Nature Education Society?

Address: Jasdan-Ahmedabad highway, Taluka Vinchhiya, Post Amarapur, Rajkot District, Hingolgadh, Gujarat 360055

The Hingolgadh Nature Education Society and the Sanctuary are in the Amarpur village in the Jasdan Taluka and the Rajkot District in Gujarat. So, you would first need to reach Rajkot. Rajkot has an airport, and it connects well with the other places in India. From Rajkot to Jasdan and Amarpur, you can either travel by bus or book a private vehicle. Jasdan is about an hour’s drive from Rajkot. Several buses run on this route as well. Some trains connect you to Rajkot, as Rajkot is a junction. Several trains from Delhi, Mumbai, etc. ply on this route.

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