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Parnera Chamunda Mata Temple - Top Place To Visit In Valsad for Tourists

Top Places In Valsad for Tourists (2024)

Valsad is a city in the Valsad district of Gujarat. The historical name of the place is Bulsar. It has several locations of tourist importance, including destinations of religious interest. If you plan to visit Valsad, read this article to know the various destinations that are a must-visit in Valsad.

6 Top Places To Visit In Valsad for Tourists

1. Tithal Beach

Tithal Beach is one of the most famous tourist locations in Valsad and about five kilometers away from Valsad city. The beach is the perfect location for long walks along the shore. You can spend around an hour here, as there are some make-shift hotels and restaurants in the vicinity. You will also find some hotels that offer accommodation near the beach as well.

Top Place To Visit In Valsad for Tourists-Tithal Beach

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2. Parnera Chamunda Mata Temple

Parnera Chamunda Mata temple is on the Parnera Hill in Valsad. It is one of the most virgin tourist locations in the area. The temple is small, and its beauty increases because it is at the very top of the hill, surrounded by lush greenery. The view is a mesmerizing one, making it all one of the most beautiful tourist locations in Valsad and Gujarat. Reaching the temple is a bit of a trek, and we would not suggest going to the temple for the old and the infirm. Reaching the foot of the temple from the Valsad station would take about twenty minutes. You will see the statue of a lion facing the sanctum Santorum, and the main prayer area has a depiction of Chamunda Mata. 

3. Parnera Fort

If you plan to visit Parnera hill, make sure that you stop at the Parnera fort. The Parnera fort is famous as the Chhatrapati Shivaji fort as well. Legend states that the Chhatrapati visited here once, making this one of the few locations where the Chhatrapati visited, apart from Maharashtra. The authorities have maintained the fort well. You need to drive on the main road and then travel on a smaller road to reach the fort, which is a bit of a trek. There is a staircase that covers some part of the distance, so older people will find it easier to go to the fort. The view while going up, and when you finally reach, is mesmerizing.

4. Udvada Beach

Udvada Beach is a quaint beach area, and it is about 40 km away from Valsad. It is famous for having a Parsi population, and therefore hotels and restaurants with Parsi food delicacies. The beach is not the best one for someone looking to take a dip in the water. There’s a Parsi temple here as well, the Iranshah Atash Behram.

5. Lady Wilson Museum 

Lady Wilson Museum in Valsad is another place of cultural interest that is a host to several artifacts from India’s cultural history and has something for everyone, beginning with artifacts that date back to the early 1900s. You also see exhibits of preserved birds and animals. You can spend around an hour here.

6. Tadkeshwar Temple

The Tadkeshwar Temple is a fourteen-minute drive from the station and is a popular place of religious interest in Valsad. The temple is in honor of Lord Shiva. It is a bit small, compared to the other temples we see, but devotees flock to the place all through the day. The temple is unique, and it has some lore behind it. It is one of the few temples in the area that do not have a complete ceiling. Locals concede that the ceiling collapsed, every time they tried to build it, so the ceiling remains open.

Hotels Near Tadkeshwar Temple

These are some of the places that you can visit in Valsad. Visiting all of these places would require a weekend, especially the Udvada beach, where you can spend some time at the beach and the Parsi temple. So, you will need to look for accommodation for at least a day or two at Valsad. Valsad is a popular tourist area and has a business base as well, so several hotels and restaurants offer accommodations at economic rates. There are hotels like the Hotel Bluebells that offer their rooms at under 2000 rupees. There are other hotels, like the OYO Maa Hotel, that operate in the same price band. Some other hotels, like the Shantivan Hotel, offers rooms at around 3000 rupees per day.

How to Reach Valsad?

Valsad connects well with most of the other destinations in India. Valsad is a major railway station, and you will see many trains from all over the country that connect Valsad. Valsad doesn’t have an airport, the nearest airport is Surat, which is about 100 kilometers away. Gujarat and Mumbai are quite nearby when it comes to travel, so you will see several places in Gujarat that are just a day’s travel from Mumbai. The Mumbai airport is around 170 KM away from Valsad. So tourists sometimes travel to Mumbai via air and then proceed towards places in Gujarat, like Valsad.

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