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Siju Cave - Amazing Attraction to Visit Near Nokrek National Park

Visit Nokrek National Park: The Biosphere Reserve in Meghalaya (2024)

About Nokrek National Park

Nokrek National park is a Biosphere Reserve in Meghalaya. The Nokrek National park has been listed by UNESCO as a Biosphere reserve in 2009. It is located in West Garo District Hills. The Nokrek National park is home to the last species of Red Panda. Asian Elephants are other animals who have a habitat at this park. A wide variety of Flora and Fauna makes the visit to this park even more exciting. Not just Pandas and Elephants, but a lot of other animals like different species of Cats, Hoolocks etc. Birds are also native to Nokrek National park. In addition to this, the lush greens and the plant variety make for a visitor’s delight. A vast range of Citrus fruits is found in this park. Being the wettest place,Nokrek National park makes for an ideal environment for wildlife to survive. Being a very picturesque spot, this place offers some great views of the wildlife and its surroundings.

  • Best Time To Visit Nokrek National Park: October-May
  • Time Required: 3-4 hours
  • Nokrek National Park Timings – 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

4 Amazing Attractions to Visit Near Nokrek National Park:

  1. Nokrek Peak – It is the highest point on Garo Hills, which is little more than 1400 meters from sea level. The discovery of the mother germoplasm of Citrus-indica by the science researchers was made within Nokrek Range. Nokrek National Park to Nokrek Peak distance is 11 kms
    Amazing Attraction to Visit Near Nokrek National Park-Nokrek PeakImage Source
  2. Tura Peak – It has an altitude of 872 meters above sea level. A highly photogenic site with a scenic view of hills in the low-lying plains. The view of the sunset can be enjoyed from the peak by trek, which includes both Hiking and rock climbing. It is a must-visit destination for all adventure lovers.Nokrek National Park to Tura Peak distance is 21.4 kms
    Best Attraction to Visit Near Nokrek National Park-Tura PeakImage Source
  3. Rongbang Dare Waterfalls– A very small yet extremely beautiful waterfall whose beauty rises during monsoon. The waterfall is surrounded by tall green bamboo trees which make the view stunning. It is a very hot spot for all tourists.Nokrek National Park to Rongbang Dare Waterfalls distance is 11 kms.
    Top Attraction to Visit NearNokrek National Park-Rongbang Dare Waterfalls

    Credit: Beautiful Places In Meghalaya Image Source

  4. Siju Cave – It is a limestone cave also called Bat Cave in English, famous for its rock formations. The cave is more than 4 kilometres long and is mostly filled with water. Nokrek National Park to Siju Cave distance is 28 Kms. Siju Cave - Amazing Attraction to Visit Near Nokrek National Park Image Source

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