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Kynrem Waterfalls - The Famous Tourist Spot Near Cherrapunji

Visit Thangkharang Park: The Famous Tourist Spot Near Cherrapunji, Meghalaya (2024)

Cherrapunji is the only place in India to receive rainfall throughout the year and is one of the wettest places on earth. Known as Land of Oranges, this place is a delight for tourists. From stunning views to great adventure activities, Cherrapunji is a nature’s gem in North eastern part of India. Offering some of the best views, this place is a nature’s paradise.

About The ThangkharangPark- Thangkharang Park is one of the most famous tourist spotnear Cherrapunji. There are plenty of rare and exotic orchids and some rare species of plants specific to this place are found in this park. A panoramic view of the plains of Bangladesh can be seen from this Thangkharang park. The beautiful views amidst the lush greens is a pleasure to witness.Thangkharang Park is located at a distance of almost 10 kilometres from Cherrapunji.

Best Time To Visit: Monsoon season (June-September)

Entry Fees: INR 10

Timings: 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Time Required: 1.5- 2 hours

6 Amazing Places To Visit Near Thangkharang Park

  1. Kynrem Waterfalls– India’s 7th highest waterfall, and the beauty of these falls is magical. A three-tiered waterfall, where water flows through a height of 300 meters.Thangkharang Park to Kynrem Waterfalls distance is 8.2 Kms. Kynrem Waterfalls - The Famous Tourist Spot Near Cherrapunji Image Source
  2. Nohkalikai Waterfalls- It is one of India’s highest falls and the view of which is mesmerising. It is a highly photogenic waterfall in the country where people can plan a lot of activities like trekking, camping, bird watching, landscape photography, swimming.Thangkharang Park to Nohkalikai Waterfalls distance is 17.3 Kms.
    Amazing Place To Visit Near Thangkharang Park-Nohkalikai WaterfallsImage Source
  3. Mawsmai Cave – A very popular landmark in Cherrapunji, lies this beautiful limestone cave. The cave has enough lights to enable the tourists to explore the cave. An area of 150 meters only is open for tourists. The size of the cave varies as you step ahead, and it will be required to bend and squeeze to move ahead. Water is constantly dripping from the roof.Thangkharang Park to Mawsmai Cave distance is 7.5 Kms.
    Best Place To Visit Near Thangkharang Park-Mawsmai CaveImage Source
  4. Ka Khoh Ramhah – This place is famous for its scenic beauty and picturesque spot. A very popular picnic spot and a major tourist attraction, this place is also known by the names Mothorp and Pillar Rock. The shape of the rock is similar to that of a giant inverted cone. Two small rocks in the same shape bound the larger rock. It is believed that this rock is haunted by an evil spirit. Thangkharang Park to Ka Khoh Ramhah distance is 1.7 Kms.
    Popular Place To Visit Near Thangkharang Park-Ka Khoh Ramhah

    Credit: Prabhu Solomon’s film KAYAL  Image Source

  5. Double Decker Living Root Bridges – A trek route that leads to the Double Decker Living Root Bridge in Nongriat village is very popular amongst the tourists. A tour guide can be hired to guide you through the trek. This iconic bridge is made of 2 tree root entanglements. 100 feet high, it is a 150-year-old human-made craft.Thangkharang Park to Double Decker Living Root Bridges distance is 31.3 Kms
    Famous Place To Visit Near Thangkharang Park-Double Decker Living Root BridgesImage Source

Nohsngithiang Falls-The Seven Sisters Waterfall

The fourth highest waterfall in India, Nohsngithiang Falls (Also known as Mawsmai Falls) is popularly known as the Seven Sisters waterfalls as it has seven segments. The view of the setting sun on the waterfalls is one of the most incredible views to experience.Thangkharang Park to Nohsngithiang Falls distance is 130.5 kms.

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