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Ajodhya Hills - Best Place to Visit in Purulia

8 Must-See Places in Purulia for Every Wanderlust Tourist (2024)

Amid the widely varying topography of West Bengal, Purulia is one of the most beautiful states in the state. With a district headquarter with the same name, Purulia is a moderately populated district in Bengal. The district is quite different from the other tourist sites in West Bengal. Even though Purulia does not have the majestic ocean or gorgeous mountains, this is a site with a lot of cultural heritage. People from all over the world keep on visiting Purulia due to its natural allure. Purulia, the district headquarter is the most popular place for tourists while exploring the district.

Most people stay in this city to complete their trip. Apart from lush green forests, beautiful hillocks, and rich heritage, this state has a lot of historical importance. Did you know Purulia was part of the 16 Mahajanapadas in the 5th century BC? In the renowned book, Jain Bhagavati Sutra, it has been mentioned that Purulia was part of Jharkhand and was known as Vajra-Bhumi at that time. The jungle mahal region of the district was created during the time of British rule before Indian independence. Even though you might not find historically important structures in different parts of the district, as a tourist you should know about its history.

One of the major reasons behind the natural splendor of Purulia is its scenic view. Throughout the district, you will find a wide number of gorgeous rivers, namely Subarnarekha, Dwarakeswar, Kangsabati, Damodar, and others. To contain the said rivers, several water bodies were created in the district. These dams and reservoirs constitute the majority of the sightseeing spots in the region. Another reason behind Purulia’s popularity among tourists is its tribal regions. Many tribes reside peacefully in the interior regions of Purulia. Bhadu, Jhumur, Tusu, and others are some of the popular tribal songs that are performed by the local artists over there.

Chhau dance is the pride of Purulia as well as West Bengal. If you visit there, you must make it a point to witness the Chhau performance one day during your trip. Despite being a hub for jobs and industries, Purulia has successfully maintained a sense of calm in its surroundings. With the red hue of Palash trees, Purulia stays on any tourist’s mind for a long time. In this blog, we are going to provide you with details regarding the best places in Purulia.

Reaching Purulia is pretty easy. The nearest airport from the district is located in Ranchi. If you are planning on visiting there by airplane, you will have to take a plane to Ranchi and book a car from there to reach the town. Otherwise, if you are planning to take a train, you will have no problem. Purulia has its railway station that is well-connected to most parts of India. Although Purulia is immensely beautiful, its weather is not so agreeable. For most of the year, the district undergoes severe heatwave. It will be better for you if you avoid the summer months to exploring Purulia. Rather, visiting there from November to February will allow you to stay there comfortably.

As there are not many hotels available in the city, it is a good idea to make a reservation before entering the area. So, let us start exploring the nooks and corners of the mystical district of Purulia right now!

8 Must-See Places in Purulia for Every Wanderlust Tourist

The places mentioned in the following part of this blog are all quite famous in Purulia. Tourists from India and abroad visit these sites quite often.

1. Ajodhya Hills

Located at an altitude of 700 m, Ajodhya Hill is one of the most beautiful and popular tourist sites in Purulia. As this site is located at a two to two and a half-hour drive from the main city center, you will need to start your journey early in the morning. When you will reach Ajodhya Hills, you will understand why it is so popular among tourists. The panoramic view offered from the top of these mountains will remain with you for a long time. One of the most interesting features of this site is its shape. The top of these hills is flat in shape. Ajodhya Hills - Best Place to Visit in Purulia

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With lush greenery of surrounding trees, and the view of babbling Kumari, Kangsabati, and Subarnarekha rivers, Ajodhya hill is tremendously beautiful. The best time to visit there is during dawn at the time of sunrise. If you manage to get up to its top, you will have a great chance of witnessing the majestic sunrise amid the background of gorgeous mountains and clear blue sky. Many adventure seekers, visit Ajodhya hills to brush their rock-climbing skills. Do not worry if you are a novice as you can get rock-climbing lessons over there. If you truly want to soak in the surroundings, you can tent up overnight at Ajodhya Hills. It will be one of the unique experiences in your life.

The distance between Purulia and Ajodhya Hills is- 50 km.

2. Baranti Reservoir

Surrounded by beautiful green hills, and immense serenity, the Baranti reservoir is one of the calmest and most picturesque sites in Purulia. Still now, this spot is not that popular among tourists and that is why it is pretty picturesque and untouched. With less crowd and spectacular natural beauty, Baranti reservoir is a great place for any wanderlust tourist to visit. The artificial lake is popularly known as Muradi lake and it is a wonderful site to spend an afternoon with your loved ones. Not only the site but also the journey towards the area is quite picturesque.

Must-See Place in Purulia-Baranti ReservoirImage Source
When you will go there, you will feel surreal. Most people love to enjoy this site by having a picnic with their loved ones. You can also do that by bringing packed lunch with you. A few hours with your loved ones and food amid the vast wilderness of Baranti will genuinely rejuvenate you for your hectic life. As it would take you around three hours to reach there from the main area of Purulia, it will be better for you if you start your journey at dawn.

The distance between Purulia and Baranti Reservoir is- 63 km.

3. Saheb Bandh

Spread over an area of 50 acres, Saheb Bandh is the most important water body in Purulia. This site was constructed in the 19th century during British rule and it was commissioned by Colonel Tikley. The vastness of this water body not only attracts tourists from different parts of India, but also a wide species of birds. Saheb Bandh is mostly famous among migratory birds. Most of these birds come from countries like Siberia, Baluchistan, and others. That is why so many bird lovers visit this site during the season to witness the majestic creatures. If you visit there, do not forget to bring a pair of binoculars. You might be lucky enough to see some of the beautiful birds.

Best Place to Visit in Purulia-Saheb Bandh

Photo by : Manbhum Art  Image Source

The history of this reservoir is quite odd. Colonel Tikley forced some convicts to start the digging process to construct this water body. That is why it took over five years to create this structure. The process of digging was started in 1843. Now, this site is one of the most popular places to see in Purulia. As this site is located right at the heart of the city, you can visit there whenever you want. Try witnessing the sunrises and sunsets by this water body to appreciate its beauty even more.

The distance between Purulia and Saheb Bandh is- 1 km.

4. Khairabera

Amid the breathtakingly beautiful backdrop of Baghmundi hills, Khairabera is a wonderful dam located in Purulia. The beauty of this water body is so tremendous that right now, it has been converted into an Eco Adventure resort. Surrounded by the lush greenery of thick forests, Ajodhya hills, and mesmerizingly beautiful waterfalls, Khairabera is an amazing site to spend some days. If you are interested in staying at the Eco Adventure resort, then you should know that you will be able to participate in some great activities by doing that.

Amazing Place to Visit in Purulia-Khairabera

Credit: Samar Prasad Image Source

Trekking is one of the major activities that tourists take part in while staying at Khairabera. You will get to navigate the wilderness of Purulia by participating in the activity. As the lake is enormous, it is quite natural there are many water-related activities over there. You can go Kayaking or boating to explore the water body to its fullest.

Mountain bicycling is another adventure sport that you can participate in while staying there. The entire area is so magical, that you will have a tough time leaving it.

The distance between Purulia and Khairabera is- 57 km.

5. Cheliama

Cheliama is the most historically famous destination in Purulia. Mostly famous for its Radha-Govinda temple, Cheliama is a pleasant distraction from the hectic city life.

Throughout this region, you will see pieces of evidence from the 17th century. The said temple being part of that era. As the temple has carvings inspired by Terracotta architecture, it is immensely picturesque. There are other temples located in the area as well that require your attention.

Top Place to Visit in Purulia-CheliamaImage Source
Apart from the historical sites, Cheliama village in Purulia offers you a glimpse into the life of the local people of the district. Simply loitering around the area and exploring its essence will offer you a sense of calmness.

The distance between Purulia and Cheliama is- 44 km.

6. Joychandi Pahar

JoychandiPahar or Joychadi Hill is one of the best places to see in Purulia. Mainly known for its mesmerizingly beautiful natural beauty and Jai Chandi temple, this site is a paradise for nature lovers. The panoramic view that you will witness from the top of the mountain will make the uphill trip worth the trouble. To reach the Jai Chandi temple, you will have to climb 400 steps. Climbing 400 steps is not an easy deal. In case you are physically fit, you might be able to do that without much trouble, but if you are not physically active, you will be fatigued after climbing some stairs. Although the view at the end of the trip will genuinely please you.

Sight-seeing Place to Visit in Purulia-Joychandi PaharImage Source
It will be better for you if you bring drinking water and some snacks with you while visiting JoychandiPahar. As there are no nearby shops available on the entire journey to the temple, you might get into difficulty if you go there empty-handed. This site is pretty different than most tourist sites in Purulia.

The distance between Purulia and Joichandi Hills is- 43 km.

7. Para

Para is one of the most important places to see in Purulia. This site is known to be the first place where Muslims arrived in Eastern India. The Deulghat temple is the most well-known site to see in Para. This temple is so architecturally magnificent that you will regret it a lot if you miss it. Throughout the temple, you will see gorgeous carvings of different sceneries from ancient times. It is estimated that the structure is more than a hundred years old.

Beautiful Place to Visit in Purulia-ParaImage Source
Moreover, Para will offer you a lot of knowledge on the arrival of the Muslim community in West Bengal.

The distance between Purulia and Para is- 28 km.

8. Murguma Dam

Muruguma Dam is a picturesque site located in Purulia. The location of this site is so convenient that it can be reached pretty easily from both Purulia and Jharkhand stations. This dam is a beautiful artificial water body that is surrounded by breathtakingly beautiful green hills. Even though many tourists love to explore the water body by swimming in it, it will be better to avoid, if you are not an expert swimmer. The depth of the lake is pretty high.

Nice Place to Visit in Purulia-Murguma Dam

Credit: Ritz Diary Image Source

There is a jungle adjacent to the lake. If you love adventures, you can trek the entire jungle pathway. At the end of the trek, you will reach a tribal village. The entire experience is pretty enthralling, and we would suggest it to anyone to connect with nature.

The distance between Purulia and Murguma Dam is- 46 km.

As you can understand by reading this blog that most sightseeing spots in Purulia are located at some distance from its main city center. It will be better for you if you rent a car for a few days and explore all the said spots at your own pace. All of the places mentioned above are worth witnessing. They are naturally beautiful and quite different from other common tourist destinations of India. We hope you get enough information by studying this blog to plan a trip to Purulia. So, what are you waiting for? Start packing your bags and planning the perfect itinerary to Purulia!

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