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Jaldhaka - Place In West Bengal Which Are Worth A Visit For Every Tourist

11 Places In West Bengal Which Are Worth A Visit For Every Tourist (2024)

Home to more than 90 million people, West Bengal is one of the most densely populated states in India. Even though it has several cities which are some of the important business centres in the world, but it is immensely popular for its tourism. Despite being to over-populated, West Bengal is quite diversely beautiful. As the state spreads mostly from North to South, so the geographical visuals also vary a lot. In the Northern part of the state, you will find the gorgeously mesmerizing Mount Kanchenjungha, whereas, in the southern region, you will find the magnificent Bay of Bengal. West Bengal is also one of the few states in India which boasts of its forest cover. The lush greenery of the thick forests of the Dooars is immensely famous in the entire world.

Apart from physical beauty, West Bengal is also pretty famous as a pilgrimage site. There are a considerable number of renowned temples, mosques and churches located in the state which are visited by thousands of tourists every year. Even though you might have heard about some famous tourist sites in the country including Darjeeling, Digha or Kolkata, but there are other destinations in West Bengal which are equally beautiful. If you want to explore the lesser-known part of West Bengal, then this blog is for you. Here we have curated some of the best places to visit in West Bengal.

11 Places In West Bengal Which Are Worth A Visit For Every Tourists

The places which you will read in the following part of this blog are quite well-known. Even though they do not encounter tourists as much as some other tourist sites in the state, but they are pretty famous.

1. Sundarbans

The Sundarbans is one of the essential parts of India as it is listed under UNESCO world heritage site. As it is the home to more than 400 Royal Bengal Tigers and 30,000 spotted deer, Sundarbans is quite famous among wildlife lovers. The entire forest is surrounded by mangrove trees which is quite crucial for the ecology of the area. It is also a biosphere reserve for endangered species like Olive Ridley turtles, wild boars, Siberian ducks and many more. The best way to explore this gorgeous beauty of Sundarbans is by spending your vacation in a launch in the river. You will be able to explore the area quite easily within three days. Do not forget to visit the New Moore Island, Marichjhanpi and Ghoramara island while on your trip over there.

Sundarbans - Worthy Places to Visit Every Tourist in West Bengal

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2. Raichak

Located by the bank of the river Hooghly, Raichak is a quaint little town situated 50 km away from Kolkata. Although this town is not that famous among the tourists visiting West Bengal, it is the perfect place to gather your thoughts and find calm. When people go to Raichak, most people prefer to visit the Raichak fort as it is one of the most important historical monuments in India. If you go there, you should visit Diamond Harbour as well. Even though it is located 10 km away from Raichok, but it is also quite beautiful and peaceful. Other exciting places to visit in Raichak are Joynagar, Ramkrishna Mission Ashram, Lighthouse, Chingrihkali fort and others. It is one of the few places in West Bengal which is not entirely crowded by thousands of tourists.

Raichak - Worthy Places to Visit Every Tourist in West Bengal

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3. Lataguri

When you start your drive from New Jalpaiguri Station or Bagdogra towards Lataguri, you will be spell-bound by the scenery surrounding you. Covered in the thick forests of Jalpaiguri, this part of North Bengal is genuinely spectacular. Lataguri is especially well-known among forest lovers because it is located right beside Gorumara and Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary. This wildlife park is not only famous in West Bengal but also in India. If you love photography, then Lataguri is one of the best places to visit in West Bengal. Every corner of the area is mesmerizingly beautiful and photogenic. You could easily travel to Buxa Tiger Reserve from there as it is located at a two-hour drive from Lataguri.

4. Jaldhaka

Located in the Darjeeling district of West Bengal, Jaldahaka is a charmingly beautiful hill station. Even though it is relatively unknown to most wanderlust travellers but if you visit there, you will be astonished. The entire area will offer you the much-needed sense of tranquil which you miss in your daily life. Surrounded by the Jaldhaka River, the town is located quite close to the Ind-Bhutan border. While staying there, try to visit some of the critical sightseeing spots including Jaldhaka river valley, Gorumara, Lataguri, Chapramari, Jaldapara national park and others. Many people take part in jungle safari or elephant safari while having their vacations over there.

Jaldhaka - Place In West Bengal Which Are Worth A Visit For Every Tourist

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5. Shankarpur

Although most people know Digha to be the best seaside destination in West Bengal, Sankarpur is more beautiful and peaceful than the former. With a large number of secluded beaches, Shankarpur is perfect for you if you are searching for some solitude. Located in the East Medinipur district of West Bengal, Shankarpur will genuinely amaze you. You can spend your days over there by loitering in the gorgeous sea beach, having some delicious seafood and resting by the sands. There are some well-known resorts located over there. As the area is quite close to Mandarmani sea beach, many people also visit there while spending their vacation in Shankarpur.

Shankarpur - Worthy Places to Visit Every Tourist in West Bengal

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6. Bardhaman

If you are a history buff and you are searching for some of the best places to visit in West Bengal, then Bardhaman is an excellent option for you. Even though this city is not naturally marvellous, but it is culturally and traditionally rich. There are a large number of renowned monuments located over there which are visited by several tourists every year. Some of them are Rajbati, Christ Church, 108 Shiv Mandir and others. Many people also go there to have a nice picnic with their friends and family during Christmas or New Year’s. You will find several local trains from Kolkata which will take you over there pretty quickly.

Bardhaman - Worthy Places to Visit Every Tourist in West Bengal

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7. Haldia

Home to one of the most important ports in India, Haldia is a beautiful city in West Bengal with a rich history. It was one of the first places in India where foreign trade took place, and now it is soon becoming of the top tourist places in West Bengal. As the city is filled with palaces and monuments, many people spend a day or two to explore this new town. Some of the critical sightseeing spots in Haldia are Sataku, Tamluk Rajbari, Haldia Dock, Mahishadal Rajbari and others. As there are many hotels located over there, you will easily be able to find a room for yourself.

8. Cooch Behar

Cooch Behar is yet another tourist destination in the list of best places to visit in West Bengal that is impactful in the history of India. As it was in ancient times the capital of Koch dynasty, the palace of Cooch Behar is a pretty famous monument in India. Moreover, the city is one of the most significant business centres in West Bengal as well. Cooch Behar has borders to Assam, Bhutan, Jalpaiguri and Alipurduar, so people visit other tourist destinations from there as well. If you go there, do not forget to visit the famous Madan Mohan temple, Cooch Behar Rajbari, Baneswar Shiv Temple and others.

Cooch Behar - Worthy Places to Visit Every Tourist in West Bengal

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9. Gorumara National Park

Gorumara National Park is one of the most famous national parks in India, and it is situated by the bank of the rivers Raidak and Murti. As the park is spread over an area of 80 square km, you will not be able to explore it in a single day. Gorumara national park is home to some of the rare animals in India including Royal Bengal Tiger, Asian elephants, one-horned rhinoceros and others. Most people go on a safari to explore the forests while others also take elephant safaris. The watchtowers located inside the park will help you in finding the wild animals pretty quickly. Gorumara national park is located at a two-hour drive from New Mal Junction.

Gorumara National Park - Worthy Places to Visit Every Tourist in West Bengal

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10. Malda

Located in the northern part of West Bengal, Malda is one of the most culturally and historically enriching towns in the state. Many rulers have ruled Malda. From the Nawabs to the Palas; from the Senas to the British; the city has seen many ups and downs. That is why you will be able to notice the pieces of evidence of the different rules in every nook and corner of the city. While staying over there, make sure to visit some extraordinary places including Gour, Chamkati Masjid Chika mosque, Adina Deer Park, the temple of Jauhar Kali and others. You will be able to reach Malda pretty easily as several trains from Kolkata go there.

Malda - Worthy Places to Visit Every Tourist in West Bengal

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11. Murshidabad

Home to some of the significant battles in the history of India, Murshidabad is one of the essential places in West Bengal. The city is filled with tourist spots which are somehow important in the different era of Indian National movement. Earlier known as the city of Nawabs, Murshidabad is quite beautiful. The entire town has several tourist sites including Wasif Manzil, Moti Jheel, Footi Mosque, Nizmat Imbambara and others. If you genuinely want to know more about Murshidabad, try to hire a knowledgeable guide from there to get the proper knowledge.

Murshidabad - Worthy Places to Visit Every Tourist in West Bengal

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All the places included in the list above are quite crucial to the cultural and heritage of West Bengal. We have added the areas as they are not immensely popular but unique in their way. You will be able to explore these places without facing the extreme crowd. But before choosing any destination from the above situations, try to research more about them on the internet.

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