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Bahuchara Mata Temple - Top-Rated Place To Visit in Mehsana

6 Top-Rated Places To Visit in Mehsana (2024)

Mehsana is a place of tourist and religious interest in Gujarat. It is a must-visit tourist location for anyone interested in religious and cultural tourism in Western India. If you plan to visit Mehsana, below is the list of places that you can try visiting.

6 Top-Rated Places To Visit in Mehsana

1.  Bahuchara Mata Temple 

Bahuchara Mata temple is in Becharaji, Mehsana, and is the primary one for the Hijra community. The locals pronounce the name as Bahucharaji. The temple is in devotion to the Bala Goddess, also known as Bechara Mata. The lore of the Bechara Mata is an interesting one. According to legend, an asura, Dandhasur was raging to avenge the death of his predecessor. After winning a boon from Lord Shiva, he became a menace, and the Goddess Parambaa had to come to Earth to do away with his evil, in the form of a young girl. The temple is a pretty old one, with first references to it coming up in the 1100s. The temple complex has three shrines and beautiful architecture. Some parts originated in the 18th century. It is about an hour away from the Mehsana Railway Station.

Bahuchara Mata Temple - Top-Rated Place To Visit in Mehsana

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2. Dharoi Dam 

Dharoi Dam is another place of tourist interest in the Mehsana area. It is on the banks of the Sabarmati river. Because the dam is near the river, it is a perfect location for a day picnic for groups and couples. There’s not much commercial activity around, so you will have to pack whatever you plan to consume. It’s a scenic, serene location and the beauty only increases as the day passes. The Dharoi Dam is about an hour and two hours from the Mehsana railway station.

3. Thol Lake

The Thol Lake is a picturesque location in the Mehsana area and is popular among groups and couples as a day picnic area. The lake has several aquatic plants and flowers that grow naturally, so that is a thing to enjoy for anyone who decides to spend some time at the Thol lake. You will also see several migratory birds here during the transition season. Because of the birds and the natural beauty, Thol Lake becomes a perfect location for photography enthusiasts. Thol Lake is about an hour away from the Mehsana Junction

4. Thol Lake Bird Sanctuary 

Nature lovers can proceed to the Thol Lake Sanctuary, which houses several birds and other natural life in the ecosystem. The best time to visit here in the early morning.

Here are some pro tips that make your Thol Lake visit better and safe. The Sanctuary doesn’t have many shelter places. So, make sure that you pack your hat and sunglasses. Also, a sanctuary puts you right amid nature, which also means thorns, biting insects. So, plan to wear apparel that covers your arms and limbs. It comprises lakes, marshy areas, shady trees, and clear land. In a place with a lot of greenery, the temperature and the weather become harsh, so plan for that. There’s no hotel inside the Sanctuary, so you will need to pack some food and beverages if you plan for a prolonged stay.

The Thol Lake Bird Sanctuary is near the Thol Lake and is about an hour away from the Mehsana Junction.

5. Simandar Swami Jain Temple

Simandar Swami Jain temple is in Mehsana and is a place of tourist and religious interest. The temple is one of the many examples of architectural and sculpting beauty of centuries ago. The sculptures, portrayals of individual Gods within one pillar, are stunning proof of the skills of the artisans alive back then. The authorities maintain the temple well, and you can spend about an hour here. Also, there’s a small cafeteria around the premises, so you do not have to worry about carrying food and beverages for your visit here. The temple has a large sculpture of the Simandar Swami as the sanctum sanctorum. There are a couple of Simandar Swami Jain temples in Gujarat. While the one in Ahmedabad is about an hour away, the temple we have listed here is just seven minutes away from the Mehsana Junction.

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6. Tirupati National and Water Park

The Tirupati National and Water Park is a famous location among locals who want to chill out for a while. It has something with everyone, starting with lush greenery and rides in the water. This National Park is a perfect place for anyone looking to spend some time doing absolutely nothing and enjoying the day. The National Park offers boating services, go-karting services for nominal rates of under 100 rupees. There’s also an aquarium, home to several forms of aquatic life.

There’s a restaurant on the park premises, so you don’t have to worry about getting food and beverages, along with AC cottages, which makes it possible for someone to stay overnight as well. The Tirupati National Park is a short drive, around 30 KM from the Mehsana junction. The Tirupati National Park is a must-visit place in Mehsana.

These are the places of tourist interest in the Mehsana area. If you plan to visit all of them, you will need a weekend to venture out. Mehsana is a business and tourist hub, so you have several hotels that offer you accommodation at all prices. You have the Shree Brahmani Hotel at the Mehsana Bypass Road and the Hotel Rangoli and others that offer rooms for under 1000 rupees per night.

Reaching Mehsana is super-easy, as it connects well via road, rail and air. Mehsana Junction is an important railway station, and it takes about 8 hours to travel to Mehsana from Mumbai. Mehsana connects to places like Mumbai via road too, and that journey takes about eight hours. Mehsana doesn’t have a commercial airport, so you will need to book a flight to Ahmedabad and then travel ahead. The distance between Mehsana and Ahmedabad is about seventy KM.

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