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Becharaji temple or Bahuchara Mata Temple in Mehsana Gujarat

Visit Becharaji temple or Bahuchara Mata Temple in Mehsana Gujarat (2024)

The Becharaji Temple is in Mehsana, Gujarat. The temple is in dedication to the Bahuchara Mata, and the entire village has become a pilgrimage point in Hinduism, making it a popular religious tourism spot as well. The Becharaji temple is also known as the Bahucharaji temple and is on the Mehsana Becharaji road in Gujarat.

The Becharaji Temple Myth

The Bahuchara Mata is a revered Goddess in Hindu mythology. She is the Hindu Goddess of chastity and fertility, and this is her primary temple. The Becharaji temple or Bahuchara Mata Temple is another example of the various aspects of feminine divinity in Hindu mythology, and there’s a unique myth connected to the temple that adds to the religious importance of the place.

The Becharaji temple in Mehsana is a Shaktipeeth and is of importance in Shaktism as well. According to the Shaktipeeth myth, when Sati immolated herself, Shiva got angry and ran around the globe with her dead body. At that time, Vishnu had to cut the body into pieces, and parts of Sati fell all over India. Becharaji temple or Bahuchara Mata Temple in Mehsana, Gujarat

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One of the myths says that Bahuchara Mata is the incarnation of a woman named Bahuchara, who killed herself instead of falling into the hands of the enemy.

Other versions of the Bahuchara Mata temple say that the attacker turned into a eunuch and was turned back to his former self only when he began praying to the Bahuchara Mata and started acting and dressing like a woman.

Importance of Becharaji Temple for the Eunuch Community

The Becharaji temple or Bahuchara Mata Temple is also of importance for the eunuch community. According to one legend, this was the place where a princess, the Solanki princess Tejpal turned into a prince. Even today, if a eunuch is born in the local village, the parents leave the eunuch at this temple. Today, the Bahuchara Mata is the patron saint of the eunuchs in India. The temple is also of importance for the eunuch community because historians concede that this is the place where Arjuna laid down his weapons when he dressed as a kinnar during their banishment from the kingdom.

Importance of Becharaji Temple for the Eunuch Community
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One more recent legend is about Manaji Rao Gaekwad of Baroda, who was suffering from an ailment and vowed that he would pay 1.25 lakhs for the building of the temple on his cure. He was, and he paid for the construction of the temple premises.

The Becharaji Temple premises are mostly white. The white color of the temple gives it a very vivid look, and it’s a sight to see after sunset. There is a lot of commercial activity on the road leading to the Becharaji temple or Bahuchara Mata Temple. You will see a lot of devotees thronging the temple at all times of the year.

The Becharaji Temple Experience

The Becharaji temple or Bahuchara Mata Temple is one of the few temples in Gujarat that have a whole line of shops and vendors outside, so you don’t have to worry about carrying water or snacks.

When you finally see the Becharaji temple premises, you see that the premises are bigger than some of the other urban temples in Gujarat and Mumbai. You will see that the pillars and walls in the interior of the temple have intricate carvings and sculptures. The sanctum sanctorum has an idol of the Goddess that’s silver and decked and decorated in dark colors, like red and orange. The pillars here are distinct and have a unique design, that curls up from the pillar to the base of the ceiling.

The Becharaji Temple Experience, Mehsana, Gujarat
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You will be able to spend an hour at the Becharaji temple, taking in the view and experiencing the calmness that a temple visit offers.

The authorities have taken good care of the temple, and you will not feel hassled when you are visiting the Becharaji Temple. The visit to the Becharaji temple is a streamlined experience.

While at the Becharaji temple, make sure that you are respectful of the rules and regulations. Though there might not be clear rules about photography, the temple is quite crowded, so it doesn’t make sense to disturb the proceedings with photography.

Also, you will see people from all walks of life at the temple. So, it makes sense to dress conservatively, and this goes for both men and women. At the end of it all, the Becharaji temple, with its distance away from the city and general demeanor offer you a calming, soothing experience that you will not forget for a while to come.

The temple, like many other Hindu temples, is decorated and you will see much fervor during the festivals like Dusshera, Diwali, Navratri, and the full moon day.

Places To Visit Near Becharaji Temple

The Becharaji temple is in Mehsana, and there are several other destinations that you can visit during your travel. The Mehsana district is home to the Thol Lake Bird Sanctuary, the Taranga Hills, the Dharoi Dam, the Hatkeshwar Temple, the Modhera Sun Temple, and several such places of tourist and religious interest. Most of these destinations are at a distance of about two hours from the temple. If you plan to visit all of them, you might need to spend a weekend in Gujarat and Mehsana.

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How to Reach Becharaji Temple?

Address: Mehsana – Becharaji Rd, Bhavnagar, Mansarovar, Becharaji, Gujarat 384210

There are several hotels and guest houses that offer accommodation in Mehsana. The price for a room can range from 1000 to 4000 rupees, depending on the service, comfort, and amenities. If you are looking to book a room online, make sure that you read the fine print and check the rules and regulations. Some hotels might not allow bachelors, and others might not allow groups of only men. In some cases, some hotels don’t allow pets. In some cases, you might not find the kind of cuisine that you are looking for and might need to make food arrangements elsewhere. So, make sure that you check out these aspects before you book.

Becharaji Temple is in Mehsana, which connects well with cities in Gujarat and other states. To reach Becharaji temple, you first need to reach Mehsana, which connects well via road and rail. Mehsana is about an hour from Ahmedabad, and there are two trains that connect Ahmedabad and Mehsana.

You can also complete the distance between Mehsana and Ahmedabad via bus, as there are several private and State transport buses that connect. Mehsana has an airport, but it is nonfunctional to the general public as of now.

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