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Mount Abu Hill Stations Near Ahmedabad

8 Amazing Hill Stations Near Ahmedabad Within 750 km (2024)

Run away for a while to the hills near Ahmedabad!

The scorching sun shines on as you slog through the weekdays, the workdays. At some point, you feel like giving up, but maybe you just need a refreshing break from the monotony of city life. When you’re living in a place like Ahmedabad or visiting the city for a holiday, you might want to calm your mind with a trip to the serene and captivating hills. Therefore, here is a list of hill stations near Ahmedabad that is specially curated for you to take a respite from the heat and the draining effort of having a busy work life.

1. Saputara:

One of the most widely known hill stations near Ahmedabad is Saputara. Peeking through Dang district, it is situated in the majestic Sahyadri mountain range. The best parts about this hill station are the ethereal waterfalls and the lavish green all around. Situated about 400 km from Ahmedabad, Saputara is a must-visit destination on the list of beautiful hill stations near Ahmedabad. November to February is the peak time to visit this hill station with the cool air rushing in to fill your senses as soon as you step in Saputara.
Saputara Hill Stations Near Ahmedabad

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Accessible in all ways, a flight, a train, or a car can be used as a means of communication to reach this hill station near Ahmedabad. However, travel by road is suggested if you don’t want to miss a single view even as you travel. One driving will take about 7 hours to reach, and even for a while you travel; you will have an extremely pleasant experience. Adorned by its very own Botanical Garden, Saputara also offers boating in the vast expanse of the Saputara Lake. The Echo Point and the Sunset Point are the best spots to catch a good view, and fun activity is walking on the Ropeway of Saputara.

2. Don Hill Station:

Right about Saputara one can hop into the hill station of Don Hill. Are you bored with a life of monotony and monochrome? Don Hill station is just the right place for you to be. Richly endowed with tribes, Don Hill Station gives you the golden opportunity of sitting with tribal people and learning about their culture.
Don Hill Station In Ahmedabad

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About 410 km from Ahmedabad by road, the best time to visit this hill station is from June to September. A seven-hour car ride away from Ahmedabad, the route to Don Hill station offers some of the most splendid views to you from the comfort of your car. From learning how to climb the peak of a hill to learn about the local culture, Don hill station gives you not just a great travel experience but also a learning experience.

3. Mount Abu:

The quaint little hill station of Mount Abu is located about 225 km away from Ahmedabad. Although buses run from the city to Mount Abu, in a meagre amount of time of five hours, one can reach Mount Abu by road. Very widely known as an ‘oasis in the desert’ of Rajasthan, hill station Mount Abu is a respite from the scorching hot sands and dry climate of Rajasthan.
Mount Abu Amazing Hill Stations Near Ahmedabad

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Nestled in the Aravalli hill range, cool winds welcome you into this little hill station full of peace and calm. One can visit the Dilwara Temples or go to the Honeymoon Point for the best views. Boating and going to the Wildlife Sanctuary are also exciting activities for an enjoyable experience. November to March are the best months for going to Mount Abu. Charming and full of greenery, Mount Abu awaits you in all its glory.

4. Toranmal:

Even though it makes a subdued appearance in the list of hill stations near Ahmedabad, Toranmal is cradled in the heart of nature and a perfect spot for people who are not very appreciative of crowded hill stations. 379 km away from Ahmedabad by road, the best time to be here is between September and March.
Toranmal Hill Stations Near Ahmedabad

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The most recommended way to reach this hill station is by road, again for the views. Blessed with waterfalls and lakes, tall trees in deep forests, Toranmal is rich in cultural heritage and it shows in its shrines. For activities, one can visit the Lotus Lake or the Medicinal Plant Garden. The Khadki point is a must-visit for the peace it welcomes into your life with its pretty views.

5. Wilson Hills:

Much like the little Darjeeling of Gujarat, Wilson Hills is also popularly known as ‘mini Saputara‘. It may be a tinier hill station in comparison. Still, it offers just as many exciting activities and soothing views as of any other hill station on the list of hill stations near Ahmedabad. About 362 km from Ahmedabad, one can take a flight, a car, or even opt for a train ride to the Wilson Hills.
Wilson Hills Stations Near Ahmedabad

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Horse riding to a visit to the museum, catching the sunset, or trekking up the hilltop, Wilson Hill offers you a wholesome experience right from its cosy little boundaries. It has dense forests and is the aptest hill station to cure your worries and take your daily life stress far away from you. March to May is the time you should be looking forward to visiting this place. What is the unique feature of this hill station is that one can see the sea while trekking to the top of the hill!

6. Jawhar:

About 458 Km from Ahmedabad, lies the hill station best suited for selfie lovers. With its magnetic views and relaxing, fresh air, Jawhar makes an easy entry into the list of hill stations near Ahmedabad. It is located in Thane in the border between Maharashtra and Gujarat. Rich in culture and tradition, it allows you a trekking experience too. The world-famous Warli Paintings are found in plenty here and are a favourite among travelers and tourists alike.
Jawhar Hills Stations Near Ahmedabad

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Although the flight to Mumbai is an option, the most recommended route taken is via train to Jawhar directly. The most suitable time to visit this ethereal beauty is from October to February. A must-see place here is the Dabdaba Waterfall. If you have a soft spot for Palaces, a visit to the Jai Vilas Palace should be on your to-do list when here. A visit to the sunset point for the most brilliant views and perfect pictures completes a much talked about the trip to Jawhar.

7. Matheran:

The tiniest hill station in the country, Matheran has a reputation for its waterfalls and its relieving views. One can opt for a toy train ride to enjoy these views. About 574 km away from Ahmedabad, the cheapest route to Matheran and also the best route is via train. The time taken to reach is about 10 hours.
King George Point Matheran

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From December to the month of February, Matheran is packed with visitors, sometimes even from abroad. The widely known Panorama Point goes rightly by its name as it has the most panoramic of views ever seen from a hill station this small. The Prabal Fort can be seen clearly from the Louisa Point in Matheran. Another must-visit spot is its One Tree Hill Point.

8. Mahabaleshwar:

Widely known all over the country as one of the most beautiful hill stations is Mahabaleshwar, located in the district of Satara. With its spectacular views and lush green forests, the ambience Mahabaleshwar gifts you with is second to no other hill station. The Connaught Peak is the best spot for its views, and a visit to Arthur’s Seat will leave you with a refreshed mindset. Another much talked about spot here is the Babington Point.
Amazing Most Beautiful Mahabaleshwar Hill Stations In Ahmedabad

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Unlike other hill stations, once in Mahabaleshwar, one can never run out of the experiences it has to offer. Packed from the peak month of March to June, it is 745 km away from Ahmedabad and can be reached by a variety of modes of communication. The famous Wilson Point of Sunrise goes rightly by its name, and the waterfalls are not to be missed. The Vienna Lake too is a star attraction here. Apart from these spots, the famous Mahabaleshwar Temple is grand and majestic, and so is the Fort of Pratapgarh.

On concluding…

Seated in the lap of nature, these hill stations near Ahmedabad offer you the best of views, the most peace, and tranquility. From boating to trekking up the hills and camping, from palaces to gardens, and forts – you name it, and we can find it in hill-stations. Views full of life and cultural experiences, Ahmedabad is completely surrounded by some of the most peace-inducing sights that India has to offer.

Leave behind all the stress of your workplace and dive right into the mystical hill stations near Ahmedabad. This city with a string of hill stations all around never disappoints anyone who seeks time away from the usual and the ordinary. After all, it is not for nothing that Ahmedabad has been mentioned in the UNESCO world heritage cities of India.

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