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Hazira Beach Near Ahmedabad

8 Beaches Within 400 km Range of Ahmedabad (2024)

Surfing around through the beaches near Ahmedabad, one welcomes into life a kind of peace that he would never have experienced before. A break from the dry state, these 8 beaches near Ahmedabad are your best shot at a relaxing getaway. However bustling a city may be, one always feels the need to relax after the city life and what can be better than beaches to take your mind off the mundane life in a city? Safely tucked into the astounding beauty of Gujarat, Ahmedabad is a city full of paradoxes. The peaceful and the bustling co-exist here in perfect symphony.

1. Hazira Beach: 276 Km away from Ahmedabad in Hazira, is the breathtaking beach of Hazira. The Hazira beach comes to you as a calm, silent spot, best suited for families or couples who are in search of a getaway from the hustle-bustle of life in the city. The best and the most astounding fact about this beach is the black sand that invites your foot into its soft crevices. Often a star attraction for the kids of visiting families, the camel rides are a must to enjoy a day out at this beach. People are often found out in the sun playing with their partners or kids. Hazira Beach does not disappoint your appetite either.Hazira Beach Near Ahmedabad

There are several stalls of food that offer you some of the top treats in the local cuisine. However, it is essential to warn people about the strong undercurrents of the water here and therefore caution should be sought first.

2. Porbandar Beach: Widely known as the place where Gandhiji was born, just about 394 Km away from Ahmedabad is the Porbandar Beach. Popularly called, ‘Willingdon Marina Beach’, the Porbandar Beach is a beautiful beach, widely known as one of the Best Beaches near Ahmedabad. A visit to the Huzur Palace is a must when in Porbandar. It is usually filled with a huge crowd of tourists and is located very close to the beach itself. Cradled between Dwarka and Veraval, it is the perfect spot to have a gala time and watch as the scintillating waves of the sea and the distant boats fishing in the background.Porbandar Beach Near Ahmedabad

People are often found going on morning walks on the walking track around the beach or on morning runs or doing yoga around the shoreline. It is one of the most peace-filled experiences ever.

3. Dandi Beach: Gujarat is primarily made of the cities and the city life and therefore, the people living in Gujarat or visiting Gujarat as tourists are more often than not on the lookout for a peaceful getaway. Located just around 302 km from Ahmedabad, is the Dandi Beach, with its famous historical involvement in the Indian Independence Struggle lead by none other than our beloved Bapuji. People who visit Ahmedabad almost always make it a point to visit the Dandi beach. The best time to visit is during the sunset. As the sun sets on the horizon, sipping on coconut is one of the best ways to find that much sought after inner peace.Dandi Beach Near Ahmedabad

4. Somnath Beach: About 410 km away from Ahmedabad lies the enchanting beach of Somnath. Once in Somnath, one should make it a point to make a quick visit to the world-famous Somnath Temple. Moreover, when in Gujarat and looking for a place to dump all your worries, Somnath Beach is the best spot for you. Twinkling like stars in the night sky, the waves rush in and are accompanied by the warm grey sand of this beach. Swimming at this beach is not a very wise decision as there are strong undercurrents that can be unsafe for you, however, when you’re trotting all around on your trip and want to take a rest, while simultaneously enjoying a great view, Somnath Beach provides a safe haven for you.Somnath Beach Near Ahmedabad

Sunsets are a star attraction but sunrise does not disappoint either as you can find a string of joggers on their morning run ritualistically every morning.

5. Mandvi Beach: Mandvi beach which is located in Bhuj can easily be tagged as one of the many best beaches near Ahmedabad. Encapsulating a sense of utter calm, Mandvi beach sits tight in the crevices of its sand-laden expanse. One of the cleanest beaches near Ahmedabad, Mandvi beach gifts you the serenity you seek away from the busy streets of a city. As the waves rush in from the Arabian Sea, one gets to walk on the cotton-soft sand of this beach.Mandvi Beach Near Ahmedabad

The best part about this beach is not just family but friends too can have a comfortable trip to this beach. A major attraction around this beach is the windmills located nearby. Located just 380 km away from Ahmedabad, Mandvi beach is one of the main attractions around the city.

6. Beyt Dwarka: Located about 30 km from the ethereal town of Dwarka, Beyt Island also popularly known as Shankodhar, is a tiny island. Long before this was the main port in the area. With a number of temples all around, the coral reefs are a star attraction of this beach. The silky white sand never fails to amaze the tourists that flock to the beach both during the day and in the evenings. One can easily camp or have a picnic on this beach.Beyt Dwarka Beach Near Ahmedabad

There are organized excursions to help explore and there is also the attractive activity of dolphin spotting that takes place on this beach. This beach has never disappointed the industry of tourism and is a favourite among tourists. It is extremely enchanting a beach, more so as the island holds a cultural and mythological significance. It is believed that the king of Dwarka, Lord Krishna had his abode here. The famous story of Lord Krishna exchanging puffed rice with his soul friend, Sudama is said to have taken place here. Often on the beach one can find people who come on pilgrimage and need a rest for a couple of hours.

7. Devka Beach: Most of the beaches all over the country are filled with a grand crowd of people. However, as preferences go, some people prefer a much more secluded beach that will grant them a greater degree of quietness and calm. One of the beaches that give you just what you need is the Devka beach. Located about 362 km from Ahmedabad in Daman, the Devka beach, has a lot fewer people, a lot more food stalls and is a popular spot for the youth.Devka Beach Near Ahmedabad

There are beach shacks as well where one can find shade, a cool drink, and just the vibe one expects from beach life. Not just that, this beach also makes a star appearance in the list of cleanest beaches near Ahmedabad for its squeaky clean beach sand and sparkling sea waves. This beach does not disappoint families with kids as it has a beautiful amusement park for kids and adults alike, adorned by massive water fountains as well.

8. Ghogla Beach: About 361 km from the quaint city of Ahmedabad is the Ghogla Beach, a popular tourist attraction. Water sports is what this beach is famous for such as the banana boats and the speed boats. As far as the best views are concerned, you must visit either during sunrise or sunset to enjoy them the most. An ethereal experience in itself, the Ghogla beach also offers you beautiful and scenic long walks along its shorelines. People are often found tracing the shore with their tired feet as they pick up shells to collect or throw into the serene waves of the sea. This beach is another beach famous for its seclusion as people come here to get away from the usual beach crowd.Ghogla Beach Near Ahmedabad

Plenty of food stalls and even restaurants can be found on this beach and you can enjoy some of the most lip-smacking seafood here as the fishing is done right here early in the mornings. As a result of fewer crowds, this beach is also a comparatively much cleaner beach than most other beaches around. One can also opt for parasailing here. Away from the hustle of the city, one can enjoy serenity in private on this beach.

Ahmedabad is therefore a while away from the nest of calmness and tranquility. Surfing on the waters, spotting dolphins, enjoying seafood, hosting picnics, or just a drink in the shade of the coolest beach shacks – you name it and we can find it in the list of some of the best beaches near Ahmedabad. Tourists from all over the world visit these sites and find something more than a holiday, they find the silence and solitude they crave for after a week-long of intense work. Ahmedabad is surrounded by some of the most enthralling sights that this culture-rich country has to offer. Leave behind all the baggage of a stressful life filled with worry and workload and dive right into the captivating beaches near Ahmedabad.

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