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Ravivari Market (Gujari Market) in Ahmedabad

Visit Ravivari Market (Gujari Market) in Ahmedabad (2024)

Ravivari Market is a phenomenon that is evident in every part of India for generations. Ravivari translates into Sunday in Hindi. So, it’s a market that sets up every Sunday.

The Ravivari Market or the Weekly Market sets itself up in every rural and urban area of India. While the phenomenon is not that evident in the urban areas, as vendors are prevalent all through the week and their number only increases on specific days, it’s much more prevalent in the rural areas, as that’s the only day when vendors from all over the area come to set up their shop in the weekly market.

The Ravivari Market Experience in Ahmedabad

In Ahmedabad, the Ravivari Market or the Gujari Bazar sets up on Sunday and is a sight worth seeing, even if you are from an urban area that has seen several of these markets. If you plan to visit such a market and are wondering what to expect, read this article.

The Ravivari Market sets up along the Sabarmati River every Sunday. It is more of a cultural experience than a tourist one. You will see people from villages and towns all over selling their wares in one place. All this makes the Ravivari Market a photo opportunity like never before. At the Ravivari Market, the color and verve that’s rural India are at its highest.

The piece de resistance of the Ravivari Market is the vendors who sell old books and antique typewriters. This is a flea market, so you can never be sure about what you get, but whatever you do, will be perfect and just what you are looking for.

People usually come here to buy old artifacts and you never know what you can lay your hands on. Don’t be surprised if you find something that’s been discarded by Royalty generations ago, and don’t be surprised if you find a ripoff of something that Royalty discarded generations ago – it all goes. Ravivari Market (Gujari Market) in Ahmedabad

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While a visit to the Ravivari Market is an exciting aspect, there are some pro-tips that you should ensure to follow. To begin with, this is a flea market, and bargaining for whatever catches your eye is a thumb rule. Not just in Ahmedabad, but anywhere in the world, if you come across as a tourist, the vendors are bound to overcharge you.

So, make sure that you have your haggling game on point and you will get some pretty good deals here.

Secondly, flea markets are generally set up in a large area, so make sure that you know who’s where or move about only in a group. There’s a good chance that you might lose yourself, or someone in your group might if you do not keep a tab on yourself. Nothing to worry about, but it might get irritating after a while – when it occurs more than thrice in a day, that is.

Also, make sure that you buy only what you need. A typical flea market will have everything from household goods to electronics. All of them might not be the best deal around, so take your time to decide and buy whatever you plan to.

You can spend hours at a flea market, or you can get out of the place within fifteen minutes. But what you should do is create a logical path that covers all the shops, so that your outing is done by the evening. Most flea markets will have moving vendors selling fast food, or there might be stalls that are open up for precisely that time.

Places Near the Ravivari Market

The Ravivari Market is in Ahmedabad, one of the most popular and famous places in Gujarat. There are several places in this city that you can visit and spend some time in, places of cultural, religious and tourist interest. The various places that you can visit are the Sabarmati Ashram, Dandi Beach, the various temples like the Hatheesing Jain temple, ISKCON temple, and some more places.

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If you plan to visit different places in Ahmedabad, you will need to look for accomodation. Ahmedabad has several hotels that offer accomodation at cheap rates, starting from 500 to 1000 rupees per night. If you are looking for accomodation at lesser rates, Ahmedabad also has dormitories, which offer you a cot and a place to store your belongings at low prices – as low as 100 rupees. However, there’s not much privacy and you might have to share a washroom and bathroom with others in the dormitory.

Where To Stay Near The Ravivari Market

Some of the hotels are the Hotel UttamNivas, Hotel New Esquire, Hotel Ramvijay, Hotel Aavkar, and others.

How to Reach Ravivari Market

It is simple to reach Ahmedabad and Ravivari Market. Ahmedabad has an airport and a railway route, which connects it to places like Mumbai, Bangalore, and other places in India. Ahmedabad also connects via the roadways, and several private buses connect to Ahmedabad. You will also see State transport buses on this route.

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