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Udaipur City Palace - Most Fascinating Weekend Destination from Ahmedabad

6 Most Fascinating Weekend Destinations from Ahmedabad (2024)

Ahmednagar is one of the largest cities in Gujarat and a prominent one at that, as it is the former capital of the state. Ahmedabad is a city of tourist importance as well and is home to several religious structures like temples, mosques, and other structures of historical importance, like forts.

However, Ahmedabad isn’t just about tourist places within the city limits. Ahmedabad surrounds itself with tourist locations that have something for everyone. In this article we have shortlisted few of the best weekend destinations from Ahmedabad.

6 Most Fascinating Weekend Destinations from Ahmedabad

Have a Look at 6 Most Fascinating Weekend Destinations:

1. Udaipur

Udaipur isn’t just one of the most beautiful escapes from Ahmedabad, it also has places of tourist interest as well as destinations of religious and historical importance.

Udaipur is one of the few cities that have maintained the historic palaces well. So, tourists can spend a fulfilling day in the City Palace and the Sajjangarh Palace, as well as Bagore ki Haveli, Taj Lake Palace, and the Kumbhalgarh Fort. These structures have breathtaking architecture and architectural designs that will become the talking point for any group of visitors. Udaipur City Palace - Most Fascinating Weekend Destination from Ahmedabad

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The architecture in the Udaipur palaces is a rare mix of the Mughal and Rajasthani designs, making it all a must-view and must-visit place. Both the City Palace and Sajjangarh have lakes in their vicinity, so you can top off your day with a peaceful stroll along the lake or even a calming and serene boat ride. Near the City Palace, you have Lake Pichhola and near Sajjangarh, you have the Fateh Sagar Lake.

The various locations, the scenic beauty, and the accessibility make Udaipur the perfect road trip from Ahmedabad and one of the most memorable weekend destinations from Ahmedabad.

Udaipur is about 250 km away from Ahmedabad and accessible via road and rail. You will see several buses, both state transport and private ones that ply between Ahmedabad and Udaipur. Udaipur and Ahmedabad connect via trains as well, but the train journey is more than 10 hours and 13 hours, respectively, by the two trains that connect, the Passenger train and the Express. The trains stop at Asarva Junction, which is about 15 minutes away from the Ahmedabad railway station.

2. Kalpeshwar Temple

The Kalpeshwar Temple is about 150 km away and a vastly fulfilling weekend destination from Ahmedabad. The temple has mythological importance as well. Historians say that Kalpeshwar Temple is the place where Lord Shiva’s hair and head part appeared when he had taken a form of a bull to stay away from the Pandavas.

The visit to the Kalpeshwar temple is somewhat of a trek, and you will need to drive and walk a good amount of distance. Therefore, this visit is not for the old and the infirm. For anyone else who loves to spend some time on long, winding roads over cliffs, and walking on these roads, Kalpeshwar temple is the perfect weekend destination from Ahmedabad.
Most Fascinating Weekend Destination from Ahmedabad-Kalpeshwar TempleImage Source

Kalpeshwar connects well to Ahmedabad via road and rail. To travel from Ahmedabad to Kalpeshwar via train, you will first need to take a train to Vadodara and then complete the rest of the journey via car or bus. You will find State transport buses as well as private buses that ply on this road. Even by road, you will first need to drive down to Vadodara and then take a diversion to reach Kalpeshwar temple, one of the most popular weekend destinations from Ahmedabad.

The Kalpeshwar Temple is a popular and budget destination from Ahmedabad. You will find several hotels here, and they operate under a price range of 1000 to 4000.

Apart from the hotels, you will also see lodges and other non-mainstream stay options. Some of the popular stay options here are the hotel Ashray Inn, Hotel Lotus Chandkheda, and others.

3. Wild Ass Sanctuary (Little Rann of Kutch)

Another superb weekend destination from Ahmedabad that’s about 200 km away and a nature lover’s paradise is the Wild Ass Sanctuary that has an abundance of wildlife that includes birds, animals, and insects. This is a sanctuary, so you will see all of these wild animals in their most natural environment, and that’s a surreal experience in itself.
Best Weekend Destination from Ahmedabad-Wild Ass Sanctuary (Little Rann of Kutch)Image Source

In the Wildlife Sanctuary, you will be able to book jeep tours that take you through the entire sanctuary. Little Rann of Kutch is not to be confused with Rann of Kutch, which is about 400 km away from Ahmedabad. The Wildlife Sanctuary is a bit low in terms of shade and shelter points, so make sure that you pack enough material to shield yourself from the harsh weather.

The hotels here operate at the 1000 to 5000 price range, and the price can increase if you wish for some specific hotel and stay option.

4. Mount Abu

Possibly one of the first tourist spots for Middle-Class Indians, Mount Abu is still one of the most promising weekend destinations from Ahmedabad. Mount Abu is the perfect culmination of spiritual, natural, and casual tourism. The budget weekend destination from Ahmedabad, Mount Abu, is about 220 km away and is a mesmerizing road trip for anyone wanting to have one.

At Mount Abu, you can visit Nakki Lake, take in some stunning visuals of the valley, if you plan to trek the more than 4000 feet that it comprises of, and pay your respects at the iconic Gaumukh temple and the Jain Dilwara temples. For those interested in a history lesson, Mount Abu has the Achalgarh Fort, which was built sometime in the 14th century.
Amazing Weekend Destination from Ahmedabad-Mount Abu, Nakki LakeImage Source

Mount Abu is a famous tourist area and has several accommodation options for those looking to stay overnight. The prices here start from around 5000 rupees for a day’s stay.

5. Sun Temple, Modhera

While Modhera, which is about 160 km away from Ahmedabad has several tourist locations, the Sun temple is one of the most famous weekend destinations from Ahmedabad. The architecture and the planning of the temple, along with the sculptures that cover every inch of the temple’s pillars, walls and roof are breathtaking and give tourists an insight into the beauty and culture of India. You can also visit the river Pushpavali, whose bank houses the Sun temple. There are very few Sun temples in India, and the most popular is the one in Konark, so don’t miss this chance to visit a Sun temple if you in Gujarat or nearby.
Top Weekend Destination from Ahmedabad-Sun Temple, ModheraImage Source

6. Vijaynagar Forests

Vijaynagar Forest, which is about 200 km away from Ahmedabad is a veritable viewing feast for people who love to spend time surrounded by nature and those who like to see ancient structures. Locals also regard these forests as the Polo forests. The Polo forest is a great weekend destination for anyone looking to spend some time in the calmness and serenity around Ahmednagar. The long, winding trails invite those looking to go on a long drive. All along the way, you will see small lakes and water bodies that you can take a dip in, so on and so forth.
Weekend Destination from Ahmedabad-Vijaynagar ForestsImage Source

Polo forest connects to Ahmedabad via road. You will find several private buses as well as state transport buses that travel on this route. For those who love driving, the road from Ahmedabad to the Polo forests is mostly a highway, so you can look forward to long, open, and wide roads for most of the journey.

These are some of the most popular weekend destinations from Ahmedabad. Most of these places connect to Ahmedabad via road and are easily accessible. They are a perfect itinerary for anyone looking to spend two days away from Ahmedabad and spend minimal time traveling.

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