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Bohra Vad(Vohrawad) in Sidhpur Near Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Visit Bohra Vad(Vohrawad) in Sidhpur Near Ahmedabad, Gujarat (2024)

The Bohra Vad, Sidhpur, is a place of religious interest and is around 100 KM away from Ahmedabad. It is at the banks of the Sarasvati River and in the Patan district. Bohra Vad is popular among locals and tourists because of the number of temples and ashrams that it has, along with several sacred lakes, Kunds in Hindi. Bohra Vad is one of the few places in India that find a mention in the ancient texts. Some locals also regard this place as Vohrawad.

The Bohra Vad Experience

One of the most prominent places of religious interest here is the Rudra Mahalaya, a temple that the then ruler, Raja Siddhraj, built in honor of Lord Shiva.

Bohra Vad(Vohrawad) in Sidhpur Near Ahmedabad, Gujarat

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Even modern architects consider the temple to be an architectural marvel. The temple has a three-storied shikhara, more than 1500 pillars, and a dozen entrance doors.

Apart from this, you will see several buildings and structures that have some exquisite carvings and sculptures all over the walls and the pillars. The Bollywood movie Raees shot some of its shots here, and the locals will take you to the spots if you succeed in befriending them.

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Even the homes here have exquisite carvings and sculptures on the walls. One of the buildings here is the one that has more than 300 windows, and some say that it has 360 windows. At the Railway Station Road, you see an old clock tower, and there’s a statue of Sardar Vallabhai Patel as well.

The entire village has a distinctive look, rows upon rows of three to four-storey squat houses. Bohra Vad translates to the village of the Bohra, a Muslim community that is spread across the world and has a formidable presence in cities like Mumbai and Gujarat. Moving through the village, you learn a bit about the lifestyle of this community as well. You will see several buildings that have a unique pastel color, which gives it a different look from other structures.

Experts say that some of the buildings and structures are more than 100 years old. That’s believable because the architecture seems more Victorian than Indian or even Asian. The rich Bohra community built these houses as their ancestral property, as generation after generation went to the cities to work.

And like every other place of tourist interest in India and abroad, you have a building that some say is haunted, the Jhaveri Mansion. Whether haunted or not, the building does stand out, dark and foreboding, different from the other colorful and vibrant buildings that you see in the whole of Bohra Vad.

Bohravad is an excellent place to explore for anyone interested in ancient architecture, architecture, exterior photography, and everyone who wants to learn more about the experience that’s Gujarat and India. If you have ever wondered about how it would be to roam the colorful, narrow streets of England, you can have that experience for cheap at the Bohra Vad.

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The Bohra Vad is also home to the Rudhra Mahalya temple, which is not functional as a place of worship any longer but is a symbol of the beauty of the architecture of a time gone. There’s a legend associated with the Rudhramahalya temple in Bohra Vad. The legend states that two Parmars named Govinddas and Madhavdas saw divine beings at the place where the temple stands today. Today, the temple is under the control of the police, and nobody is allowed inside.

Places To See Near Bohra Vad

If you are in Patan, there are some other places that you can visit, like the Rani ki Vav and the Sahastralinga Talav. Patan is also famous for its sarees. You can spend some time on the streets of Patan, shopping for beautiful sarees. If you are lucky, you can even move about in a saree making unit in Patan.

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If you are looking for accommodation options in Patan, you have a couple of hotels that offer rooms at budget rates. Hotels like Tulsi Hotel, Navjivan Hotel, and others offer rooms for under 1000 rupees.
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Sidhpur is an important tourist location in Gujarat, and it is part of many travel packages that take you all through Gujarat. So, if you are planning for a tourist package, make sure you ask about the various places that you will see in Sidhpur.

If you are looking for something cheaper, you can check out the hostels in dormitories in the Patan area. They offer a cot and a place to store your belongings at as little as 100 rupees per night.

How to Reach Bohra Vad

Sidhpur is about 100 km away from Ahmedabad, which is also the nearest railway station. It’s also accessible by train, and you can also reach Sidhpur by road. You will see several private bus routes that connect you to Ahmedabad and Sidhpur. Ahmedabad is an important tourist and business hub, and there are state transport buses that connect Ahmedabad to various destinations in India.

How to Reach Bohra Vad

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