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Visit Dandi Beach: TheHistoric Beach in Jalalpore Talk, Navsari District, Gujarat

Visit Dandi Beach: The Historic Beach in Jalalpore Talk, Navsari District, Gujarat (2024)

Dandi Beach is one of the few beaches in India that has historical importance. The Beach is in Dandi Village in Gujarat, in the Jalalpore Taluka and the Navsari District.

Mahatma Gandhi broke the Salt Act here. Therefore, Dandi Beach has a prominent place and role to play in the Indian freedom struggle.Dandi Beach in Navsari District, Gujarat Image Source

Today, the Beach is a popular picnic area and is an important tourism area. A visit to the beach is a great opportunity for parents to teach children about the Indian freedom struggle. After all, there aren’t many locations connected with the Indian freedom struggle that are so accessible.

The Dandi Beach Experience

The Dandi Beach is maintained well, and there is one main entrance. It is a clean and hygienic place. It is perfect for a stroll or to take a dip in the water. You won’t find many commercial vendors and hawkers here, so you might need to pack food and beverages if you plan to stay here for a few hours.

Statue of Mahatma Gandhi at the Dandi BeachImage Source
You will see some monuments dedicated to Mahatma Gandhi at the Dandi Beach. One is a tall statue of Mahatma Gandhi, and another is a miniature size depiction of Mahatma Gandhi breaking the salt act. There’s another one, which has life-size statues of people following Mahatma Gandhi to the Beach to break the Salt Act.

You can spend a whole morning, afternoon, or an evening at the Dandi Beach because of the serene surroundings that it has. The Beach is one of the few in India that has a history associated with it, so it a surreal experience to visit it and spend some at the place where you know history had a new chapter.

The best part about Dandi Beach is the long stretch, that allows you take long walk, and view the sunset if you plan to stay on the Beach until that time. The Dandi Beach also has a manicured garden and a walking path, adding to the comfort aspect of anyone planning to visit the Dandi Beach. All said and done, after the Shivrajpur Beach in Gujarat, the Dandi beach will give you a memorable experience.

There are no resorts or hotels at the Dandi Beach, so you need to find accommodation if you plan to stay overnight in the vicinity. Also, while a day at the Dandi Beach is an excellent option, it could be the precursor to sunburn if you do not pack the sunscreen and have sunglasses and caps to cover your eyes and head, as the temperature in Gujarat is always sweltering during the Summer season.

If you are booking your rooms online, make it a point to read the fine print, as some of the hotels have some rules and regulations that are not industry-wide. For example, some of them might not allow unmarried couples to book the room, and others might not allow pets in the room.

In some cases, the hotel might not have the cuisine that you are looking for, and you might be forced to make food arrangements elsewhere. The best option is to call up the hotel you are planning to book and ask them about the rules and regulations.

Places To Visit Near Dandi Beach

If you plan to visit the other places near Dandi, here’s a list that’d be helpful:

Place To Visit Near Dandi Beach- Unai Mata Temple

Credit- Dakshesh Tailor  Image Source

At a distance of about three hours is the Unai Mata Temple.

At around two hours distance is the Andheshwar Mata Temple.

The Shree Baba Swami Dham is at a two-hour drive away as well. There are a lot of places here, so all you need to do is open up that itinerary book and check out where you need to go.

To visit all the important places in Dandi, you might need to plan for a weekend trip. Several tourist companies offer holiday packages for Dandi. But if you would like to go the adventurous route, you can book your outing to Dandi on a piece-meal basis, and have complete control on your holiday experience. The vicinity to the other places of tourist interest and the inherent connect that Dandi has with the Indian freedom struggle makes it a must-visit location for anyone looking to explore Gujarat and India in the way that the places should be.

How To Reach Dandi Beach?

Reaching Dandi is easy. Dandi Beach is about 19 KM away from Navsari. You can come here either via train, bus, or air. Navsari is near the Vadodara and Surat airport, and you can take a cab from either of these airports. Navsari is well connected on the train route as well, and you have several trains plying on this route that connects Navsari to Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, etc. The route is also a busy one for the buses. You will see both private buses and State Transport buses that connect Navsari to various parts of India.

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