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Torna Fort in Pune

Torna Fort in Pune : History, Structure, Tourist Experience, Places to Visit Nearby, Getting There (2024)

The Torna Fort, located in Pune, is possibly the most famous fort in the Maharashtra area. Torna fort is the highest hillfort in Maharashtra, and it has a historical significance as well. The Torna Fort is one of the few wholesome travel destinations from a metro, as it is just a two-hour drive from Pune. The fort is the favorite of trekkers. If you plan to visit Torna fort, read this article.

Historical Importance of the Torna Fort

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj captured Torna fort at the age of sixteen, making this the starting point of the Maratha Battle of Freedom. While other forts were the location for various decisions regarding the battle, this was the fort that saw a young Shivaji at his best. Because of the height, some experts also call it Prachandagad. Experts also believe that the followers of Shiva, the Shiva Panth, constructed the fort sometime in the thirteenth century. All this historical importance makes Torna Fort an unmissable part of fort tourism in Maharashtra.

Historical Importance of the Torna Fort

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Structures Inside the Torna Fort

Very few structures inside the Torna fort remain, but the walls and the bastions are in good condition. The authorities have taken good care of the fort, and that makes it a better experience for the tourists than it should be. When you reach the main door, you see that the fortification commonly found, nails on the doors, are present. You can see a couple of water cisterns as you move around the fort. There are some other ruins like something that looks like a small temple. You will see a contemporary temple structure, where you can rest and have any food if you have brought it packed. The people from nearby villages regularly visit this temple and they even celebrate the Navratri festival here. You will also see some water storage structures as you go ahead and see through all the watchtowers.

Interestingly, the Torna fort does not have any carvings or decorations on the walls. Apart from the doorways that lead you to the inside of the fort, you will not see many other markings on the fort walls as well.

You will see the granary when you go ahead, and next to it, you will see a water cistern. The highest watchtower in Torna fort is the Jhunjhar Maachi, and you have an underground route to reach it. You get a splendid view of the valley below, once you are at this point.

Tourist Experience of Torna Fort

The Torna Fort is a medium trek because the authorities have installed railings and modern amenities all around. The climb is not as steep as well, with the stepstones all over, one can easily meander about the fort. Torna fort is on a hilltop, and there’s lush greenery all around – making this the perfect outing for a rainy weekend. The vast expanse of nature also means that it gets sweltering hot during the summer. You need to pack sunglasses, caps and sunscreen lotion if you plan to visit during the summer season. So, during monsoons, there will be exotic birds and insects, so you need to be careful of them. Also, you must be careful during monsoons because the steps may become slippery because of the rain and moss might settle on them. During summer, there will be poisonous trees and thorns, so you need to dress up accordingly.

The Torna Fort is the favorite of video bloggers, trekkers, and anyone looking to spend their time with nature, calmness, and serenity for a while. There is no commercial activity once you leave the basecamp. The total trek would be about five hours, so make sure you plan as much as you would want for such a duration of time. The trek to the Torna fort leaves you with the right amount of tiredness and the experience of achieving something.

The authorities have written that one should not consume alcohol within the premises of the fort.

Places To Visit Near Torna Fort

Torna Fort is near Pune, one of the most happening places in Maharashtra. So, you don’t have to think much about which place in Pune you can spend another evening. If you are from Pune, the fort is just under two hours away from home. So, you can take leave for the fort in the early morning and descend by the afternoon.

You can then hit Koregaon Park, which is home to the Osho Ashram. You can experience the life inside the Ashram by spending a couple of hours in the Ashram. Another place to visit, if you are in Koregaon Park is the German Bakery, offering some of the most delicious and exotic dishes in Pune.

You can also spend the evening shopping at the Junglee Maharaj Road or Fergusson College Road. These are the hotspots of commercial activity in Pune, and you can certainly spend an entire day at these places if you have the time.

Best Place To Visit Near Torna Fort-Shaniwarvada

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If you are in Pune, head over to Shaniwarvada, another historic monument you can visit in a day. The fort was built in 1732 and is a tourist structure today. Experts say that almost a thousand people lived inside Torna fort in the 1700s.

Some presume that the fort is haunted because this is the fort where the fifth and ruling Peshwa, Narayanrao was murdered. Many people working in the area say that they still hear Narayanrao’s cries in the night.

Dagdusheth Temple: Another must-visit place in Pune is the Dagdusheth Ganpati Mandir. Devotees from all over the country flock this place to visit the temple and have a Ganesh Darshan. This temple is now more than 100 years old.

How to Reach Torna Fort?

Torna Fort is at the outskirts of Pune, so you would need to reach Pune first. Pune is well connected with all the major cities in Maharashtra and around the country. From Mumbai, daily buses and trains are plying the route. Once you reach Pune, you need to board a bus that drops you to Velhe. Velhe is about two hours away from Pune station.

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