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Bharatgad Fort - The Calm and Serene Fort in Malvan, Maharashtra

Bharatgad Fort: The Calm and Serene Fort in Malvan, Maharashtra (2024)

Bharatgad is a fort in the Sahyadri region in Maharashtra. Bharatgad fort is a short distance away from the Masure Village in the Malvan area.

Trekkers and tourists have been recently exploring the Bharatgad fort, and it has become an integral part of fort tourism in Maharashtra. Here is all the information that you will need if you plan to visit Bharatgad.

Historical Importance of Bharatgad

When Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj was planning to build his fort here, he saw that the fort does not have enough water, and therefore dropped his plans of setting up a base here. After a tiff between the Wavdekars and the Sawants, the Sawants decided to build this fort. The Bharatgad fort came under the rule of the Angres sometime in the 1700s. In the 1800s, the fort came under the British. 

Structures Inside Bharatgad

The Bharatgad fort still has strong walls and fortifications and gives you an idea of how life was in the past. All the walls have crevices and niches, which would allow the soldiers to keep an eye on the path and attack the enemies if needed. Looking at the walls, you will notice that the walls of Bharatgad have small niches, possibly crevices for the soldiers to shoot arrows at their enemies. There are some internal walls in the fort that have the previously mentioned niches and crevices as well. You see a well-maintained temple with a contemporary structure as you enter the Bharatgad fort.

You feel like you are passing through a forest because of the greenery all around in the fort. Further, you will see a room that could be the private quarters of the royalty living in the fort. The structure is small but has a carved spot that would be perfect for an idol.

There is another well here that is almost 250 feet deep. The fort measures about three acres, so it will take you some time to explore the fort. There is also a dry water tank that is under the ground level.

You see a Mahapurush temple inside the temple premises. The temple has a contemporary build now. The legendary 250 feet deep well is next to this temple. This well has some importance in the history of Bharatgad fort. While Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj did not build a fort here because it did not have water, the Sawants built this well, but it was destroyed when the British attacked the Bharatgad fort – leading to the British deserting the fort as well.

Bharatgad Fort - The Calm and Serene Fort in Malvan, Maharashtra

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As such, there is one wall with about nine bastions, giving you an idea of how heavily fortified a fort would need to be, back in the day. You will see mango orchards that are present almost all around the fort.

The Bharatgad fort has strong walls and bastions, but there are no internal structures that exist now. Therefore, you do not get a vibe of visiting an ancient place or a place that has historical importance.

Tourist Experience of Bharatgad

Bharatgad is a quaint fort that few people visit. So, when you reach there, there is every chance that you are the only people in the Bharatgad fort. Therefore, you get a surreal experience that comes from spending time in a historical location all by yourself. The best time to visit Bharatgad fort is during the monsoon season.

The road to Bharatgad is scenic and through rural India, and it gives an excellent idea of how people live in these areas. Keep an eye out to understand this culture, and this will be a learning experience as well.

Bharatgad fort has a very green environment, and the view from the top is something you cannot miss.

There is a lot of greenery inside the fort, not to mention the mango orchards, all of it comes alive during the monsoon season. The structure of the fort is still standing and gives tourists an idea of the fort’s architecture. All over, you will see some of the contemporary buildups in the fort, built by the authorities to maintain the fort and ensure that the tourists who visit here can explore the fort.

Unfortunately, none of the old structures exist today, so you will not be able to see any architecture or cultural aspects from the time that the fort was the home for royalty.

Places to Visit Near Bharatgad Fort

The Bharatgad Fort is on the outskirts of the Malvan area. There is a lot to do and explore in the Malvan area, but the Malvan destinations are a bit far from each other. So, you might need to plan to spend a whole weekend in the Malvan area to get the kind of experience you seek. Here is a list of destinations that you can visit while in the Malvan area.

Shri Devi Rameshwar Mandir

The Rameshwar Mandir is a Shiva Temple. The temple is home to a unique idol, that of a four-armed figure sitting on a bull. Experts claim the idol is of pure silver and weighs about 100 kilograms.  Best Place to Visit Near Bharatgad Fort - Shri Devi Rameshwar Mandir

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Tondavali Beach

At about forty minutes is the Tondavali beach. The beach is a clean, secluded one that offers you various aquatic views, like dolphins swimming at a distance. The seclusion is a bonus, and you can spend some quiet ‘me’ time here. 

Wayagani Beach

The Wayaganj Beach, also known as the Vayaganj Beach is another clean place, and the locals call it a hidden beach. It has inviting white sand that you spend hours walking on. 

Aachara Beach

Aachara Beach is another clean and serene beach and another beach that allows you the solitude you have always been wanting. 

How To Reach Bharatgad?

The nearest town to Bharatgad is Malvan. Malvan is about 550 KM from Mumbai city. Mumbai to Malvan is a ten-hour drive. If you decide to travel to Malvan from Mumbai via a bus, you will take around 15 hours to reach Malvan. If you intend to reach Malvan via train, the nearest railway station is Ratnagiri. From Ratnagiri, you will take about eight hours. 

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