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Osman Sagar Lake (Gandipet)- A Perfect Picnic Spot Near Hyderabad

Osman Sagar Lake (Gandipet)- A Perfect Picnic Spot Near Hyderabad (2024)

About Osman Sagar Lake

Located on the outskirts of the town of Hyderabad, the Osman Sagar Lake is an artificial lake that has caught attention of a number of tourists and travellers since long. Sprawling across an area of 46 square km, Osman Sagar lake is considered to be one of the famous tourist places in Hyderabad. Other than being a sight of sheer scenic beauty, the lake is flocked by a plethora of people including both locals as well as travellers.

If you visit Osman Sagar Lake yourself, you may also come across several local people referring to the place by the name of Gandipet. Since a number of visitors come to witness the sheer abundance of natural allure at the Osman Sagar lake, here you can also find a number of snack vendors doing business selling hot snacks along with mouth-watering hot tea around the lake. Surrounded by stunning lawns and parks with mesmerising beauty, the grandeur as well as the natural beauty of the place in unimaginable.

Osman Sagar Lake- A Perfect Picnic Spot

With such scenic settings, it is not surprising that Osman Sagar lake has turned into a humble abode for travellers and has become one of the popular tourist places in Hyderabad that you must not miss visiting, especially if you a fan of natural settings. In fact, the place has become a real hot spot for picnics. There are many fun activities offered here too which the people visiting the Osman Sagar Lake can indulge into. Tired from a long day of fun and frolic? No worries, there are a series of low – cost pretty cottages lined along the lake, that serve as comfortable resting ground for visitors. There are several other facilities available here to ensure the comfort of the guests. There are multiple options when it comes to purchasing food, facilities, bathroom, accommodation and so on. Want to know more about Osman Sagar Lake? If yes, then continue reading because we have already done the job for you!
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Things To Do At The Osman Sagar Lake:

Other than just admiring natural beauty, there is a lot you can do at Osman Sagar Lake. Some of the many activities that you can indulge into when you are at Osman Sagar Lake are:

  1. Have A Great Picnic: With its iconic views and picturesque settings, the Osman Sagar Lake provides the perfect backdrop for having a perfect picnic with friends and family. It is an amazing way to spend some quality time with your loved ones. If you want to expand the fun level, then along with some delicious snacks, you can also bring over sleeping bags to ensure a comfortable stay for yourself.
    Things To Do At The Osman Sagar Lake-Have A Great Picnic
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  2. Explore The Historical Golconda Fort: If you know a bit about the various top tourist places in Hyderabad, then you would also be familiar with the charm of the historical Golconda Fort. Being an exemplary display of medieval engineering, this historic fort at the Khair complex will transport you back to the Shahi dynasty from the 16th century. Take out some time from your busy schedule and go around for a fun visit to this amazing place witnessing best views.
    Best Things To Do At The Osman Sagar Lake-Explore The Historical Golconda Fort
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  3. Admire The Serene Beauty Of The Lake: If you are in a mood of spending a relaxing and fun time with your loved ones, then Osman Sagar Lake is just ideal for you. This outdoor lake with its supreme man – made beauty, is not only a favourite spot among the local people but has turned into one of the most prominent landmarks of the city. When here you will not get tired of admiring the serene and calm waters of the lake. The surrounding scenes and natural beauty just add on to the overall charm of the place.
    Amazing Things To Do At The Osman Sagar Lake-Admire The Serene Beauty Of The Lake
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  4. Take a Leisure Stroll Around The Lake: You must know that with the scenic views, immense natural beauty and picturesque settings, Osman Sagar Lake is quite charming. Taking a walk around the periphery of this pristine lake is one of the many memorable things that you can do here. Admire the splendid beauty and surrounding hill slopes while on a walk. The scene will surely get engraved in your heart.
    Top Things To Do At The Osman Sagar Lake-Take a Leisure Stroll Around The Lake
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Opening Hours:

The Osman Sagar Lake is open to visitors from 9.30 AM till 5 PM on all the days of the week. So, there is plenty of time for you to fully explore the place.

Approximate Entry fee at Osman Sagar Lake:

Despite the magnanimous beauty of Osman Sagar Lake, the entry fee charged to visitors is pretty reasonable. Since the entry fee is just around Rs. 5 per person, it is accessible by everyone.

Places To Eat Nearby The Osman Sagar Lake:

If you want to have a gala picnic and spend some fun time at the Osman Sagar lake, but are somehow unable to carry home – cooked food along, then no worries because there are a plenty of good places to eat nearby. Some of the best restaurants which you can visit nearby are:

  1. Yi Jing: Located in the knowledge city, this is one popular Chinese restaurant that is well known for serving mouth watering Chinese as well as Asian delicacies. Other than that, you will also be pleased to know that they offer plenty of vegetarian friendly, vegan options and gluten free options to its customers. The hospitality and quality of food offered here is just supreme.
  2. Vetro: If you are craving some Italian food, then this restaurant is just the perfect place for you to go around Osman Sagar lake. This popular restaurant is known to offer Italian, International Asia and Thai style food options to its customers. If you are a complete vegetarian, then also you don’t have to worry because the customers are offered this option as well at the restaurant. Moreover, the ambience of the place is attractive enough to catch the attention of large crowds of people.
  3. Feast: As the name suggests, this restaurant will surely allow you to relish a big feast comprising of delicious meals. The food options offered here range from exquisite Local cuisines, vegetarian options to contemporary style food, Indian delicacies and halal varieties. Although the restaurant claims to be a causal dining place but the vibrant décor and their wide variety of wine selection are enough to regard the uniqueness of the restaurant.

If you are someone who wants to include some pretty natural beauty and a tinge of fun, adventure as well as thrill in your trip, then you must not miss visiting this amazing tourist place in Hyderabad.

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